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Earth’s Ascension Update

As we know, the Earth is proceeding with her Ascension as part of her own evolution process in this universe and the Starseeds and Lightworkers on Earth are assisting that to occur. During the process of Ascension, all those of humanity who can align their vibration to that of the Earth’s ever increasing light frequency will ascend with the Earth. The other Kingdoms; animals, elementals, minerals, plants; will automatically ascend with the Earth.

Up until now, the only option available when anyone wished to ascend from a planet was to raise the frequency of light of their subtle bodies, i.e. their mental, emotional and lower spiritual body. Their physical body would die.

When the Starseeds came to help the Earth, included in their many blueprints they were to create, was one for a new blueprint to allow people who were ascending to also raise the frequency of their physical body to the level of light required to enter the 5th dimension. The benefits of this blueprint would mean no physical death need occur when one ascended. It also meant that after raising one’s physical body to a higher frequency of light (and therefore still actually having it, in some form) if that person ever wished to visit a 3rd dimensional planet in the future, they could simply lower the density of the physical body and use that as their body.

Originally, it was thought that this blueprint may not be created in time for the current situation of Earth’s ascension, but would be in place for other planet’s ascensions in the future. However, after the Starseeds arrived on Earth, the Earth Mother requested extra assistance from other universes in order to hurry the blueprint along so that it could apply to humanity for her own ascension. This occurred. Since their arrival here, the Starseeds and many Lightworkers have continued to create this blueprint daily. It will be completed in time for Earth’s ascension.

Therefore, what is occurring now is that each person who chooses to align themselves to a higher frequency of light by moving further into love (i.e. being heart based) and not following fears, ego, mind or other third dimensional patterns, is absorbing this blueprint. As they, and the Earth, continue on the ascension path, they are literally adopting the blueprint as it is being created.

This means that all the people who are now choosing to ascend can ascend without ‘dying’. Of course, just choosing to ascend is not enough. One’s vibration also has to be increased for that to occur. So, discipline is required by an individual to ensure they are following the optimum path.

So what we have on Earth now are two sections of humanity:
1. People who are choosing not to move out of fear based third dimension patterns of ego and mind. Those people will consequently be unable to clear the dense energies in their subtle bodies (as described earlier). This will prevent their light increasing sufficiently enough to ascend. These people will eventually attract situations that will cause the death of their physical body, permitting them to reincarnate on another 3rd dimensional planet. As to when such an individual would ‘die,’ it would occur at a point when the light frequency of Earth reached a level that was no longer comfortable for that individual to live with. Many people have already gone, more will go. This will occur both individually and en masse.

2. The second group are people who are choosing to live from their heart; meaning they are living in a loving and helpful way, without judgement or criticism. This behaviour cleanses the dense energies in their subtle bodies and allows ascension to take place. These people are automatically adopting the new blueprint that will allow their physical body to be raised in light frequency, as well as their subtle bodies. Once the blueprint is in place within an individual, providing that person continue to increase their own light by staying in the divine flow/heart base, the remaining sections of the blueprint will be absorbed by that individual as they are created. So, by the time the Earth ascends, that individual will have the entire blueprint in place needed to make a smooth transition along with the Earth to her new state of being in the 5th dimension. Living in the 5th dimension is different. Everything looks lighter and finer because it is of a much lighter frequency. The biggest change will be the visible harmony that exists there and the instant manifestation that arises from thought. There is no linear time in the 5th dimension. It operates in the now, often called the eternal moment. Therefore there is no time between the time you think a thought and its creation. This takes a bit of getting used to! The people, who have stepped into the loving flow of divine order and are choosing ascension, will be getting life lessons now to show them the fast manifestation of their thoughts. This helps teach responsible action of our thoughts, in order to have this area under control by the time we ascend.

This is wonderful news for everyone. The people choosing ascension now have the opportunity to ascend without dying. The people who are choosing to stay with 3rd dimensional learning (which will occur for them on another planet), will be able to ascend without dying when they are ready.

As we know, there were 144,000 Starseeds and millions of Lightworkers who came to Earth to help her ascend. It is understood that upon the Earth’s ascension completion, Starseeds are generally returning home (most via the banquet!!). In fact, most Starseeds will depart before or just prior to Earth completing her ascension.

