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Full Steam Ahead
By James Gilliland

It’s been a while since the last newsletter mainly because we have been building rock walls fences keeping out pigzilla along with his friends etc. We have also planted a lot of fruit trees, gardens, and are making a food bank out of the land to add to the already abundance of fruit. Not a lot of time to sit at the computer. Kilauea is erupting with a swarm of quakes, she is just making the island bigger. The contacts have continued and we have been receiving a lot of information about the days to come. It is important to realize that according to them they have been working for over 80 years on the planetary liberation with those of noble virtue. There is a prerequisite for contact and few have the moral foundation and integrity to work with the spiritually and technologically advanced off-worlders. There are many however that will work with the regenerate ETs with promises of fame, fortune and power. That network is coming to an end.

Most cannot fathom how dark and corrupt the leadership, the music and movie industry even major religions have become. It has also infested the UFO and Spiritual communities preying on people who lack discernment and inner sensitivity....+@

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