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Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation      





Prepare Your Life ~ Review of our Emotional Purity 
The 2012 Rites of Passage Begin Soon!


  • The Rites of Passage begin this September   
  • Embracing Emotional Purity                    
  • The Yoga of Laughter 
  • Review of Emotional Glamour                        
  • Getting and Staying Grounded
  • Resources and Extra Support         












gold key

 The Rites of Passage begin this September 



Children of the Sun Foundation is co-creating a Rites of Passage Program for all Planetary Light Servers in which to guide a 12-week group initiation into levels of Christ Consciousness and the genuine perceptual and experiential awareness of the self as God.


Leading up to the heralded 12-21-12 dateline, the Foundation's ultimate goal in delivering this pivotal program is to guide people through an expedited process of back-to-back initiations. Our highest priority is to attain the level of purity required to emerge as a Christed Group Harmonic with the authentic power to bless and evolve the mass public.


We are in the Preparation Phase!  

To undergo these Rites, it is HIGHLY recommended that you have an advanced level of control and balance over your three lower bodies - the physical body, the emotions and the mind.


This entails a demonstration of physical purity, having brought the needs and wants of the body under the dominion of your soul. The astral/emotional body is limpid and calm, demonstrating the ability to maintain a state of harmony and balance in the face of adversity. In achieving control over the mental body, your thoughts are qualified by the Divine Presence within and demonstrate a high level of stillness and inner quietude.


Through the 12 week Rites of Passage, our direct demonstration of a Christed group tone will ripple out through the planetary Crystalline Grid catalyzing a dynamic upshift in our level of unity consciousness thereby lifting off big pieces of the human framework and potentially foregoing, for the many, the long and difficult road to self-mastery.
Each of these 12 Rites is an initiation, whole initiations within themselves. It is going to be as a Cosmic Christ lightning round in preparation for our grand emergence. This has never been done before in such accelerated fashion.  













  laugh yoga      



Upcoming Full Moon Cycle and Continuing...   

Embracing Emotional Purity     




The next level of our collective preparation for the upcoming Rites of Passage focuses directly upon the purity of the emotional body. This is one of the most challenging initiatory phases for Planetary Light Servers as we are so easily deceived by the illusions of desire and personal emotion.

It takes a considerable act of surrender to allow for the appropriate conditions of emotional mastery to emerge from within. In releasing our attachments to the glamour of lower-self emotions and placing our attention upon Divinity, we make room for the manifestation of a peace-commanding presence which is the required environment for God Realization.


Preparation Recommendations:  




laughter We all have experienced the positive effects of a warm, sincere smile accompanied with a healthy bout of laughter. These simple acts are outer expressions that allow us to share our inner state of joy and harmony. The light reflected in our eyes while we smile is a sure indicator of the love emanating from our hearts.


During this period of intense preparation, we greatly encourage to keep a playful and joyous attitude. Enjoy the healing balm of heart-felt laughter with dear friends and fellow light servers as often as you can. The yoga of laughter will greatly assist in lightening up your spirits, releasing any stagnant emotional debris from your field with grace and ease.







Glamour can be defined as emotionally driven desire colorizing itself on an illusory screen through the lens of the conditioned human personality. These illusory forms enliven our lives, sometimes with ecstatic sensations, however, are limiting consciousness patterns which outplay in fantasized realities, false values, misleading desires, distorted perceptions and many needless necessities.      


Some of the most tenacious glamours are so deeply embedded that they are not even recognized or thought of as hindrances to greater revelations in consciousness.


Article Review: 




Glamours of the Spiritual Path


The condition of glamour is an inherent component of our make-up stemming from ancient astral patterns and age-long personality desires.      


There are an infinite number of ways that emotions can be glamorized. These false formations can always be found where there is any degree of criticism, pride, emotional attachment, behaviors of separatism and a sense of superiority.    



