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Expanding beyond the shell of the old 3d earth frequencies. ... ~ Author: Karen Doonan

As the energies now begin to heighten once more and the walls that you have been TAUGHT to place around your heart space begin to crumble and to break down you may experience a variety of emotions and physical symptoms.

The last linear 48 hours may have seen you experience various symptoms at a physical level that you may have put down to your diet or to stress.

KNOW that stress is a construct of the old 3d earth paradigms and many work at a level of stress that they are completely blind to.

The ability to breathe is a key that many hide deep within SELF, breathing is a key to the New Earth, how often do you allow SELF to breathe deeply? often the day will unfold with short, shallow breaths and this is not TRUTH.

There is a relief that is felt on breaking ANY part of the shell that you have been TAUGHT to wrap around your heart space.

The relief can be viewed in multiple ways for at many points during this journey you may have waited for the “hammer to fall”. I use this analogy deliberately for the old 3d earth reality TAUGHT you to EXPECT something terrible to happen should you deviate from the CONSTRUCTED reality and what is EXPECTED of you within this reality.

As Mother Earth now begins to breathe freely and begins to adjust her vibration and come BACK into balance then this will flow through you, around you and within you.

For many of you at this time there may be much “guilt” associated with the relief and this must be addressed and dissolved. It serves no one for you to feel guilty at relaxing when it APPEARS there is a world in chaos.

For in TRUTH it is only by relaxing and breathing that the chaos can be LESSENED, it is the holding of breath and worrying that is CREATING THE CHAOS.

I want to share an experience with you that showed me the level of tension that exists as a background tension to the human life experience.

As I have blogged previously a few years ago I lost my mother to cancer and she spent her last days in a hospice. Part of the “after care” package offered to us by the hospice was grief counselling and aromatherapy.

It may seem at first glance an odd combination but the experience showed me tension to new levels. Once a week for a set number of weeks I attended the hospice where my mother passed over for an aromatherapy session.

During this session it was explained to me the oils that were used and how they could help me at a physical and emotional level.

What worked more than anything was the physical touch, the relaxation of my human vehicle, the letting go and the feeling of intense release at a physical level.

I remarked after the first session how physically different my body felt, how my arms and my legs felt lighter and how I felt almost “floaty”.

It was then explained to me that this is the natural state of the human body. This shocked me at the time as I realised how out of balance and how TENSE my physical body was at an everyday level.

For many of you the tension that you carry everyday will be filtered out by your logical human mind, indeed as you have “aged” and gone through the human life experience the tension levels will have built and you will have filtered out each level you have increased to.

After all how many of you take “time out” to “pamper” self or allow yourself to relax? in an age where the keep fit industry is screaming at you to maintain that perfect figure how many of you are actually flowing and relaxing through the process?

As I have guided previously the human body is DESIGNED to be in balance and to allow the flow of frequencies. Many people push themselves through rigorous work outs that WORK AGAINST the natural flow and design of the human body, thereby anchoring MORE tension and not releasing it.

Whilst many of you may trigger at this and go into defense of whether you work out or not, it matters not, ALL CAN BREATHE and that is the key, it is the BREATH flowing through the body that will release tension, not how many sit ups you can do.

child and stars As you begin to allow the walls to dissolve you will begin to gain a new perspective on the human life experience, indeed as you begin to allow the FLOW of energies and begin to work WITH the natural rhythms that exist you will begin to expand naturally.

Many at this time are in anxiety over “following” and this is negated once you allow the walls to begin to fall and to crumble, for there is a KNOWing that births through the heart space as it is allowed the expansion, it is to be remembered that you are the one who is allowing this and ONLY you can allow SELF to enter and to interact with this process.

NONE can prevent expansion of your heart space, that is simply the illusion that the old 3d earth presents to you constantly within the old 3d earth created reality.

CHOICE is available at all times, the walk in FAITH and TRUST begins the moment that you make the conscious waking decision to LET GO and to allow the human life experience to be interacted with.

Life within the old 3d earth created reality is not an experience so much as a training exercise. LIFE BEGINS BEYOND THE WALLS as many of you are now beginning to anchor and to work with.

