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Adamus posed a big question during this month’s Shoud: Does a human have free will?

His answer was pretty clear: Not really.

People think they have free will, and they’re generally told they have free will. But, as Adamus pointed out during the Shoud, your life would probably be very different if you did.

For instance, if you had free will you probably wouldn’t choose to die. But, at least until now, everyone does. If you had free will you’d never get sick. But most everyone I know gets sick once in a while. And if we had free will, many of us would be amazingly abundant. If people had free will there would be a lot more young, good-looking and extremely intelligent humans on the planet.

So Adamus, your point is well taken. But excuse me, I’m not sure I get your point? You mean to say that we ARE puppets? That there is some Higher Force controlling our lives? Is it beyond my abilities to consciously create my reality?

Like many others, I pondered his question over the next few days. Now I’m beginning to understand his meaning. Our human "free will" is as limited as our belief in duality. We have the ability to make some decisions in our lives, but true Free Will has eluded us in our everyday human life. In other words, we use our free will to decide how fast or slow we’ll go down our current path, but where did the path come from in the first place?

During the Shoud, Adamus went to the drawing board to illustrate our human "waveform" and our spiritual "waveform." In a normal person the two waves ebb and flow with each, coming closer at times and drifting further apart at times, but usually following a balanced pattern. In a mentally imbalanced person the two lines are erratic and discordant, more like jagged lines rather than smooth waves.

The human aspect has agendas, desires and beliefs. The spirit wants only to flow. As Adamus has stated in some of the recent workshops, the spirit wants to, "Know thyself, experience thyself and express thyself." The Divine Will can flow with the human Free Will if the human is in trust of him or her Self, but so often the human has fallen out of trust, and essentially turns his or her back on the Divine Self. That’s where the real pain of separation occurs, and the human stumbles through life in a fog, proclaiming to have free will but not really understanding what it means.

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