Article Review:
List of Common Emotional Glamours  




Spiritual Glamour and Discernment


One of our greatest challenges, and, as we are opening into expanded levels of extra sensory perception is  to distinguish between Divine Wisdom derived from an illumined consciousness versus that of astral psychism.


Astral psychism can simply be defined, in this context, as messaging derived from a false plane of emotional based substance. What we may intuit as divine messaging or a clear vision is oftentimes an astral reflection that is clothed with distortion. This common and quite innocent type of misinterpretation comes as a result of one's polarization swinging more to the emotional nature versus a steady centering in the Soul.


The quickening of incoming planetary energies and the resultant opening of our psychic natures has created a plethora of information on the current shifting of times with many interpretations of, so called, "cosmic truth" emerging forth. Our continuous reflection upon many of the new age expressions is absolutely necessary to guard against misleading directions and the creation of emotion based fantasized realities.




Divine Intuition is the Pure Source of Information   


It is also an important reminder that the activity associated with channeling outside energies is information that is being received and filtered through the veil of human personality. If there are any existing personality limitations of the receiver, there is most assuredly a degree of distortion to the message. There is really no need anymore to channel external spiritual entities once the ability to divinely receive from one's own illuminated consciousness is developed.    


We are in a process of great self-refinement and the final breaking through of the spells of illusion. May we continue to proceed with constant questioning, in wisdom and with the great light of discernment applied to all information to insure that we are not accepting a message as true just because it is beautifully or intelligently expressed. This is how false mass mind concepts are created and continually energized.       


Indeed, the most effective method of discrimination is to develop the powers of pure reason and Divine Intuition through the illumination of one's own developed consciousness.

Herein lies the real message of discernment.
















Many aspirants on the Path of Initiation are prone to placing their full attention upon the higher centers and associated spiritual matters. This lofty 'one-track-mind' focus often leads to an energetic sense of instability and of being ungrounded. If we are ungrounded, it is so easy to slip into the state of 'fight or flight' response when confronted with challenging situations.

As we come to experience heightened levels of emotional control/stability, we can gracefully respond to any need or situation from a state of equanimity, love and compassion.


Listed below are a few methods in which to assist grounding and stabilizing your energy bodies:


  • Affirmations: I AM grounded in my body and upon the Earth, here and NOW.
  • Ensuring you are properly nourished by toxin free foods and liquids
    (ie: pure water, organic foods, proteins and minerals)       
  • Less time in electrical energy fields, more time in nature and natural environments      
  • Visualizations: grounding cords, flowers between the toes, feet becoming roots, etc.   
  • Loving touch (massage, hugging, holding hands)


As we experience more pronounced degrees of stability and emotional grounding, we become a living forcefield of illumined peace. Excess energy is properly channeled and qualified through our multi-body system and surrounding environment.


In order to achieve this, we must enter into a place of inner stillness with our emotional bodies as limpid pools, completely stabilized and free of personal emotion, utterly open to receiving the influx of love, tranquility and wisdom streaming forth from the Divine.

It is vital to FEEL and KNOW that God is within for it is this grounded connection to the Divine that allows us to operate free of all fear, in a state of absolute confidence sharpened by unconditional warmth.

Calm and stable = strong and able.












laughing buddha 2      






~ Emotional Body Preparation ~      




1. Personal Sessions of Transference   



Our Light Transmission team stands at the ready to assist any planetary light servers in transmuting any physical limitations during each moon cycle. If you are feeling the need for a greater level of support, please do not hesitate to contact us prior to transmission date to receive the gargantuan bolt of Divine Love and Perfection radiated by these dedicated transmitters.




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 Lighting Up Emotional Glamour    





3. REVIEW!  
Rites of Passage 2011


We highly recommend the review of this outstanding program created for our 11-11-11 passage and presented as a gift of grace from Children of the Sun Foundation. These present the virtues of Christ (Unity) Consciousness in the form of 7 Rites, 7 Seals and  7 Gifts.  















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