Expansion is eternal, the UNIVERSE of 3 is a naturally expansive energetic space, this is beyond the scope of the human logical mind for the human logical mind cannot imagine something that is expansive eternally.

It states that there must be something at the “end” or the “edge”. In order to work with eternal expansion you must move fully into the HEART space and allow this to be FELT by you.

Again I would remind you gently that to experience is to FEEL, you can read about an emotion and approach it from a logical point of view all that you wish but to fully understand the emotion you must interact with it and FEEL it.

At this moment in the expansive energies your human logical mind may attempt to pull you out of balance and hijack moments of peace by trying to persuade you that you need to be “doing” something and that you need to make plans and “have to” know what the next day brings.

This takes you out of the moment and back into logic and linear and will work against you at this time. TRUST is built from within, it begins with the breath and continues to the HEART space where you will FEEL the safety that your logical mind is attempting to identify from out side of SELF.

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Comment by Besimi on January 31, 2014 at 9:42pm


Teacher: Judith Orloff, M.D. From - Jan. 30. 2014 HOW TO READ OTHER PEOPLE'S ENERGY

HJ: Learning how to read other peoples energy is a crucial life skill because it allows you to look beyond what people are saying and understand who they really are at their essence.

While people can control what they say fairly easily, their energetic vibration cannot be faked because it is largely controlled by the subconscious mind, meaning that it is a direct reflection of their personal emotional energy.

If you can read this correctly, you can get a very accurate read on someone. However, the irony is that you must in large part read them energetically as your conscious mind can only pick up on so many details.

This means being able to tune into your intuition to readily understand and read someone’s energetic vibration, although there are a few things that can be gleaned from simply observing how someone talks, acts and carries themselves in an overarching sense.

Dr. Judith Orloff, a pioneer in this field and an excellent writer to boot, does a wonderful job of explaining and elucidating this skill below. By integrating her extensive knowledge on this topic, you will be able to develop some pretty sharp intuition that will allow you to get a solid energetic handle on anyone you come across.


Emotions are a stunning expression of our energy, the “vibe” we give off. We register these with intuition. Some people feel good to be around; they improve your mood and vitality. Others are draining; you instinctively want to get away.

This “subtle energy” can be felt inches or feet from the body, though it‘s invisible. Indigenous cultures honour this energy as life force.

In Chinese medicine it‘s called chi, a vitality that‘s essential to health. Though the molecular structure of subtle energy isn‘t fully defined, scientists have measured increased photon emissions and electromagnetic readings about healers who emit it during their work.

Emotional energy is contagious. It can make the difference between a toxic and healthy relationship. It‘s crucial to get a clear read on this aspect of anyone you plan to regularly interact with.

Then, you can decide whether a relationship is feasible based on your energetic compatibility. In my medical practice and life this chemistry is a deal breaker.

Experience has taught me that it‘s pointless to work with a patient or form a friendship if such basic rapport isn‘t there. You don‘t have to force a fit when the energy feels right. Forcing anything is simply the mind‘s attempt to interfere with flow.

Of course, we all have quirks, anxieties, and fears, but energy cements your bond with others and motivates you to work through the rough spots.

Nevertheless, healthy relationships have a momentum that carries them, a surrender that feels more natural when you‘re both in sync.

When reading emotions, realize that what others say or how they appear frequently don‘t match their energy. You must let go of the notion that what you see is what you always get.

As a psychiatrist, I‘ve observed how people go to great lengths, purposely or not, to appear in certain ways-either to impress, say the right thing, or sell you on something-but this “self” isn‘t aligned with their true emotions.

Consider these examples: your spouse apologizes for blowing up but her hostility still lingers. A man you just met tries to charm you, but you don‘t feel much heart there. A friend seems cheerful but you sense that she‘s hurting inside.

Realize: just because people smile doesn’t mean they’re happy. Or just because people are reserved, doesn’t mean they’re not ecstatic. Ultimately, the energy transmitted by someone’s smile and presence tells the truth about where they’re at.

