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Galactic Connection: What Is The Real Human-Insectoid Connection?, October 13, 2015

Galactic Connection: What Is The Real Human-Insectoid Connection?, October 13, 2015


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Galactic Connection: What Is The Real Human-Insectoid Connection?
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Guest, Johnny Alpha

Guest, Johnny Alpha

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Johnny Alpha
Johnny Alpha
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Johnny Alpha comes from a background in the 50's in the navy, along with his mother and aunt who were both in the navy. From a very young age he was a subject of the MK Ultra project, but his memories have now come back to him fully. He was one of the first men to arrive on Mars on a test expedition, before the time of the super soldier program. Now he is coming forth to share his experiences and information.

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Alexandra Meadors and Johnny Alpha go into great depths regarding his Mars missions beginning in the '70's prior to the official "Secret Space Program."
Arriving on Planet Mars with his mother, a pilot, Johnny Alpha discusses his experiences and memories regarding the various insectoid races and Mars landscape. This is a fascinating account through the eyes of someone with psionic abilities and MK-Ultra experiences. Many of our hottest topics on galactic society, holograms, cloning, galactic technology and more is shared. This will definitely give you a more expanded view of our solar system and beyond, with much to ponder on who God really is.

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