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Experiencing Anger... for a Change By Steve Beckow

Experiencing Anger... for a Change
By Steve Beckow

For the first time in memory, I got angry this evening and, instead of hurling allegations at another, who after all “made me mad,” instead of festering with it, instead of revenging myself on the other person, I opened to the experience of it.

It turned out to be a feeling just like any other. I felt it as a burning sensation, as if I’d gulped a large amount of Frank’s Red Hot.

I also noticed that I was very tense in my shoulders and the back of my neck. In its own time, it left.

The burning sensation of the anger and the tension in my upper torso is so familiar to me that it only exists in the background of obviousness. It doesn’t merit discussion as being simply too obvious to comment on, like asking a person if they breathe. When I feel angry, I tense up. Yah? Doesn’t everyone? So what?

But I’d never seen it before or allowed myself to experience it rather than act it out...+

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