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Exposing How Christian Churches Participate in and Facilitate Human Sex Trafficking

By Brian Shillhavy

For the past 3+ years I have exposed the American Corporate Christian Churches as willing participants in the Satanic culture, encouraging their members to cooperate with the Government in all the tyrannical COVID measures, including the lock downs and closure of religious houses of worship, as well as becoming vaccine clinics and receiving government funding to inject their members with the Satanic bioweapon shots, including children.

But even prior to the COVID scam, I have exposed the Corporate Christian Church’s participation in child sex trafficking by receiving government funding for the U.S. Government’s child welfare programs, including foster care and adoptions.

This child welfare system is the main pipeline for child exploitation and sex trafficking, and the entire evil system would be crippled and brought to its knees if the Christian churches just stopped participating in it, and stopped receiving government funding to parent other people’s children. See:

And even though I have been exposing this horrible problem for years now, I have yet to hear any testimonies about how a single church has stepped forward to say they would stop receiving government funds to foster and adopt other people’s children...+

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