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First meaningful contact is soon to be announced

Perhaps somewhat sooner than you might have anticipated, the first meaningful contact is soon to be announced. The news is already spreading like wildfire, and it is going to be a moment when history will be made. You have reached a new stage in this cycle that will see you move even further ahead, and all the promise of a new age will begin to unfold before your eyes. Does it not seem appropriate that at a time when you will be preparing to celebrate Christmas and the New Year, you will have another reason that will bring joy to so many of you. Between now and the end of the year the first official announcement of our existence will go ahead, and none other than President Obama will sit at that table. Over a period of time we had been anticipating a more open contact, but in keeping up with your likely re-action it has been decided to take a formal approach.

The message that you are to receive, whether direct or through President Obama will set the stage for a series of announcements. These will reveal the facts about us and our long relationship with you, and put aside the false and distorted stories. You should have reached this point many years ago, but a deliberate plan to conceal the truth has caused much confusion. In the last cycle during the Atlantean and Lemurian times we regularly visited their civilisations. It is quite normal to do so when a civilisation reaches a certain level of understanding, and is ready to receive us. In your case it is imperative that we start working together as soon as possible, as there is much to do to ensure the plan for Ascension is carried forward. You must know by now the nature of the preparations for it, and we shall be able to help you speed up the process. The year 2012 will remain a crucial point in your evolution, and from thereon it will continue in the higher dimensions.

Allowing this information out so early is to give those hearing of this news sufficient time to consider what it means to them. It will certainly change the outlook on many matters, not least of all the procuring of world peace which has unceasingly been sought in your prayers and thoughts. It is a signal to face in a different direction that leads you ever onwards towards the Light. There will have to be a great change of attitude amongst your leaders, as our part in your future becomes made known to Humankind. We come not as some marauding aliens that have set their sights on taking over your Earth, but more as your servants upon the orders of the Creator. The plan is in place and it will complete this cycle with Ascension.It is your great opportunity to ascend and leave duality because of your dedication, to uplifting yourselves into the higher dimensions of Light.

After patiently waiting for the signs of change they are now about to come to fruition, and there will be absolutely no going back to the old ways. Naturally the dark forces will make life as difficult as possible for those charged with bringing the disclosures to you. However, one thing we will not allow is interference to the degree that it stops the revelations coming out. It is your time now to show what you can do to support the Light, and those Lightworkers who are at the helm of what is to be broadcast. Send out your love to protect them, and see them enveloped in the Golden White Light.

You can expect some negative reactions to what is coming, but again there is time to deal with them before they can cast a shadow over the event. The final proof of our existence will be undeniable, and put paid to the scaremongers and their false stories about us. We will soon be able to assure you all that we come as your benevolent friends, and that we along with you are one galactic family. Why would we otherwise spend so much time progressing your evolution, and keep our distance so as not to frighten people. It would have been easy enough for us to make a peaceful colonisation of your planet, as you could not have prevented it if we had wished to do so. Our mission is as always stated, one to bring you to First Contact and prepare you and the Earth for Ascension. With that comes the fulfilment of all promises to restore your freedom and rights currently denied you. Also, to bring you into a new technological age where all your needs are supplied. Finally and perhaps the most important, is to guide you through the higher dimensions until you reach full consciousness.

The ripples of excitement already move amongst you, and any apprehension will soon be overcome. Nevertheless, please allow time for developments because as fast as we can move towards our open landings, there is much to do to create the conditions we require to go ahead. Everything has to start somewhere, and the announcements about us will clear the way for greater co-operation between us, as we have all of the benefits lined up for you. Although we have previously made contacts with your past Presidents, this will be the first time that our offers to help you have been accepted. Bear in mind that we have a policy of non-interference, and have no desire to influence your freewill beyond carrying out the Will of the Creator.

We shall progressively come more into your lives as the months roll by, and we see co-operation between countries coming at an unprecedented level. However, first there must be changes that result in the more spiritually inspired souls finding their way into government. We cannot entrust our projects to dubious characters, or those who have proven to be corrupt. So you see Dear Ones, you must make allowances for the groundwork to be completed before you expect too much from us. It is all there under our safekeeping and no one person or group will be able to prevent the completion of our tasks. Our security is way beyond your comprehension, but we still need to set the scene so that all proceeds according to plan.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, just one of millions of individuals who are members of the Galactic Federation. Along with our technology that surpasses anything you have at present, we shall speed along at an astonishing rate. It is the sheer numbers of personnel and craft that are available, that will seemingly perform miracles. We send you endless Light and Love to lift you up.

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Comment by Nightfable on October 15, 2009 at 12:16am
Love and light!! xoxo
Comment by Besimi on October 14, 2009 at 8:49pm
Hey Joe aka Blue :):):) Welcome back bro. ..You were greatly missed,but never forgotten.
I'm so glad to see you come back and post your great messages. ..It's wonderful indeed with you once again
progressing and shining togather.Namaste.
.....................................................Thanks for this Big Message.
Comment by Andy (UK) on October 14, 2009 at 3:12pm
mike quinsey, lost me once he was involved, hes a fraud
Comment by Dawn of Light on October 14, 2009 at 2:49pm
Oh, and by the way, Mike Quinsey was the channeler that backed up Blossom Goodchild's story last year in October.
Comment by Dawn of Light on October 14, 2009 at 2:09pm
I'm leary of this....President Obama announcing this...seems fishy. Whats the real agenda?
Comment by Mosher79 on October 14, 2009 at 12:52pm
Wow, I hope this is all true!!! I've been waiting for some time now. Sending my love and light..............Mike

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