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Full Moon in Capricorn, July 7, 2009

Full Moon in Capricorn, July 7, 2009
By Molly Hall,

Here is the chart for the Full Moon in Capricorn, exact on July 7th at 5:21 am EDT, followed by a penumbral (partial) lunar eclipse at 5:38 am EDT.

The Full Moon is a time of illumination, crazy (loony) behavior, revelation, celebration and high spirits.

This Full Moon in Capricorn is followed by a partial lunar eclipse, which can bring startling events. A showdown between the values of compassion and those of greed will continue through the summer. Will it be a summer of love, or a summer of hell (as predicted by some). Jimi Hendrix pretty much summed it up with his famous quote, " “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

This full Moon/eclipse accelerates whatever purging and eliminating we're doing in our lives. It's a great time to let go of what's hurting the heart. There's light shining on how we deny our emotional reality, in order to keep up "appearances." Lots of people these days are harried and stressed, trying to make ends meet. The lightbulb goes off on where you're exerting serious effort, and asking yourself, "Where's the Love?" in return... This full Moon reveals whether the life structure, particularly pursuit of wealth and career, is in balance with your home life. Do you have downtime? Do you unplug from worldly concerns, to let yourself relax? Do you find time to play and giggle -- to be a child?

The Sabian symbol for Capricorn 15 is In a hospital, the children's ward is filled with toys. That's fascinating to me, which I take as a timely message. The way that we are creating order in our world, particularly the use of resources, is making us sick. Each of us play a role, but arguably it's the big institutions (the military-industrial complex, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, government) that are literally getting away with murder (Pluto in Capricorn). In Iraq, the depleted uranium released there is robbing the next generation of children of a healthy life. We are living with structures that destroy life, not protect, shelter and nurture it (Cancer).

Perhaps the toys are the hope that innocence can be restored. That one way out of this is to reclaim the right of children to live and know joy. This begins with ourselves, and the journey back to our own hearts. We're stripped of social conditioning that keeps us in boxes (Pluto in Capricorn). Pluto plays a big role again, opposing Mercury in Cancer and squaring Uranus in Pisces. Since these are generational planets, the truth of the heart can be awakened and run like an electric current through the collective. Heartfelt words have the power to change the world. Watch for attempts to control or distort the language of the heart. We may see a quantum leap of compassion that takes us all by surprise.

The stresses of this chart are birthing pains, and you may experience this is in the house where the full Moon/eclipse falls. We are all invited to take a pro-active role in shaping our world. The cardinality of Capricorn gives us the inner strength to reclaim authority over our lives. The Moon is in a supportive trine to Saturn in Virgo, giving us an extra dose of patience to handle the hard parts. There may be dramatic change afoot -- with life purpose and life's work -- and this gives you the ability to stick with the process. You can lay out a plan that breaks it into small steps.

Those with cardinal signs in their charts will be jostled to take action, to let go of what's in the way of progress. But this spirit of initiation hits the collective as a whole, with so much Aquarian energy (Neptune-Jupiter-Chiron) creating currents in the masses. This brings an edge of your seat quality to the charged up full Moon. If revolution is brewing that brings the power back to the people, the rumblings will come this summer.

This is a great time to prepare by becoming as healthy and strong as you can be. Saturn makes a supportive sextile to the Sun in Cancer; emotional vitality returns when we get to the bottom of toxic behaviors or habits. With balance and more quiet time, we unravel back to who we really are; peeling the onion of old hurts takes us to a truer, more open-hearted version of who we are.

The Healing Crisis: As a collective and on a personal level, we are dealing with so much. This is a time to take good nurturing care of yourself. Be gentle with your vulnerabilities, especially as you try to change a bad habit or experience a shattering of your worldview. There is chaos swirling around. Out of this will come a new order, one which we were born to bring into being. You can find comfort by coming back to the truth of your own heart, and let that be your guide.

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