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FEDS SEIZE DOMAINS OF OTHER WEB SITE..Is this new federal action going to happen here on SoE ???.

I was just letting all my friends here know that another site I belong (fIGHTING FOR LIBERTY)to that I have shared information from one to the other(SoE & FfL). The name and address of this site is listed here if you would like to hear what is taking place on this very well respected site by United States (NAZI-STYLE) AUTHORITIVES who have seized several domain sites------------> I dont know if this will bleed over onto SoE or not or if this is a new scare tactic by the Feds in a NAZI style project to stop people from spreading the truth and since we have all bascly have 90 % from both sites who believe that their 911 was a false flag attack and the push for truth has been getting way to much publicity as of lately which if to many people around the world pull there blinders off to the truth we may very well be seeing a revolution for the world this would bring a complete fall of the Elitist Empire down to the ground at free fall speed,People are waking up inside there Empire that were never aware befor until now what there Corporate interest were involved in I anticipate this action by the Feds is in the reality of the Elitist sensing for the first time insecurity as everybody in the world is now focusing on their false flag attacks that will no longer fool and scare the general population of the world that a fake enemy they created exist.If it were to happen agin it would not be nearly enough to generate control over the planets people so for the first time I believe there insecurities are filling them with the fear they once delivered to so many and there fear is from cowards who hid in the shadows for the fear of the people recognizing the real rulers of the political parties ,People are actualy on a grand scale are seeing past the political puppets to their corporate masters (banksters)who right now are feeling this thing called fear like they never have befor.So we will see if this is a card there playing to censor truth.Thing may be getting real crazy if so because these control freaks will be throwing each other under the bus to keep the eyes of the world apon them.They are seeing I believe there control and there agendas slipping out from under them and when they fall it will be right into the peoples need for justice in a transparent way and that to sacares the hell out of these cold blooded snakes.As in relation there also is In my oppinion it may stem from those who produce and spread facts about Israel and there involvement in the US Government politics but no matter what it stems from it is still a grasp to stop those from getting a chance to read and see opposition and realize the motives are much stronger from the opposition side to who the real perpitraitors are for so much destruction, suffering, death, and pain caused to mother earth .You be the judge and allow your own insticts guide you to what is going on here but to me its real and I have been a member of Fighting for Liberty just as long as I have been on SoE few years agin here is the address of the site which are a lot of views are the same as are here when it comes to seeing all the corruption around us. Thanks for your time and energy for our fight for freedom and our plnets well being and justice has reached a point to where we are in the process of drawing our line in the sand.Check it out it may seam different in your oppinion ;

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Comment by JIM4HOPE on May 26, 2011 at 1:30am
I have posted many things from that site to here a lot of things from this site went there also . I agree Simpleman about setting up a web site also it would be also a good idea to get a ham radio to hell with a license if the internet got shut down we could agree to make contact on a certain band and frequency it is imperitive that we have information that has wew can rely on to be truthful these guys are realy loosing a grip on control there disinformation is having little effect and people are waking way faster than they have planned so I have to say I believe there scared and feeling this fear is making them short out and do crazy things. I will right the adress down paTricia thanks for being there soe 
Comment by simpleman on May 25, 2011 at 10:16pm

We may have to set up a back up private site for all our members or something like that just in case. I see that they will try to use copyright infringement and counterfeiting as an excuse to seize domains. I hope none of our content contains any thing they could use against us.


Thanks Jim

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