So, be smart enough to correlate a person‘s energy with their emotions. Most people aren‘t being intentionally misleading-often they don‘t know what they feel or project. They might tell you one thing-and believe it-but you‘ll learn to decode their emotions.

Here, the surrender to focus on is saying “yes” to the messages your body sends. Your mind may want to talk you out of your body‘s wisdom. Don‘t allow it to.

Reading energy lets you attune to how you relate to people, who you feel comfortable around and who you don‘t. To avoid bad relationships and regrets, you must let go of trying to convince yourself of anything the body‘s intuition doesn‘t affirm. To help with this surrender, here‘s what to do.

When identifying how you energetically respond to others always ask, How does my body feel? Does my energy go up or down?

Then follow your body‘s lead rather than resisting it. In practical terms this means: you want to marry someone who increases your energy not drains it, regardless of how perfect he or she looks on paper.

You want to sit beside a coworker who‘s positive, not negative. You want to choose friends you resonate with so that you can nurture each other.

Then notice the positive difference in your life. To experience the pleasure of compatible relationships, use the following tips.

STRATEGIES TO READ EMOTIONAL ENERGY Sense people’s presence This is the overall energy we emit, not necessarily congruent with words or behaviour.

It‘s the emotional atmosphere surrounding us like a rain cloud or the sun. For instance, they may give off an aura of mystery, joy, or sadness.

To compare extremes, think of the Dalai Lama‘s light, compassionate presence versus Charles Manson‘s deranged darkness.

Presence is also associated with charisma, a personal magnetism that you‘re drawn to. Warning: charisma doesn‘t always contain heart, something to beware of. Charisma without heart can‘t be trusted.

It‘s a dangerous combination present in many con artists and seducers. As you read people notice: does their overall energy feel warm?

Calming? Uplifting? Invigorating like a breath of fresh air? Or is it draining? Cold? Detached? Angry? Jarring?

Depressed? Do they have a friendly presence that attracts you? Or are you getting the willies, making you back off.

Also see if people look anchored in their bodies, indicating their feet are firmly planted on the ground. Or are they floating outside themselves, which may indicate flakiness and distractibility?

Watch people’s eyes We can make love or hate with our eyes.

Our eyes transmit powerful energies, what the Sufi poet Rumi calls “the glance.” Just as the brain has an electromagnetic signal extending beyond the body, studies indicate that the eyes project this too.

In fact, research reveals that people can sense when they‘re being stared at, even when no one is in sight-an experience reported by police officers, soldiers and hunters. Indigenous cultures respect the energy of the eyes.

Some believe that the “evil eye” is a gaze that inflicts injury or bad luck on its target. Also, science has documented “the look of love.”

Joining eyes with a loved one (or dog!) triggers a biochemical response, releasing oxytocin, the warm and fuzzy “love hormone.”

The more oxytocin your brain has, the more trusting and peaceful you‘ll feel. Take time to observe people‘s eyes.

Are they caring? Sexy? Tranquil? Mean? Angry? The way others look at you can make you feel adored or afraid. Also determine: is there someone at home in their eyes, indicating a capacity for intimacy?

Or do they seem to be guarded or hiding? Certain people‘s eyes can be hypnotic. Avoid looking deeply into eyes you distrust or sense may be dangerous.

The less you engage negative people, the less they’ll zone in on you. On the other hand, feel free to fall into people’s eyes who you cherish.

Enjoy all that beautiful energy!

Notice the feel of a handshake, hug and touch We share emotional energy through physical contact much like an electrical current. Ask yourself, Does a handshake or hug feel warm, comfortable, confident?

Or is it off-putting so you want to withdraw? Are people‘s hands clammy, signaling anxiety. Or limp, suggesting being non-committal and timid?

Is their grip too strong, even crushing your fingers, indicating aggression or over control? Along with physical cues, the energy of touch reveals people‘s emotions. Some hugs and handshakes impart kindness, joy, and calm whereas others feel clingy, draining, even hostile.

