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Financial Reset, New Jerusalem Hakann through A. S.

Financial Reset, New Jerusalem
Hakann through A. S.

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Hakann speaking. It is my pleasure to answer some more questions.

Some of these questions are from a while ago. Thank you for your patience. Should you feel annoyed that this answer was late, then I understand and honor that. The channeler is doing the best he can.

Question: I would like to know very much about the planned financial reset. In short, supposedly there will be an erasure of bank data and then there will be imposed a class system for almost all humans. Class system will be as follows: restricted, quarantined, common and sovereign. Each class will have max allowed total money that can be owned and its sets of restrictions. Beside sovereign class, which officially will not be communicated to exist.

This troubles me deeply. I wish to know how probable it is to happen to us and when. Whatever light you can shine on it, I’d appreciate.

Answer: A group of dark people or separation-consciousness people have a lot of destructive plans. This is one of them. I understand that this can be very scary.

Fortunately, this will not come to pass. Yes, something like this is being planned by dark people. No, they will not succeed. ....+@

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