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Fear, a beautiful gift. By Brenda Watts

Sorry I did not edit this. I was meditating everything I have learned the past few months washed over me... and when I was done I just wrote this… It is not new news but it is powerful and true. This is for all of you walking in fear and those of us who are learning that we don’t need to.

Love Brenda

Fear, a beautiful gift.

People use fear as a catalyst to move them through life. This is a pre-birth soul agreement. Some souls will only respond when the fear moves them along.

Yet, Fear can only take you so far and the rest is up to you as individuals.

There are only two genuine emotions in the universe fear and love. From love comes all creation including fear. From fear comes hate and unhappiness… all the negative emotions.

Fear is one of the most important tools you have been given. Fear has the ability to push and motivate you in this form much more effectively than does love. The illusion that fear is opposed to love is just an illusion. Fear and love work together hand in hand to create theexperiences you treasure so much.

Even in the most frightening moment people will become tired of fighting the fear and turn to face it. Even if it means they are going to die. They will stop and face the fear because finallydying is ultimately better than the continued fear. In that moment as they turn the fear is no longer a substance and ceases to exist. It is up to each individual how far they are willing to go and how deeply embedded they allow the fear to become. It is a choice to run from fear just as it is a choice to turn and face it. Honor each individual’s path and the extent to which they choose to experience fear.

Worry is another form of fear, worry most generally builds up into great walls of fear that when faced will fall at your feet. You never worry that you will be loved too much, or that things will turn out too good. You would rather worry about the negative aspects. Attempt to worry that you will be too happy, or that an experience will be too wonderful. It isn't possible. For even as you attempt to try this experiment fear will come. You will think if I am loved too much and then he dies, I will be lost. Fear.

Fear is just a tool for experience. It is natural and it is good. It is up to you individually how far you are willing to run before you are too tired to run anymore. The moment of turning and facing the fear no matter what the outcome is the most beautiful expression of love given to mankind. The real moment of truth. It really is “all good”. There really is nothing to fear.

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Comment by Brenda Watts on May 22, 2010 at 12:52am
Hi Kamala and Besimi. Thank you. I will try to start writing again. I have been busy at school and hardly have had time to meditate let alone channel.
Kamala, I am working so hard at grasping the concept of what they mean by “love”. When I first started channeling it was before I had come here and before I had studied all of this that we have here on SOE and I had never heard of Wayne Dryer or Walsch. I thought all the people saying love is all there is was hippy stuff from the 60s. That and oneness.. I just did not get it and I am still just grasping what it really means.
My Spirit Guides began teaching me things that I did not know about but obviously all of you here were light years ahead of me. My question is, Do you really get it? Does anyone realize that all energy is love and we are creating out of love experiences for ourselves? How many schools of thought are there on this subject? There seems to be a conflict among “ New Thought” people. Some believe we are who we are right now and when we die we will be who we are. Some think we go back to the collective consciousness and loose our ego. Some think we are a certain individual soul who is creating life and experiences for ourselves here on earth and none of this earth experience is really real. We are just experiencing and growing for our own soul perfection. That we will have many lives with many themes and each life will allow us to assist others and ourselves towards perfecting and experiencing. We think this is real so we will play the Game. If we realized this is not real and that we are creating everything around us including experiences. That we would just stop playing and the experiences would not mean as much nor would we grow from overcoming the hard ones. That’s what I am studying in school and that’s what Zack has been teaching me. My job here is to remember who and what I am doing here. So I can help other people fall through the fear and have a more meaningful existence. The more fear we concur the more experiences we can have and the more our souls will advance. But I am having a problem grasping all this. Oneness and Love is everything even sickness and death and war are all experiences that are perfect in the eyes of Spirit. Sometimes I still get caught up in the GAME and I need to be shown again that this is not real that fear itself if love and perfect. … any thought on this? Or did i take it too far?
Comment by Besimi on May 20, 2010 at 9:12pm
Sweet Brenda :):):) ... nice post indeed.
... much love to you Great girl.Namaste.
Comment by Brenda Watts on May 20, 2010 at 3:03am
Hey thanks guys!
Comment by Marie on May 19, 2010 at 6:03pm
Brenda! It's so wonderful to see you again!
Love and peace, my friend!
Comment by Trudy on May 19, 2010 at 11:49am
Nice too read this again, thank you Sweet Soul Brenda
Yeah it is all up to FEELINGS and how you react to them :)))

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