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Frequency and how it affects your reality - part 1 /part 2 /part 3 ... ~ Channeler: Karen Doonan

Frequency and how it affects your reality part 1 Channeler: Karen Doonan

I continually guide/blog and write about frequency, conversations had over the past few days have shown me that there appears to be a very low dimensional frequency that is blinding the anchoring of this information.

This blog is therefore dedicated to helping you understand at a very human level what is going on upon and within planet earth at this time for it is now vital that you are able to anchor WHY your frequency is so important and why raising your frequency is vital in order to understand what has affected the human life experience here upon this planet for all in human form.

Frequency resonates with frequency, many of you are more than familiar with the concept of a radio station which transmits at a certain frequency, this distinguishes it from other radio stations in the SAME AREA.

In order to "pick up" the transmission you need only set your radio to the appropriate frequency matching your "radio" with the frequency that the radio station is transmitting their programme at and you can hear and interact with said programme.

The radio station will transmit across a certain bandwith and you will find that as you move your radio receiver to the edges of this bandwith then the radio station breaks up or may be lost altogether.

I use this analogy deliberately for in the human life experience your "radio" is your human vehicle, the "radio station" is your reality.

It IS this simple and it is precisely because it is this simple that the teachings of the old 3d earth paradigms were TAUGHT to you, for had you been given all of this information on incarnating into the human form you take at this moment you would have CHOSEN to by pass 3d earth and go straight to the frequency that supports your dreams.

Staying with the radio station and radio scenario, much like the radio programme if you move to a different "area" then you will not be able to pick up the same station, you will pick up whatever else transmits on the frequency where you found your radio programme.

So say you move from one state to the other, again I am using human language in order to show you what is hidden in plain view.

ALL in the universe is frequency, energy IS FREQUENCY, just because you cannot see the frequency does not mean it does not exist and also does not mean that you will even be aware of it.

Each frequency that is transmitted by the old 3d earth covers a certain bandwith and each frequency transmits EMOTIONAL REACTIONS.

There are certain areas of the planet where there are more frequencies being transmitted than others and these are on the ley lines of Mother Earth, for the planet is also energy, she is a frequency, the frequency SHE IS also interacting with your human vehicle at all times.

It is not for no reason that you are asked to ANKHOR INTO Mother Earth, as you TUNE in to the frequency of the planet she will help you stabilise for at all moments of all moments the frequencies try to find balance WITH each other.

Frequency will try to resonate with the frequencies around it. Too far out of bandwith and they will REPEL each other, closer and they will MAGNETISE with each other.

Hence in your outer waking life you will ATTRACT the frequencies that resonate with your frequency. This sees you have friends with similar interests/tastes, this sees you have the same opinions/thoughts as those around you. For it is the FREQUENCY you resonate with and anchor that PRODUCES the thoughts and the feelings.

At this time upon and within planet earth the frequencies of the old 3d earth are being switched off. The planet herself does not support the lower dimensional frequencies, for the New Earth higher dimensional frequencies are now fully anchored and are expanding.

At a human level this will see CHAOS unfold around you and through you, for many of you have not moved the radio station dial, you wake up every day expecting to "tune" in to the radio station that you have always tuned into, except it is no longer on that wavelength.

This is done unconsciously and subconsciously. There is much that the old 3d earth neglected to tell you, hence it appeared to give you choice, but choice in TRUTH is having ALL the information not only part of a picture.

As many of you are now able to anchor the bigger picture unfolds as you let go of the frequencies of the old 3d earth. YOU CANNOT USE THEM TO TUNE INTO THE NEW EARTH.

Many of you as you begin to dissolve the teachings of the old earth (which is what the frequencies manifest as) will FEEL a sense of loss, a sense of bewilderment as it appears that something is no longer there.

This in the scenario that I am using is the radio station. It is vital to understand the role of your frequency in relation to what can appear in your outer waking reality.

Many of you may FEEL that you are going nowhere at this moment, it may APPEAR that people in your life have abandoned you and yet what has happened at an energy level is that your frequency NO LONGER RESONATES WITHIN THE BANDWITH of those who are no longer in your life.

