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EarthStar LIVE! International Tele-session - October 29, 2022

EarthStar LIVE! International Tele-session - October 29, 2022

9am (US/Las Vegas/Pacific Time) $35 120 min
Replay Available \
Have you ever felt uneasy or had a strange sighting of something unusual in your local area? Is there a history of strange stories, activity or a local monster that the community has talked about for as long as you can remember? As the Earth continues to awaken us to its many strange and wonderful secrets, it is important to investigate, understand, heal and help remove in many cases, things of unknown origin or that no longer need to cause problems for humanity.

In every community, in every state and country, lives something strange…this includes your local area! Whether you know it or not, there is probably something in your area that is strange and anomalous…and may need to be cleared or worked with. This could be a large bi-pedal hairy creature, an interdimensional extraterrestrial animal that escaped from a spaceship, an ancient ‘Thunderbird’ or other flying anomaly, a ghost who appears to drivers on a lonely road, constant sightings of UFO’s…or a strange cave, mountain or other area where individuals frequently disappear or have bad luck. One of Bryan’s strongest psychic gifts has always been the ability to intuitively ‘pick up’ the presence of these things. Join us and the Ashtar Command as we reveal many strange and anomalous creatures, entities, monsters, ET matrixes and vortexes that mystify and/or plague people all over the world. Learn how you can scout your local area and spot things that need your spiritual (and energy) attention! A new and wonderful international Lightqest session!

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