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From Fulford's blog, 2009: "Concerning the new monetary systems and the Gold that will back them."

...and found here at Fulford's blog site, posted May 9, 2009. (I believe Fulford was mistaken in thinking the communication was from "the Zionists".)

The blue text at the top is Fulford speaking. The maroon text that follows is found at the web site mentioned at the conclusion, the 'encyclical' referred to at the end of the message. The rest is the message Fulford received:


Have the Zionists agreed to change their behavior?

The following message came to me from a source that I believe is connected directly to the elders of Zion. If this is not a hoax it could be very good tidings indeed. It would mean the Zionists are going to promise to stop their global criminal behavior. Let us see how events unfold and we will know if it is true or not.

For and in the name of:

His Serene Holiness Joseph XV,

( His Most Royal and Sacred Highness Prince Randall of the Dal Riatans),

By the most tender mercy of GOD,

The Sovereign Holy Dalriadan Desposynic Abbatial-Principate,

Archpriest of the Sacred Kindred in the Cele De of the Holy Dalriadan Ecclesia,

Presiding Lord Archbishop of the Holy Episcopal Church Worldwide,

Royal Scion of The High Queen Igerna of Avallon del Acqs and

The High King Aedan Pendragon of Dalriada,

De Jure High King Pendragon of Dalriada, Strathclyde, and Manau Gododdin,

King and High Priest of the Knights Kadesh of the Temple of Jerusalem,

King and Grand Nautonnier in the Realm of Sion,

Pharaohnic Prince and Grand Master of the Hospitalers of the Therapeutate,

Prince-Abbot of the Sacred Congregation of the Holy Isle of Inishail,

Lord of Barbraik, Auchnagaun, Lacrachban, Mowey, Keppochan,

Bocardie, Caupurruck, Ardbrechnish, and Innistrynich,

Servant of the Servants of GOD.

Know ye that the especial and most timely grace of the Holy Rock of Sion,

The Sacred Mishpat and Tsedeq , The Sovereign Holy Dalriadan Desposynic Abbatial Principate is dedicated exclusively for spiritual, charitable, scientific, literary, humanitarian, educational, and benevolent purpose fulfilling the supreme mandate of agape and philia for the Ascension of Mankind to the greater glory of Almighty GOD

until all Ages and Ages, Amen.

Dear Mr. Fulford,

I send greetings and salutations on behalf of his Excellency the Co-Adjutor of and for the Dalriadan Desposynic Abbatial-Principate.

As secretary to the Co-Adjutor, I have been instructed to contact you at this critical juncture in the time line of humanity.

We have watched for some time the various articles and information you have published concerning the new monetary systems and the Gold that will back them. We pray this comes to fruition for the benefit of mankind quickly.

We note with particular interest your insights on the various Factions, the movement of Gold, and those who have caused a lot of grief that profess to be "Templars". I hope that you are aware many who profess to be Templar Knights are self serving and do not espouse the core principles of a true knight. These are contrasted very succinctly in the following excerpts from Rumor Mill News web site.

"(A well-informed Templar insider, who happens to be a Source for RMNews, expressed the concept of "protect and serve" this way:

"When you protect something, you control it. When you continue to serve the people you control, they are lulled into complacency. In this Edenic complacency, that group which is being protected never realizes it is controlled. Therefore, to control something, you must protect and serve it very well. You must be sure that what and who you are protecting stays so happy and complacent that they never think about freedom... let alone seek it."

This knowledgeable Templar insider went on to talk about the Praetorian Guard that protected the Emperors of Rome. He explained that by controlling access to the Emperors, the Praetorian Guard controlled Rome. His group, he said, had learned this secret from their enemies. He further stated that they had to use it because "sometimes you have to fight fire with fire." )"

The above is a prime example of how the noble precepts of the Knights Templar have been perverted and the Divine Template manipulated to serve those who see power as a means to control the destinies of others.

The true precepts provide for access by the least among us directly to the throne as exemplified by the story of the Mother pettioning for her child before King Solomon. Most folks only use this story to point out King Solomon's Wisdom and Power which was true by virtue of his holding office, but the real power was in that fact that as a True King he represented and Served the People. The True King is always a king of the people not of a territory.

