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Extraterrestrials will adress the world live on saturday!

OK we have seen this all before I know, but just in case I thought it's worth one line :p


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Comment by chelley on September 16, 2010 at 9:44am
Comment by chelley on July 10, 2010 at 2:45am
Thanks Besimi, well my feeling is that the way it was worded was clumsy by the so called entity, his scope is so broad as to imply that planes might fall out of the sky as some pointed out on the original post, if this was indeed real he should have simply said all none essential technology would stop working but like I said very clumsy wording and most likely a fake.
Comment by Besimi on July 10, 2010 at 1:10am
that's about that :):):) , ..Thanks Chelley for being so brave to post this , :):):):):)
. Well ! as they say,You never know, ,,,they just might ''do'' that.
- One day They Will Anyway. ..Saturday isn't too bad for me.

'' extraterrestrials will adress the world live on saturday!

It is with a happy heart that i write this. This coming saturday, extraterrestrial beings of peace will reveal themselves.

I am an entity here on earth with a sole purpose to wake people up.

I have been in contact with ets both telepathically and face to face since the age of 5.

I have asked them for a long time just to show themselves, if they really want their message to be taken seriously.. show themselves thats it. No orbs, no `blurry lights in the sky` no government created triangle crafts`.. it has to be an all out two feet forward!

I can tell you now that the `so called channelers` and mediums are being fed false information from dark entities whose purpose is to do nothing but to lead away from the truth. If you want to know why all your `ufo researchers` and `et contactees` contradict each other it is simply because they have been fed false information.

After many many years of begging them to appear to the world, they have agreed. But there are a few conditions.

They must not be photographed or filmed.... to ensure this, all electrical equipment will cease to work temporarily whilst they are visible.

They are NOT GODS.. please please understand that. The whole `i am a god` was created by ets who only had their interests in mind, long ago, when earth was frequented and ruled by ets.

Second of all, do NOT refer to them as `aliens/ ets` or whaever names you call them.. they take offense to that. These are advanced spiritual beings.

Finally, they are assuring me that there is absolutly no `invasion` threat, and people should not panic, fear, reach for weapons, flee, or any other such activity.

The entire world will behold the spiritual beings, our brothers who WANT us to evolve, who are sick of material world lusting leaders driving us into darkness..

It is time for a change, enough is enough, and the moment we have all been waiting for is two days away.

I thank you dear friends from allowing me to make this post

All the best, and i will keep you updated.

Chaim - (life) (keeper of life) ''

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