Attempts at keeping people in your life who no longer resonate to your frequency will see family arguments, fall outs and various dramas unfold as the frequencies that are beyond bandwiths they are located within will REPEL each other.

The old 3d earth knew this and the frequencies were created in such a way that as you begin to reach the end of one bandwith various teachings arise within you that try to PREVENT you from leaving the bandwith.

As you cannot see the frequencies that are beyond where you are at this moment it may appear to you at a human waking level that there is nothing for you to experience.

You may then allow great fear to arise and this will LOWER your frequency and push you back into the very bandwith you are attempting to leave.

HUMAN EXPERIENCE is created within these bandwiths. ALL who resonate at a certain bandwith will have the SAME thoughts and experiences around various THEMES as these are the manifestations of said frequencies.

Once you move OUT of a bandwith it is not possible to have the thoughts of the previous bandwith for they are not a manifestation of the higher frequencies.

To state this simply the higher the frequency the LESS FEAR there is at that frequency for the manifestation of the higher frequencies is LOVE, JOY, PEACE and HARMONY.

So whilst it is vital to CHOOSE JOY, PEACE, HARMONY etc it is sometimes not possible to sustain these emotions unless you DISSOLVE the frequencies that are pulling you to a lower bandwith.

The old 3d earth will seek to teach you that you are doing something wrong and many of you may be in confusion and be SELF policing yourself at this time.

It is a manifestation of a frequency, the RESPONSIBILITY of the frequency that you run is YOUrs. At no point am I stating that you just sit back and allow this to run on unchallenged.

However there are a lot of disinformation teachings within all sections of human society that seek to keep you from dissolving said frequencies.

They encourage the discussion without promoting the dissolving of, hence keeping you in the very bandwith you are attempting to remove yourself from.

You can meditate as often as you wish, you can eat as healthily as you wish or you can lie in bed all day, if you are running a lower dimensional frequency it WILL interact and AFFECT ALL that you do until you REMOVE it from your energy signature.

How do you know you are running one? well firstly you will be in a human vehicle and incarnate upon planet earth for ALL who birthed onto this planet under the old 3d earth have these frequencies running within them.

Secondly you will FEEL them, but only if you allow SELF to open your heart and to allow the FEELing to guide you beyond the edge of the bandwith you are currently resident in.

This will see the outer waking life begin to shift and to expand as it reacts to the frequency change that you then work to anchor.

ENERGY IS FREQUENCY AND ALL JUST IS ....... part 2 explains why you will not be able to see the races/realms that exist around you...........


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Comment by Besimi on January 18, 2014 at 1:13am

Frequency and how it affects your reality part 3 Channeler: Karen Doonan

In order to fully understand this blog please read part 1 of "frequency and how it affects your reality".

It is vital at this moment upon planet earth to understand the very basics of the human life experience, being in human form allows for a filtering system unlike any other, the very reason that you incarnated upon this planet in a human vehicle was to experience this for the ENERGY that YOU ARE in TRUTH does not have any of these filters.

At SOUL level there is only the LOVE that IS and ONENESS, this is the KNOWING that ALL ARE ONE.

This concept has been distorted hugely upon and within planet earth deliberately and this blog will continue to reference PERSONAL CHOICE and PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY at all times.

Many of you at this time are allowing others around you to persuade you of who you are and persuade you to live your life the way they expect you to. This is not TRUTH and is not supported by the New Earth.

YOUr SOUL is at all times pushing you to expand your frequency to SHOW YOU TRUTH at a personal human life experience level and many of you are filtering this out.

The New Earth has never before been experienced by anyone in human form hence your arrival at this moment and your reading of this blog.

YOUr SOUL is guiding you at all times therefore as you release the need to control the outer waking reality and move into FLOW and full TRUST and FAITH of SELF then your human life experience will move more fully into expansion.

TRUST and FAITH of SELF is vital and becomes increasingly so as you move in frequency and begin to work at higher and higher levels of frequency.

