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ET Worldview

Our galaxy, the Milky Way, contains more than 200 billion stars. It was formed about 12 billion years ago out of a huge cloud of gas, mainly hydrogen and helium, that collapsed on itself and began forming stars. Those star systems most hospitable to evolving life exist in a ring around the galactic center, and are between 4 and 8 billion years old. Astronomers have found that 75 percent of the habitable stars are older than our sun, so 75% of any intelligent life on their planets has had longer to evolve than humans have, possibly 4 billion years longer.

Look at how far we've come in the last 100 years, and project it forward another 100 years. Where will we be then? And in 1,000 years? In a million years? In a billion years? If some of those ETs circling Earth have been around for a billion years longer than we have, it's no wonder that they have some neat technology that can help us through the Shift. And what can we learn about the spirituality of those species who avoided blowing each other up along the way? The mind boggles.

Let's focus on the spirituality of category #2 above. And for that, we turn to Dr. Richard Boylan (, who has compiled probably the best account from hundreds of interviews with contactees. Here's what ETs have told them on a number of topics:

ETs see this as a transcendent matrix of consciousness, which underlies everything. As such, they do not make a big fuss of it, and just get on with their lives.

ET Superiority.
Although the average ET displays a much higher intellectual capability than the average human, they consider us as equals in that we are both sentient, conscious, intelligent life forms. They also enjoy greater sensory acuteness, paranormal abilities, more robust immune systems, and hence longevity. Their technologically is vastly more advanced than ours, as shown by their ability to jump vast interstellar distances. Culturally, they appear more advanced, living harmoniously, without aggression or war. They are concerned for the Earth's ecosystem, but are not patronizing towards the primitive human culture that is destroying it. Despite the absence of formal religions, they demonstrate highly developed spirituality, with spiritual awareness woven into their daily lives.

Spiritual Mission.
The various races have different missions regarding Earth, all seeming to prepare us for contact with them. Some are here to remind us of our cosmic origin. Others show us previous lifetimes, to teach us of reincarnation. Often, they inform us of the many varieties of other ET races, to show us our larger galactic family. Many experiencers come away with deeper metaphysical understanding of the nature of the cosmos, and a more enlightened appreciation for the community of intelligent life forms.

ET Role in our Physical Development.
ETs admit that they have been involved in our evolution since the ancient past, and that several groups participated in the genetic engineering of terrestrial primate stock to advance its intelligence and consciousness to our current levels. (This explains why there is no "missing link," and why the Sumerian and ancient African cultures suddenly arose without any bridging cultures.)

ET Role in our Spiritual Development.
ETs reveal that many of our avatars (major world religious leaders, such as Zoroaster, Lao-Tzu, Moses, Krishna, Quan Yin, Buddha, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Yeshua ben Joseph, and Mohammed were: (1) actually ETs who came here to raise human spiritual consciousness, (2) humans who were guided by ETs, (3) humans inhabited by ET souls, (4) human-extraterrestrial hybrids, or (5) ETs manifesting human appearance. None of these scenarios negates the divinity of the inspiration, but widens the divine to include ET intermediaries.

One-shot Life versus Reincarnation.
ETs speak unanimously of their souls and ours as having had previous lifetimes, and, after death, going on to lead successive lifetimes. They also stress that reincarnation is voluntarily and a conscious choosing of the next body and life circumstances, which is not necessarily on the same planet. They believe that the degree of consciousness and spiritual progress that a given soul makes in a given lifetime influences the possible choices available for that soul regarding a subsequent lifetime. Not one ET race believes in the doctrine of a single lifetime, after which the soul is judged and assigned a permanent fate.

"Sin" and Evil.
ETs have no concept of sin; instead, they regard bad human actions as unwise, unenlightened choices, and encourage us to learn to operate more wisely. If our choices are bad enough to cause harm to our species or planet, ETs may try to influence us to remedy the situation. In rare cases, they will even step in themselves. They often berate government leaders, for their bad choices can cause enormous harm to the environment or humanity.

Creation and Evolution.
According to ETs, the Supreme Source, out of which everything is manifested, is that matrix of consciousness in which all entities have their being. ETs, therefore, see no paradox in creation and evolution operating side-by-side.

Our Relationship to the Supreme Being.
The high spiritual nature of most ET races points to the width and diversity of "God's family." It truly spans the universe, and encompasses its many forms of conscious, intelligent life. ETs emphasize how spiritually "precious" humanity is, and that we are all sparks of the divine.

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