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Everything is a story, and stories can be changed

Everything is a story, and stories can be changed
Message from Your Higher Self - 56
By Mwendwa Mbaabu
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brass quilt pen Photo by Art Lasovsky on Unsplash

Everything you are living is a story, and stories can be changed.

You never need to feel stuck in any story you are currently living.

Make the choice to turn the page and write a new one.

Everything lives in the mind; in the thoughts and beliefs you hold about yourself, the world, and other people.

And as all things in existence are ONE, your beliefs manifest as your individual reality.

These stories seem so real that many humans don’t question them and accept them as just “how life is!”.

But life is what you make it in your own consciousness.

Don’t cling to the stories you are living, no matter how real they seem.

Observe them as their author and know that you can change them by changing what you tell yourself.

The world truly is your oyster....+

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