I have had various lessons from my SOUL in relation to my personal and work life. I am not here to allow others to prevent me from reaching the higher dimensional frequencies and I have at times allowed others fears to interact with my actions and my creations.

This is something that I have at all times worked to dissolve, my life is MY life, no one else can live this for me or AS ME and that is something that many of you may be filtering out in relation to your own life.

Yes I may listen to others OPINIONS and I honour their opinions but the CHOICE of whether their opinions will affect my life experience IS MINE at ALL TIMES.

For NO ONE sits in judgement of anyone else, they cannot for they are NOT YOU, ONLY YOU are YOU.

This I fully appreciate is a very deep teaching, as an adult with no living parents I do not have to dissolve over and over the teachings that are anchored by parents to their children.

I have worked to dissolve them and as my parents are no longer alive on this planet then they have no interaction with me that sees them try to re-anchor.

However responsibility always rests with me for my life. I have had many people speak with me who choose to hide behind their upbringing, YOU are NOT your upbringing, whilst it will have had an effect on you it is NOT YOU.

Many of you chose to incarnate into traumatic family lineages in order to show this TRUTH to SELF at all levels of your BEing.

The choice of which "family" to incarnate into taken at SOUL level for a reason, a reason that you can now work with if you allow the connection to your SOUL through the heart space.

The old 3d earth will try to teach you to define SELF through your life and this is high distortion.

You have been "trained" within the old 3d earth, now you are asked to dissolve these teachings in order to experience TRUTH in your waking human conscious waking life.

This choice is YOUrs no matter how convincing the old 3d earth may appear to be at proving otherwise. ONLY YOU can make the decisions that affect your life at all times for only YOU are manifesting this life.

You have a choice as to whether to invoke auto pilot which is allowing everyone around you to control your life experience or taking off auto pilot and connecting through your heart to your SOUL and TRUSTing this connection and TRUSTing SELF.

The old 3d earth will try to prove to you that all your life choices were out with your control and to a certain extent they were, for you were on auto pilot, until you begin to work with your SOUL and to TRUST SELF to all levels then you will continue to allow others to make choices that in TRUTH are YOUrs alone.

You did not incarnate with others into your human vehicle, you incarnated into a human vehicle in order to remember who YOU ARE in TRUTH.

ONLY YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE and this information sits at SOUL level and is available to you at all moments of all moments.

If you continue to reference this your human life experience OUT WITH your internal FEELings and inner knowledge then you will remain in the loops created by the old 3d earth paradigms.

I will highlight over and over again there is no part of the old 3d earth paradigms that are not seeded with distortion. The distortion covers ALL aspects of human society, there is no part of human life that is not distorted within the old 3d earth, this is the reason that none of it can be taken through into the New Earth.

Being awake does not mean that you are some sort of guru, there is a huge distortion among the human race regarding what is termed "awake" and "asleep", I have had my own personal lessons in this and they were intense and eye opening. If you ASSUME that someone is asleep or not on the same page based on their gender, their job or their "life" then you walk in distortion.

ALL is hidden in plain view and once again I state ALL IS FREQUENCY, ALL IS ENERGY, the only way to negotiate your way OUT of the old 3d earth reality is to FEEL and to work with how you FEEL, NOT by what appears before you as much can be shown to be other than it is, again I have been provided with MANY lessons in this by my SOUL and the universe. At this moment upon planet earth NOTHING is as it appears.

The choice from moment to moment of how to experience life on this planet in the human form you have chosen to incarnate into is YOUrs at all moments.

Chaos will continue to expand for those who CHOOSE to continue to ignore their SOUL and continue to CHOOSE to interact ONLY with the outer waking reality instead of the inner SELF.

This chaos will not expand it will feed on itself for it is not TRUTH and is not supported by the New Earth.

FREEDOM IS A CHOICE that YOU are now asked to make at a human conscious waking mind level based on the connection to your SOUL and this connection is at HEART LEVEL at all times.

"LOVE is the answer, no matter the question". For in TRUTH LOVE IS ALL THAT EXISTS in the UNIVERSE of 3 and beyond.


