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News > November 7, 2010

Is AVIG the first electromagnetic free energy device to make it to market?
A Ukranian group is selling 1, 5, and 100 kilowatt electromagnetic overunity systems in a price range lower than solar power; and they claim to have 24 ready to ship anywhere in the world. If it's real, this makes them the first exotic free energy device to emerge into the marketplace.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010

A Ukranian group, XXI Century Energy, appears to have done what so many of us have been hoping to see for decades. Not only do they appear to have created an electromagnetic generator that runs continuously without the need for fuel -- something that many have claimed over the years -- but they appear to have actually made it to market.

We're just now looking into this technology and have not yet gotten in touch with the company, but we hope to get some validation of their claims.

Their sales page says that they have 24 of these "AVIG generators" built and ready to ship anywhere in the world, with expected delivery time in Europe of 1 week. If they indeed have such a unit available for sale, it makes them the first company to achieve the distinction of making it to market with an exotic free energy technology. I say "exotic" in contrast to the more mainstream free energy genres of solar, wind, geothermal, tide, wave, hydro, run-of-the-river, etc. We expect to see a lot more exotic free energy technologies emerge soon, including other electromagnetic overunity systems, noble gas engines, cold fusion generators, magnet motors, and even gravity motors.

XXI says they have 1 kilowatt, 5 kW and 100 kW systems available for sale. When I click on the "add to shopping cart" button, it only shows the 1 and 100 kW systems as being "in stock".

The pricing is slightly better than solar, but bear in mind that the advantage here is that these devices produce power continuously, compared to solar, which runs 4-6 hours per day on average. Also, this price is a one-off price (making units one at a time without automation or assembly line efficiencies), not yet in mass production. Once they go into mass production, and once some of these other competing exotic free energy modalities emerge, the price should drop substantially.

XXI says the AVIG technology is based on the work of Michael Faraday, Robert Adams, and John Bedini, which draw inspiration from the later work of Nikola Tesla.

If this is real, it goes to the top, not just of our Best Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing, but may even bump to the top of our Top 100 Clean Energy Technologies page, which includes conventional renewables such as solar, wind, geothermal, tide, etc. It obsoletes all of those because of the price point and because it is not dependent on intermittent conditions like the day-night cycle or weather.

Here's a diagram of their set-up. Apparently the generator component is called a "Selsyn generator."

Here's a video showing one of their 5 kW AVIG fuelless free energy generators in operation:

(YouTube / exclusivstore; Sept. 13, 2010)

One associate, upon reviewing this material, said: "There is no way that is a 5kw unit. If it was those batteries would be fried."

Stefan Hartmann of wrote:

As I see it , this seems to be some kind of Bedini-Adams-Orbo-Motor combination that recharges the 4 x 12 Volts Battery.

I also think, that this can not deliver 5 KWatts power of power continuously.

It is more likely a typo, meaning , the batteries have a total capacity of maybe 5 KWh ( Kilowatthours), that means 4 x 12 Volt Batteries with maybe 100 Ah capacity.

The average input current seems to be around 1 Amp, so the input power seems to be about 50 Volts x 1 amp= 50 Watts.

I don't see a coupled generator, so the Back EMF output of the coils just seem to recharge the batteries and so the system lasts very long...

How long seems to depend on the tuning of the system and what external load is applied to the 4 batteries...

So, I will take a closer look, when I will have done some updates on my forum.

On November 07, 2010 12:45 PM Mountain, John Bedini's associate, Rick Friedrich, wrote:

Probably another scam like the guy in Ontario on your pages. Don't throw away your money. When people actually sell something to real people, and that legally, then you can sound your alarm buttons. You know from most of the pages on your website that such people pop up every week making such claims. We don't bother to listen anymore when we hear such again and again for years. Notice they always copy something from our systems or try and capitalize on the Bedini name. There is good reason for that.

No, people will see four or five large production ready systems at this [Bedini] Convention. Lots of investors and companies coming to lock down licensed territories throughout the world. Unlike others, I don't make any free energy claims. People can judge for themselves, and do what they wish with our systems. Standard answer I give is "output depends on the size, voltage and condition of batteries used, and tuning." These are not link conventional solar panels or wind generators.

Any claim is easily dismissed. But people who see the benefits of the technology don't care about what some goof at MIT says when he doesn't even put the magnets on the machine. They order the systems either as parts, or fully assembled, and use it for their own purposes. Trying to make a claim on a free energy machine is usually either foolish or an attempt to grab some money and run like so many have done.

Some "things" may even be sold at the Convention for the right price...

On November 08, 2010 12:29 AM Mountain, Alexander V. Frolov from Russia wrote (slightly edited):

Good news from Ukraina about sales of AVIG but we know they asked 3 month for production and 100% advance payment. We do not see any devices in store or any devices for demo... they said "advance payment and then you'll see after months"... really it can be interesting to see the car before you'll buy it

Let hope they will be reliable men.