Therefore, spend time with people whose energy you like. Be wary of those you don‘t so you‘re not depleted. Avoid physical contact (including making love) with anyone whose energy doesn‘t feel good.

Listen for people’s tone of voice and laugh The tone and volume of our voice can tell much about our emotions. Sound frequencies create vibrations. Some frequencies we hear. Below an audible range, sound can be felt (think of a bass’ vibration.)

When reading people, notice how their tone of voice affects you. Words ride the energy of tone, its warmth and coldness. Ask yourself: Does their tone feel soothing? Or is it abrasive, snippy, or whiny? Are they a soft-talker or mumbler whom you can barely hear, signs of meekness or low self-esteem?

Or do they talk too loud or too much, signs of anxiety, narcissism, or insensitivity. Are they fast-talkers, trying to sell you something?

Or boring you to death with a slow monotone, suggesting depression and no spontaneity? Be aware of sighing which relays sadness or frustration.

Also, a pinched voice suggests emotional repression, over control, or a thyroid disorder. Always observe how much people laugh, a sign of lightheartedness.

Does their laugh sound genuine? Fake? Child-like? Joyous? Or are they overly serious, rarely laughing? In addition, FBI profilers interpret a quivering voice and sudden change in pitch as potential signs of deception.

Sense people’s heart energy The most important aspect to read about energy is whether people exude a sense of heart. This is the loving-kindness in us, our capacity for empathy, giving and connection.

When heart is present you‘ll feel the warmth of unconditional love emanating from others which makes you feel safe and at ease.

It‘s the unspoken sense of being accepted, not judged. No one can fake this. Our heart presence builds through our good intentions, deeds and emotional work to overcome fear and negativity.

The heart is the most positive quality anyone can have. It‘s healthy to be drawn to it. Reading energy is a game-changer where intense emotions blur your clarity.

It enables you to see past fantasies or desires to pinpoint someone‘s motivations by sensing invisible messages they give off.

I was once attracted to a man, a successful financial manager who knew exactly what to say to melt my heart. Todd was from the country club set and much too conservative for my taste-I often fall for wild, creative men.

Yet he was smart, boyishly playful, seemed to “see” me and respect my sensitivities. We could discuss anything from politics to the nature of the universe and he‘d speak to me in an appreciative low tone of voice I melted around (I‘m very responsive to sound).

Still, from the start, when I looked into Todd‘s eyes, I had the oddest feeling-there was no “there” there. His eyes seemed cold, vacant, even a touch mean.

However, for better or worse, I was drawn to him, which doesn‘t happen to me every day. I really wanted to surrender to my romantic feelings for Todd, to explain away the niggling truth his eyes conveyed, though I knew I ignored this red flag at my own peril.

But, as the desiring mind can do when it wants something, it downplayed intuition. I rationalized, “You‘re just too picky. Todd is wonderful. It‘s crazy to let his eyes stop me.”

My friends also told me this, and I agreed. So, for a year, I stayed in the relationship. But in the end, this man‘s eyes revealed his true colours.

The problem was that Todd was a super-smooth operator and my raging hormones were blinding me. Also, I was naïve. I confused his seductive energy with heartfelt caring and was horribly susceptible to the charisma he wielded so well.

It was a perfect storm of forces I didn‘t have a handle on. I needed to sort them through before I could read him from a neutral place which at that time was light years away.

A policy of mine is to study what makes me weak or strong, so I can learn from it. If something knocks me off my centre I want to know why and not repeat the situation.

To break Todd‘s spell, I had to grasp that what excited him most was not to love me but to have power over me. I just couldn‘t grasp how he or anyone could feel that way. He‘d reel me in with gorgeous intimacy, then be unavailable.

Or he‘d be incredibly sensitive, then incredibly cold. I kept wracking my brains, “What could he possibly be getting from this.”

Slowly, I came to understand that he got off on the rush of being in control. For him, it was an aphrodisiac. I didn‘t operate like this, nor had that been a dynamic in my past relationships.

But, thanks to Todd, I can recognize it now. In retrospect, I‘m grateful to have learned this lesson about power versus love from a perfect teacher.

