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Exerpt from Scott Mandelker - Author of From Elsewhere Being ET in America

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Wanderers and Planetary Initiation

As I discuss in my book, FROM ELSEWHERE: BEING ET IN AMERICA (Birch Lane Press, 1995), there's been a tremendous influx of extraterrestrial (ET) souls incarnating on Earth in the last 50 years. To identify them, I use the terms "Walk-ins", "Wanderers", and "Star People", and their stories are common in the writings of Brad Steiger and Ruth Montgomery. However, no matter how strange it seems, this phenomenon is actually part of a far greater cosmic scheme. Actually, inter-dimensional transfer of ET souls is the vanguard of a more spectacular and rare event -- Earths planetary initiation. It is for this reason, and to witness this birth, that our extraterrestrial kin has now come to call. And it is to assist this process that ET Wanderers have chosen to incarnate on the face of the planet.

A prediction is made in some New Age circles that "after the harvest to 4th densities (around 2010 A.D.), the planet will glide into a new realm of compassion and social harmony. Many predict imminent acceptance into a benevolent Confederation of Planets, an integrated collective devoted to universal evolution. It's said that many more ETs will then live among us -- fully conscious of their origin and still holding their native powers. Working side by side with the human population, they will build, teach, and offer technologies for reconstruction. Other sources state that our planetary mother, the long-suffering Gaia, will soon be liberated from her role as schoolroom for destructive, immature souls. Clearly, wonderful things are expected. Despite the panic and pain of abductions and cover-ups, the basic tone of UFO/ET matters is really one of optimism.

So we have to consider the ultimate purpose of benevolent extraterrestrials and those who have chosen to incarnate directly. In esoteric terms, what is really happening is the birth of a new planet. Yet how can we agree looking at the blatant social ills around us, the cultural decay of nations and the glaring evils of politics? From a worldly perspective things look pretty bad, and to me, they are actually getting worse. However, I consider this merely decay of the old order, a surfacing of multitudinous sins of aberrant humanity, and ultimately, the final (futile) power-grab of a self-serving elite. Could it be that galactic energies now streaming to Earth actually amplify the potency of both polarities, amping up kindness and self-centered aggression? Could it be that within this charged climate humanities fever and deep-seated corruption now rises to the surface in a collective healing crisis? As darkness before dawn, perhaps Earths long suffering night is ending.

In the midst of new birth, labor pains, and rampant confusion, there's certainly a need for stability. Intense cosmic heart-center energy is now streaming to Earth, and must be integrated into the changing grid of the planet itself. But this process is greatly hindered by accumulated friction from centuries of human disharmony, both individual and collective. The planet itself is weakened, and requires a resonant core of awakened, love-infused beings to anchor cosmic energies now in play. This radiant group (both in bodies and otherwise) are the true world servers, and actually channel, circulate, and harmonize the absorption of such energies. It sounds esoteric, and it is.

And so we come to the role of ET Wanderers: to receive, amplify, and transmit cosmic heart-energies to balance planetary initiation. It actually doesn't matter if these Starpeople teach, organize, go public, or even recognize their own ET identity -- their very presence constitutes a living, crystallized force that actively supports global transformation. As always, there are many levels of service, and it is up to individuals to find their own natural way.

I write these words for two reasons: to provide a larger window on the meaning of the present age, and to support readers who are themselves ET souls. Wanderers really come to help the planet, and our success does not depend on the extent of public acceptance. Like an elementary school becoming a junior college, Earth will soon no longer host destructive young souls who don't know the meaning of love and sharing. As living souls evolve freely throughout an infinite cosmos, there are countless places to go. It is the task of those from elsewhere to provide a boost to the planet in its time of need, and offer support to those who choose to open their hearts.

And nothing is carved in stone. For those committed to spiritual growth, our work is to clear the personal mists of thinking and feeling, and open ourselves to universal love, wisdom, and unity. For those who seek to help, it is offered by giving what you can when service is requested, in the true spirit of detachment, kindness, and intelligent goodwill. The extraterrestrial souls on Earth, as ordinary as can be, are now here to support humanities growth into a fully conscious race.
With Love!

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