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Greetings to All !
We see you anxiously awaiting some sort of action on the part
of the Galactics and you will not be disappointed.
However, everything must be in place for it to happen in ways that will not give rise
to more of the games being played by those who wish you not to awaken.
It must be done in a way in which there is no confusion on the part of
those ready for the energy now coming in.
There must be situations in place for it to unfold in the way that has been planned.
We know you feel like nothing is changing and that things are simply getting more
and more chaotic on the earth.
Yes, it does appear to be that way, but we tell you that all the cleansing
that Mother Earth is doing is acting to shift the energy tremendously
and allowing her (as well as you) to integrate great quantities of new
and higher frequencies of light.
She needs to clear as well as do you, before the higher frequencies can enter
and ground. All is proceeding according to plan. Do not fear.
If you have given your permission to ascend, then you will, never forget that.
We would now like to talk with you about the energies of the past;
energies that you still hold tightly within with thoughts that these things are “good”.
This is duality.
You must understand that the “good” of the past is just as three dimensional
as the “bad”.
They are simply the opposite ends of the same duality stick,
so be willing to also let go of what you call “good” in your experience.
Most are very willing to release that which is old and painful,
but not the good; believing that which is “good” is spiritual. “
There is nothing either good nor bad, but thinking makes it so.”
This quotation of Shakespeare’s you have all heard before– know that it is very true.
When a mind is immersed in the beliefs of duality and separation,
then that appears outwardly as good and evil.
We simply remind you that you must also let go of those things
you have labeled good as well.
All that is new and of the higher frequencies will be those same things you now love,
but manifesting on a much higher level; better forms of that which you already know.
Understand that everything is a manifestation of the Divine,
but interpreted and manifest by the individual according to his state of consciousness.
So please dear ones, be willing to let go of everything–
all you deem good as well as that you consider bad.
It is a matter of knowing only truth at all times,
and holding this truth as your center and focal point in the realization
of One regardless of what appearances my be presenting themselves.
We would also like to talk with you regarding the energies of change
you see taking place in the world.
What you are observing as chaos in the Middle East is the awakening of many souls.
They are beginning to feel the new energy of truth and it is manifesting as their desire for freedom, security, and self worth.
These dear souls do not consciously know that what they are experiencing
is a shift in their energy to a higher level, but that is what is happening.
They are feeling and responding to the new world energy which is one of peace,
happiness, and rights for all people because all are ONE.
Those who are dying and suffering at this time, volunteered (pre-birth)
to do this in order to help the planet and all peoples move forward.
Send these courageous men and women light.
Visualize white light flowing to these countries and these dear ones who are putting their lives on the line for the many.
Do not place conditions on this Light, meaning that this light is to do this or that,
but simply send it.

White Light sent with the intention to flow Divine Light energy
to a situation or person contains within it everything needed for each.
We would add that when you ever send light to individuals you want to help
and you feel a block,simply send it to their Higher Self with the intention that
when the individual is receptive, it will be given it to him.
The fires in Arizona and New Mexico are a clearing old energy
with regard to the settling of these lands.
There was much fighting, fear, and hatred in those times, and many died.
It is this old and heavy energy that is now being cleared through fire.
You see, it is vital that you realize that you always leave your mark–an energy signature, dear ones.
Every thought, every word, and every action is energy
and this is why we urge you to be conscious your thoughts and your words.
What you say and how you say it always carries an energy so be aware
of exactly what energy you are choosing to send forth for this is also creation.
For example, there are times when you may be required to speak firmly to someone,
but firm words spoken with love (that is with the realization of the Divinity
of the other even when they do not know it),
carry a very different energy than those same words when spoken by someone
saying them with hate.
They may be the same words, but now carry a totally different energy.
Remember this example, dear ones, for everything is energy
and just because you cannot see it, you always leave your mark so to speak.
Arcturian Group:
 13 June 2011 - Channeler: Marilyn Raffaele

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Comment by Claude on June 15, 2011 at 9:53pm

Hello Trudy..!!!!

Yeah so much Divine Wisdom..Yes...

Integration is another thing, given our Current Neural Net.

You need to Re-program Main Brainwave Signature.

Check Out the Amazing

I have this and Meditation Progam

and also several others.. So Powerful and Effective.

Unto the Awakened Mind..Pattern..

Namaste and God Bless You Trudy..You are Always Welcomed XX


Comment by Trudy on June 15, 2011 at 4:08am
Sigh Claude so much TRUTH and it is so easy to comprehend but to perform the task is not always easy in this Matrix ..

Namaste dear StarSeed Claude Thank You for this awareness XX

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