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Comment by Besimi on January 18, 2014 at 1:12am

Frequency and how it affects your reality part 2 Channeler: Karen Doonan

In order to fully understand the rest of this blog please read part 1 of "frequency and how it affects your reality".

As I have stated ALL is frequency and ALL is energy, many at this time are still under the assumption that the information that I bring through is from my "higher self" and that as a channel I am channeling SELF.

Nothing could be further from TRUTH, the races/realms that I channel ARE REAL, they exist off planet and ON planet earth and they have always existed.

I would ask that you process the words of this blog through the heart space and FEEL TRUTH for the human logical mind tends to filter out that which it cannot see and not "seeing" is the reason for this blog.

There is a reason that you cannot see the races/realms that exist around you and it has nothing to do with disclosure or agendas.

This is a concept that is created by the old 3d earth in order to keep your frequency within a bandwith that will PREVENT you from seeing that which you will openly discuss and get into heated discussions about.

For as you allow the fear to arise, as you discuss, you neglect to dissolve the very frequency that is blinding you to that which you seek.

As I have blogged upon FREQUENCY will appear as an outer manifestation in your human life experience.

Many people have asked me about the races/realms that I channel, I channel them, I do not interact with them physically in their solid form for they are unable to walk with me in my human form at this moment.

The frequency of the planet earth is not at a level where I reside to allow this to happen. My personal frequency would have to be at a level that resonated within a certain bandwith or I would not be physically able to interact with another race. The human race have been contained and suppressed for aeons, it is the FREQUENCY of the human race that prevents the races/realms appearing to them nothing else.

So how can I channel them? ALL is energy, the energy that YOU ARE is not contained within your human vehicle, it can be moved at will, it IS moved when you sleep, the old 3d earth creating the concept of dreaming to "explain" what you experience.

In TRUTH your human vehicle repairs and rests, the energy that YOU ARE does whatever it wishes to do. Many of you may be becoming more consciously aware of that which your energy does outwith your human vehicle and this will continue to expand as the New Earth frequencies begin to expand in TRUTH.

ALL that prevents you from seeing another race is your energy signature and the frequencies that you run within said energy signature.

IT IS this simple and again it is precisely because it is this simple that the old 3d earth has created the teachings in order to keep your frequency low and contained.

Mother Earth exists in the dimensional space of the UNIVERSE of 3, this is an expansive dimensional space and supports expansion of frequency each moment.

At this moment many of you are now able to move beyond where you have ever gone before in frequency, it must be anchored that the PLANET has to support these frequencies, it serves no purpose if Mother Earth is unable to support for the frequencies will then just dissolve.

Many of you are in chaos and confusion allowing the old 3d earth to teach you that you are "wrong" etc when all of this comes down to personal frequency.

The higher the frequency the more is revealed for ALL is hidden in plain view.

Those of you who have reached higher frequencies now able to see and understand that which sought to keep you at a lower frequency but perhaps filtering out that those of a lower frequency CANNOT SEE that which you can see.

Higher frequencies can ALWAYS see lower frequencies but not vice versa.

This has seen many of you expend vast amounts of energy trying to show your family, friends and colleagues something they cannot comprehend in any form and has sought to push you back down in frequency and back into the lower bandwiths.

Disclosure is therefore a PERSONAL REALITY that is driven by your frequency. Until you reach the required frequency bandwith of another race you will not be able to interact with them, the frequencies will prevent this, NOTHING ELSE.

The old 3d earth will seek to continue to teach mass landings and invasions, the need at all times to LOWER YOUR FREQUENCY and keep you in the lower dimensional frequency bandwiths.

THESE ARE A CHOICE. At all times you have a choice, this choice is guided by your SOUL which is accessed through the HEART SPACE.

At this time upon and within planet earth there are many realities, there are around 7 billion different realities that are running simultaneously, that is at least one for each human vehicle.

These realities may APPEAR to be the same, that is people sharing lives but the frequencies determine which parts overlap and which repel and which attract.

To change your outer waking reality you need only change your frequency and the choice is YOUrs at all times.



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