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The list of products and the ways these things AFFECT living organisms through their frequency is endless! Things that you do not normally equate with frequencies – on an atomic – or genetic – or even chemically “unseen” level are in fact having very real frequency affects upon our DNA and all our living and breathing tissue. This includes all living animals: the plant life, the fish in the ocean, microscopic organisms, the air we are breathing, the food we eat, and the water we drink.

These are all AFFECTED BY FREQUENCIES on the unseen levels.
GMO’s = frequency alteration
Fluoride in the water = frequency alteration
Chem-trails = frequency alteration
GWEN TOWERS = frequency alteration
Mind Kontrol = frequency alteration
Psychotronic Weaponry = frequency alteration
Hard Radiation = frequency alteration
HAARP = frequency alteration
Pills, drugs, vaccines = frequency alteration
Nanites or nano-bots = frequency alteration

All of these seemingly “unrelated” things are in fact working IN TANDEM and together to actually have an AFFECT UPON all living organisms that is COVERT. The ONE THING that aids in the steering and the driving of these seemingly unrelated technologies while doing their dirty work is APPLIED MAGNETICS!


This article first appeared on Jean Haines site in Jan. of 2015!!  I am reposting it now because it is a very timely and important subject!

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Comment by CHRISTINA on November 29, 2016 at 5:02pm

crimes against humanity !!!

and i do NOT give my consent to all of these !!!

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