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Fiery images as killer volcano that claimed 36,000 lives stirs once more

An amateur photographer has captured new images of the re-awakening of the world's most famous volcano.
In a breathtaking series Marco Fulle, who specialises in shots of comets, has photographed the Anak Krakatoa against a backdrop of constellations such as the Big Dipper.
These stunning pictures show the latest activity during the rebirth of the infamous volcano which holds a long-standing record for causing the highest number of human deaths ever - a staggering 36,000 in 1883.

Back from the dead: The volcano has been growing out of its predecessor's remains since 1927

Risk: The smoking time-bomb is located on the Sunda Strait, between Java and Sumatra

Marco, 51, from Trieste, Italy, last month captured these images of the waking monster and even caught a violent storm passing over the new cone.
The ticking time-bomb can be seen spewing ash into the Indonesian sky between Java and Sumatra where it lies on the Sunda Strait.
Lava can also be seen trickling down the side of the new slopes that have quickly grown to a towering 360 metres. It now measures half of the size of the original mound that ended so many lives.
Marco said: 'These volcanos repeat explosions like that of 1883 many times during their life. The common opinion is that Krakatoa will become again really dangerous when it reaches the size it had been in 1883. It was two-times taller than now.'

Natural beauty: Photographer Marco Fuller captures a storm passing over the fiery cone

Dark times: Ominous clouds gather as rain lashes the region

Ticking timebomb: Islanders thought they had avoided another disaster after things went quiet last year
Simmering Anak Krakatoa - translated as 'Child of Krakatoa' - is the offspring of the original giant cone which snuffed out over 36,000 lives in a single super-eruption over 100 years ago.
In an ongoing saga Anak Krakatoa is a new volcano that is emerging from the remains of the former giant beast which blew itself apart.
The colossal 19th century disaster is so renowned it has featured in movies and is regarded by many as the most famous on earth.
The explosion was so devastating it equalled 13,000 times the power of Little Boy - the American A-bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, in World War II.

Now locals are fearing a repetition of the original eruption that not only killed thousands in fire, but also sparked a tsunami.
The huge wave took more lives and was caused by masses of rock falling into the water below as the volcano-island destroyed itself and collapsed into the ocean.
Many more perished suffering from the effects of falling hot ashes and poison gases which smothered the surrounding lands.
The reborn volcano, Anak, has been steadily growing out of its predecessor's remains since 1927.

Bombshell: The power of the original blast was equivalent to 13,000 times that of the atomic bomb, Little Boy, which was dropped on Hiroshima during WWII
The land around it is building up as cycles of activity force fresh molten rock to spew out of the crater at its centre, creating new layers of solid ground.
In November 2007 it started violently erupting again but islanders thought they had escaped another potential disaster when everything went quiet last year.
This spring, however, the new mountain started rumbling again. The eruptions have become so fierce they light up overhead clouds and draw in violent thunderstorms as the atmosphere changes.

Threat: Embers glow on the surface of the newly active cone, causing locals to worry that another eruption is on its way

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Comment by Vonnie on August 5, 2009 at 5:58pm
Indonesia is my birthcountry Trudy... a beautifull country, I was back in 1990 and I love Indonesie.... in the past Nederlands-Indië.

Thank you for the information Trudy.

Love, Vonnie
Comment by Besimi on August 1, 2009 at 1:15am
Very interesting.
Thanks Trudy for posting this info. Namaste .
Comment by Gabe on July 30, 2009 at 8:56pm
this is bad ass where can i get these in their full resolution?
Comment by Marie on July 30, 2009 at 6:16pm
It sure looks like it is liable to erupt again soon!

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