Also, I realized that once again, I‘d talked myself out of intuition in favour of passion. I‘d surrendered to the wrong thing, to what I wanted, rather than what I “saw.”

However, being human, sometimes I have to keep making the same mistakes until I finally learn. Today, I value the energy of the eyes more than ever. It communicates an essence in someone if we can trust this.

In your life, get used to reading people‘s emotions. Factor what you sense into your total assessment. Maybe just a single red flag will appear so you‘re not sure what to do. Then, take your time.

Watch how people treat you. Notice if their words back up their behaviour. The purpose of reading energy is to become more empathic by sensing the nuances of different personalities.

Stay alert to the signals energy sends so that you can see the whole person. This article was excerpted from Judith Orloff’s book The Ecstasy of Surrender: 12 Surprising Ways Letting Go Can Empower Your Life.

Copyright © 2014 by Judith Orloff, MD. All rights reserved. Published in the United States by Harmony Books, an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group, a division of Random House LLC, New York, a Penguin Random House Company. Buy the book>> Judith Orloff MD, assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA, is the New York Times bestselling author of Emotional Freedom and a new book, The Ecstasy of Surrender: 12 Surprising Ways Letting Go Can Empower Your Life (Random House, April 2014). Dr. Orloff teaches workshops nationwide, has given a TED talk on her new book, and has appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, Today, PBS, CNN,, and many others.

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Comment by Besimi on January 31, 2014 at 9:38pm

Venus Direct, Farewell Snake and Welcome Horse! Channeler: Dana Mrkich

Thursday, 30 January, 2014

As Venus prepares to go direct and we say goodbye to the Year of the Snake, today is a great day to ask: What has the past couple of months (Venus) or past year (Snake) been trying to help me shed/let go of/see more clearly/step into without my old fears and beliefs?

You may have found yourself going over and over old ground again and again over this time period as Life has called you to strip yourself of anything that is not in alignment with the true, real, naked, transparent, authentic YOU.

When the same situation/pattern keeps repeating or the same name/person from the past keeps re-appearing it is Life's way of asking: Have you received the message of this Story yet? It doesn't always mean there is more digging and clearing to be done.

Old patterns and beliefs or past relationships almost always surface as we make a quantum leap decision and inner commitment to enter a New Story.

Their re-appearance is Life asking you one final time...are you done yet with this Story? Your response can be as easy as: I say Yes to a New Story by saying No to this Old Story.

Other times a repeating scenario means some unfinished business or unhealed energy within still needs to be looked at. You will know this is the case if it keeps recurring no matter what you say or do.

I have long been a major advocate of journaling to get to the root of what any recurring issue is trying to tell you, although artwork and crayon drawing are just as powerful and super effective for getting you out of your Head.

The latter tools are something I’ve been personally using more and more in conjunction with journaling.* You have a direct line to the content of your energy fields.

You can ask your Self a question and expect to receive some form of insight as an answer. Answers don’t necessarily come in the neat package your Mind would prefer.

They come via analogies, images, feelings, and conversations with your inner aspects and archetypes who have so much to tell you about your Self.

Your main job is to take the time to ask, to sit quietly and receive what comes, and to trust it without thinking “I am making this up.”

Sometimes we need help seeing our inner world clearly, and that’s when it is beneficial to have a session with some sort of Holistic Facilitator – not so they do the work for you, but they can hand you a torch so that you can do your inner and outer work in a more empowered way and find your own Light.

Which brings us to this New Year – the Year of using this Light we have found within us, with the help of the go-getter, strong, courageous, forward-moving without inner or outer clutter in the way – the Year of the Horse.

The Snake has stripped us as bare as we allowed, and helped us shed as many layers of our old skins as we could take. The Horse likes a light load.

She likes to run free, without restriction.

She could just as easily be a He of course, but as the Feminine Power energy roars to life within us, regardless of our gender, I think we’re going to get a taste this year of just what Grounded Divine Feminine Power really looks and feels like. Giddy up!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014. Permission is granted to share this article freely on the condition that the author is credited, and the URL is included.

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