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Everything was stolen from Ireland and the Irish people.

There are still one or two who have not yet grasped the importance of Ireland in all this. You still look down on Ireland as you were taught to. Ask yourselves, just why you were guided away from looking at this country. Why was so much emphasis put on other countries, such as Egypt and Greece, etc. Ask yourselves why the Ten Commandments of the ancient Irish Druids are almost identical to those supposedly given to Moses by God? The preservers and disseminators of prediluvian knowledge were the druids, the servants and keepers of truth. This information has been deliberately suppressed. The druids were Aryans. This means a spiritual caste, not a race. Their languages were Aramaic and Hebrew. THEY ARE NOT SEMITIC, and were not invented by Jews. The 22 letters of the ancient IRISH ALPHABET were the sacred alphabet of the ancient Irish. Now they expect you to believe it is “Hebrew”. Everything was stolen from Ireland and the Irish people. Judeo-Christianity is but a result of deliberate plagiarism. The term “Israelites” derives from ISA, God of Western Arya and Amen Ra, an Egyptian King. Those you know as “Israelites” and “Judites” were actually Hyksos-Atonists from the West, they never spent time in captivity. They were a wealthy dynasty and were responsible for the centuries of suffering and the destruction of your world. So much of your “so-called history” is unsupported by facts. The evidence is available to those who care to look. You had accepted without question all that was taught to you; now, to move to the Light, you need to unlearn all this. You must research the truth for yourselves. I just try to lead you in the right direction. When you fully understand, who and what you are dealing with, then and only then, will you fully understand the importance of the real truth. You have been lied to, cheated, abused and denied your true heritage. Are you ready to say, enough is enough? Your oppressors do not have a conscience. They do not want you. This is why they are bringing down so many countries.



a dead man as an ally?  interesting indeed  very interesting indeed!

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Comment by Pat on December 20, 2011 at 5:44pm

Have been trying to do some research on the Irish to uncover the truth. If you are a history nut or a seeker of the truth this an extremely interesting topic.....and being of Irish descent it is even more motivating to find the real truth about these people. When researching you need to keep an open mind because what you will discover will challenge what you have learnt and been told.

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