On November 07, 2010 9:40 PM Mountain, I sent an inquiry to XXI Century Energy, asking how we might validate that they really have such a technology and that they are actually available for sale. They apparently sent a couple of responses that I did not receive.

On November 10, 2010 9:52 AM Mountain, Luydmyla Levina, General Director of DV VERANO wrote:

Mr. Sterling Allan,
Many thanks for your kind attention.
We are really manufacturing this kind of equipment.
We are selling according regular export contract and receive the payment from all over the world to our currency account.
We are official firm located at:
94, Kanatnaya str. of.1 Odessa, 65039, Ukraine.
We are producing the over-unity devices base on 1.5 and 2.5 kw our synchronous generator.
It possible to assembling them into vertical blocks each of units of ten .
We have one regular working system in office at show room (available every Friday for visitors).
For all your questions and show materials, please refer to the last Ukranian Exibition " oil and gas 2010" (2-4 November, Kiev, Ukraine).

Go See It

On Nov. 8, XXI added a shopping cart option on their site to come see and test the device for $4500. This doesn't include air travel. It only covers transport from the airport, hotel for two days, a visit to the manufacturing plant, seeing a working 1 kW unit "and make all [the] tests you would like, as wee as the "possibility for ordering devices with discounted price up to 70% from resale price."

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1st free energy device 2 make it 2 market?
Yesterday, 6:50:44 AM– Flag – Like – Reply – Deletevia Twitter sean green
Is AVIL the first electromagnetic free energy device to make it to ...: A Ukranian group is selling 1, 5, and 10...
2 days ago, 12:40:25 PM– Flag – Like – Reply – Deletevia Twitter PES Network, Inc.
Is AVIG the first electromagnetic free energy device to make it to market? 1, 5, 100 kW 'ready to ship'; 24 in stock -
2 days ago, 9:32:33 AM– Flag – Like – Reply – Deletevia Twitter Mark
As a rule of thumb I wouldn't run more than 500Watts continous in/out
each in an automobile sized (volume based) deep cycle lead/acid battery.
So four batteries = 2KW maximum.

2 days ago, 8:37:39 AM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate YourFriendsAtBigOil
This is a great invention! We expect for further test!
2 days ago, 7:47:57 AM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate YourFriendsAtBigOil
the real " YourFriendsAtBigOil" didnt post this comment. I want to demostrate that anyone can make many comments with diferrent names or as a guest. Surely tha the real YourFriendsAtBigOil is making all the desinformation comments. I am not saying that AVIG works, but I want the he or she called YourFriendsAtBigOil go to another page because THIS IS A FREE ENERGY PAGE, WE WANT PEOPLE TO COLABORATE WITH FREE ENERGY, NOT STUPID NONSENSE COMMENTS SUCH AS YourFriendsAtBigOil REPEAT OVER AND OVER AGAIN
2 days ago, 8:04:16 AM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate YourFriendsAtBigOil
Identify the misinformation. Show the facts that make it misinformation.

What is nonsense is outrageous claims made without supporting evidence.
2 days ago, 9:06:54 AM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate Guest
Wow !

What complete lamer's the sellers are,
I hope they are better people.

And what a horrid site initially.

I amanaged to translate pages from the internte archive,
but still, wow...

Don't trust Google auto-sense,
overide to Rusion-to-English...
2 days ago, 12:38:05 AM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate Guest
Oh, and it seems
this site is updated,
(Doesn't list name correctly)
I forgot to sign due to that ..

We The People
(Last two entries)
2 days ago, 12:29:07 AM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate Guest
is it possible that the origin of this device
is from an area where a daily intake
is the considered average ?

You might jump on me,
but this IS how we do solar here !

if they are saying 1/5/100 per day,
then the batteries/wiring/ratings make sense...

ideas ?
2 days ago, 12:26:47 AM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate Guest
The five is now available,
and I agree, "YourFriendsAtBigOil"
is pretty much useless and an idiot,
but until this thread here,
i DID NOT realize how offensive.

