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Makarov on 27.04.2011 [11:52 ]  
Compared to Chernobyl!
Although initially explosion in Chernobyl was greater Soviet government
unlike Japan, acted quickly and energetically.

Within the FIRST WEEK after of disaster 5 THOUSANDS TONS
of boron, lead and sand were dropped on the debris.
Additionally from beneath, from underground the tonnel was mined through which
fuel was cooled and partially evacuated.

Thus, within the first week situation was under the control.
28 heroes firemen dead from radiation that they have got during first-second day mostly.

Also within the first week all of the population was evacuated from 30-kilomerters area round the plant.

Compare this to the notorious Fukushima doing nothing in Japan.
Having initially less imparments they lost time
and now of course they can nothing with the whole plant!

Radiation grows if the fuel is left alone!
Never heard about this?
It's all very very bad in Fukushima now and Coward Silence
Of Media Is The Worst Sign Of The Real Disaster.

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