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Your Viewpoints determine how you view/interpret the information you are receiving.

If you are already a Psychic, your Viewpoints are what is used to change your interpretation of the data from 3d to 4d so that you will view it as having a spiritual meaning, as in the case of receiving Trinity.

Your Viewpoints are located in the back of your head where your skull begins to curve downward and in towards your neck.

You can wipe out Viewpoints if you practice the Evolutionary Ability of Wipes.

You can push your own Viewpoints. Doing this is similar to thinking a thought, but you will be sending the information through your Viewpoints instead.

When you become practiced at pushing your own Viewpoints, you will be able to think thoughts and push Viewpoints at the same time. If you are already a Psychic, this will come across to other Psychics as multi-level communication.

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