The Templars have been cloaked in secrecy, and much of this secrecy was created by the Templars themselves. They even went so far as to create several versions of their origins and their demise. This is the main reason so many have have been able to claim heritage as Templars today. Some indeed do have a legitimate inheritance others do not. Most are at least attempting to do good for mankind in some way and to this we honor their efforts.

Regardless, there are those which remain and still are the true Grail Knights from the inner sanctum which have continued cloistered and silently serving all descendants of the House of David and Humanity as a whole.

The following excerpted from RMNews puts it succinctly:

"The Knights Templars understood their mission a little differently. According to Templar beliefs, their holy mission was to protect the Holy Blood from which they all were descended. The Templars went to the Holy Lands to find the records of birth and marriage. They did this not to prove they were descended from Jesus and Mary Magdalene, as some have purported, but to find the records of all the bloodlines from the House of David. "

This was done to ensure the continued protection and spiritual sustenance of those decendents which proceeded from the Princesses of the House of David which the Prophet Jeremiah dispersed throughout the world after the Babylonian captivity. The King of Babylon thought he had destroyed the Bloodline by having all the Princes of the House destroyed, not understanding the Matrilineal aspects of the Kingdom.

We would like to point out the existence of the continued line of Templar Knights from the original inner circle still exist today. They have watched silently and served continuously all these many years, continuing to monitor and sustain those in need and keeping vigil on the existence and whereabouts of the treasures from the temple, some of which were stolen and have found their way into the stream which is to be used to back the new currencies. An accounting of which may be found in the book "Geneset" by David Wood and Ian Campbell, which resulted from the extensive research in the Languedoc Region of France and particularly the area around Mountsegur, from which approximately 100 metric tonnes of gold were removed by the dictator to Switzerland and thence it's continued journey until today. His reasoning for stealing it in the first place was his warped understanding of the esoteric power of this cache which he hoped to use for his own purposes. We and the Grail Knights existent today and ensconced as the Knights Kadesh of the Temple of Jerusalem, under the patronage of His Serene Holiness Prince Joseph the XV of the Dal Riatans, still have a legitimate claim and interest here especially given the esoteric spiritual aspects associated with this particular lot of gold. The stories the dictator heard which prompted him to send it to Switzerland and other places for safe keeping and his later use are true. He never understood the secret to using the power associated with it, nor could he have used it even if he did. Only a qualified person with the correct knowledge holds the key.

The treasures from the Temple were to be used at the correct timing to provide a Jubilee for all people on earth and facilitate a new paradigm to benefit mankind. Without the continued maintenance of the Spiritual aspect of it's triune essence anything associated with this lot of gold will be less than successful.

As Guardians for same, we have no opposition to this gold being used for such a noble purpose but we do require recognition of the need for the continued sustenance we are tasked by the Most High to maintain for the benefit of mankind and recognition of our continued Sovereign Rights and existence. We would even consider extending an offer to exercise our Sovereignty Rights to issue currencies as required for the purpose of providing a metals backed and unfettered monetary benchmark currency for international trade in order for all nations and peoples to enjoy a true and purposeful Jubilee and a fresh start for humanity. The blessed even may yet unfold quickly. Should this not be the case, our offer could present an alternative that could break the present log jam and posturing for control which is not allowing things to happen freely. Those who are stewards of the vast quantities of gold which could provide this Jubilee are wise in their resistance to the present systems being involved meaningfully in the process. At the same time such a stance creates a so called "catch 22" situation which is painful and exhausting. I am not aware of any other legitimate Sovereign authority that is presently unencumbered by past relationships or issues entangled in the present monetary schemes which could provide such a clean start and embrace the creation of prosperity for all peoples and nations. If they exist I would hope they come forth and offer at least the same for the benefit of mankind and we would gladly support the effort so long as our legitimacy remains validated by all.

Attached is a copy of the encyclical published by His Serene Holiness Prince Joseph XV and posted for and in his name at

Thank you for all your efforts to the benefit of mankind. Should you have any questions please contact me.

To all whom these presents shall come greeting ;

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