(or be polite please)

To be clear, I have never ever seen
contribute, why is he/she here ???
2 days ago, 12:23:55 AM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate YourFriendsAtBigOil
If you don't think it is the obvious bunk that it is, then go and buy one. In the impossibly unlikely event that it works, then at present average residential US electricity cost of $0.12/kWh and ignoring the future value of money you could break-even in a little over 15 years of 24/7 operation. Or, you could cash in $1,000,000. right away by applying to the Randi Foundation for their prize. In the virtually certain case that it doesn't work, you might learn something about science. You might even learn something about the value of contrary opinions to your own.
2 days ago, 4:22:30 AM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate Guest
shut up stupid man
2 days ago, 7:13:08 AM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate
3 more (expand)
2 days ago, 7:22:09 AM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate YourFriendsAtBigOil
Bedini has never demonstrated a device that self powers. All of his devices run down.
2 days ago, 9:09:03 AM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate Guest
show your evidence!
2 days ago, 9:47:45 AM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate Guest
jjajajajaja take a look to my battery recharger and you will see the TRUTH
2 days ago, 9:54:19 AM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate YourFriendsAtBigOil
Great! Show it. I am Sterling would be very interested.
2 days ago, 7:08:05 PM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate Tono
3 days ago, 8:38:24 PM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – ModerateLiked byGuest YourFriendsAtBigOil
sure that the user "YourFriendsAtBigOil" made this comment
2 days ago, 7:55:04 AM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate Guest
Its a scam
3 days ago, 2:25:50 PM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate YourFriendsAtBigOil
sure that the user "YourFriendsAtBigOil" made this comment
2 days ago, 7:56:47 AM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate maroshi
If this technology was substantial. These people were bought out or killed long time ago.
With our corporate controlled world. The only way to make a difference is with open source.
Greed is one of the major stumbles of free energy.
3 days ago, 1:49:10 PM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate YourFriendsAtBigOil
You speak as though you think the current site is a front intentionally selling bunk to discredit free energy claims. You got the selling bunk part right.
3 days ago, 2:23:47 PM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate Guest
Dear YourFriendsAtBigOil:

shut the fuck up. You are alway in this page! It seem that someone is paying you for this. Dont you have a real job???? shut up!
3 days ago, 6:48:31 PM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate
2 more (expand)
If you think my message is wrong surely you can offer something more intelligent to counter it than a demand for self-censure.
3 days ago, 7:53:26 PM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – ModerateLiked byGuest Guest
I have a running keppe motor, so shut up and do something for the world.....
2 days ago, 7:14:30 AM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate YourFriendsAtBigOil
Keppe motors are just inefficient motors. Like any motor they rotate well enough. What they don't do is power themselves.
2 days ago, 9:11:40 AM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate YourFriendsAtBigOil
97% efficiency is inefficient??? shut up!
2 days ago, 8:01:15 PM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate takeshi
cables are too thin for 5kw or the voltage is immensely high. can you get a unit for peswiki to test this? would be a great marketing instrument for them if you confirmed it and then gave it back.

of course we all know what will happen most likely though ..
3 days ago, 11:51:06 AM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate Guest
This is an awesome Idea, PESWIKI should purchase it and test it for all to see. I'll throw in 10$, Now we need another 1000 people and we can buy one.
3 days ago, 4:41:32 PM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate Guest
PESwiki should buy the 1kw generator. If the cost is close to solar and installed solar power per watt is around 4$. This 1kw unit should be about 4000$. This shouldn't be to much for the PESwikis to scrape together. Open a one time donation pool.
3 days ago, 4:49:35 PM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate elmo
Yes, buying seems to be neccesary because device with accumulators can't be tested in 10 minutes (to prove overunity).
Or, maybe, before doing this better contact with polish "Nexus" editor - they are interested in publishing truth about free energy as much as PesWiki is - and ask him to go to Ukraine and check initially if it looks good.
2 days ago, 12:28:03 AM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate takeshi
I did not say buy a generator, it's probably better to burn the money right away. But if the claims are true they can easily be validated with a rented test unit.
2 days ago, 5:38:37 AM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate YourFriendsAtBigOil
You can always ask the inventor / promoter to take one of the devices to a suitable lab.
2 days ago, 9:13:42 AM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate
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Comment by JIM4HOPE on November 14, 2010 at 6:06am
We The People demand independance from the energy cartel and we must take our responsibility for our planets sake and remove those who take us as there slaves and use our lives to create a control grid for the elites thirst for power because without the people there world would crash its up to us to decide what we want for the future of humanity. It will depend on the choice and stand we take today against this Dark Cabals Empire .
Comment by simpleman on November 11, 2010 at 8:08pm
This is intresting and we need more people like these guys to start producing their zero point energy devices. There are some brilliant minds out there. Im sure some have perfected their energy machines. What we need now is for the public to demand opportunity for this technology to be put in their homes. The more we can take care of ourselves the closer we get to true freedom.

Thank you, Jim ;)
Comment by Besimi on November 11, 2010 at 6:47pm
Thnx JIM :)
..It's that Time ,for Free Energy anyway,Now !'s going to be public & exotic,,in the near time.
...and one day later on,free energy will be said : ''ohh,just an ordinary tech this is'' , today's young generations say on the Wireless Video-Conversations.
...such an amazing acceleration of technology is happening. Nice to see it unfolding .Love.

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