Many Lightworkers will also be going home (also via the banquet!). However, there are a considerable number of Lightworkers who intend to stay on the Earth in the 5th dimension to assist people to adapt to their new circumstances. Working on a completely harmonious planet in the flow of divine order, without pain or suffering, is quite different than experiencing life on the 3D Earth.

The option for people to ascend with the physical body in this planet’s ascension is an addition to the original plan for Earth. It occurred because the Earth longed for humanity to be given the opportunity to take their physical body with them, rather than having to experience body death. She succeeded in her wishes.

Earth’s current position
The Earth is proceeding swiftly with her goal of becoming a 5th dimensional planet. The codes required and the balancing needed is almost completed. She is already partially in the 5th dimension now and some people are already there with her, preparing for the transition of humanity. It is unknown when the final transition will occur, as the timing of this will be the choice of the Earth Mother in accordance with divine order.

Codes were released recently on Earth that were incorporated into the Earth’s Ascension blueprint that brought about the final stabilization of the Earth’s axis. This means that although there will be some minor cleansing undertaken by the planet to cleanse specific areas of pressure and dense energies, which will result in some flooding, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, wherever possible this will proceed with a minimal or non existent loss of life. The 2010 volcano eruption in Iceland, flash flooding in Srinagar and the earthquakes in New Zealand had no loss of life. Disasters where loss of life does occur can attract and be of assistance to individuals who are choosing to leave Earth at this time.

The original request by the Earth when she first called for help was for beings to come here and act as light beacons. The intention was for them to incarnate and permeate the Earth with light, thus allowing Earth’s dense energies to be cleansed through the use of light. In this way, there would be no need for major disasters and chaos bringing pain and suffering, not only to humanity but to her other life forms as well. Golden etheric rods have been placed over the entire Earth’s surface, bedded deep into the structure. At this moment in time, only a few are still to be placed. This completely stabilises the Earth, preventing the possibility of any type of axis tilt to occur.

Just a reminder that anytime we choose to agree with disaster theories that speak of massive chaos or an axis tilt occurring, we are adding the energy and power of our thoughts to that scenario. We may also have our own fixed beliefs about this. If this is the case, then any channelling you receive will confirm those beliefs, even from highest realms of light. They have no choice, as this is a requirement of universal law. It applies to all beliefs. Beliefs can colour all channelling received. Unless you are able to completely detach from your own beliefs and you are able to ask or receive precise truth from the higher realms without still hanging on to the idea of wanting to be right – then channelling will definitely be coloured by, and appear to confirm, your own beliefs. Releasing our beliefs permits a new higher truth to enter the space. Many disaster type communications we hear are channelled from lower dimensions (regardless of where they say they are from) and are unable to see the current higher picture. They are holding on to older created scenarios that have been dramatically changed with the advent of the immense work done by the Light Force on Earth.

We are creators, so think wisely. Remember that in the 5th dimension our thought are instantly manifested. Perhaps it is a good idea for us to start treating our thoughts with that same respect right now.

All will proceed now for the highest good.

Sandy Stevenson

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Comment by patrick on January 5, 2011 at 4:29pm
Very well said, Alex.
Comment by Alex of New Human New Earth on January 5, 2011 at 12:40pm

Well said Partick. ;)

Merely the tip of the iceberg. We are all well advised to self monitor our internal and external thoughts and emotions from this point forward. Should there be any last minute clearing to do on any level...this is the time to complete it fully and then more on swiftly. We are well into full self empowerment, as I see it...we must take this very seriously and what we do henceforth is to be created and processed thorough our Heart there is no doubt this has indeed been the plan for millennia. In fact, we agreed to this plan before we came in. Each of us is at the helm of our own such, wisdom and aware conscious intent must be utilized to our best abilities...just as we had agreed. Each of us plays an important role...should we desire to step up and do so. For those that wish to not full awaken and engage be is a personal choice...nothing more, nothing less. For those the wish to remain in the old system ways...then they shall do exactly that. Manifestations are taking place very quickly now, because we are no longer in the 3D matrix. So to continue to operate within a 5D matrix using any form of 3D methods, mindset, emotions, etc...will simply short out. 3D cannot function in 5D...5D can function within 3D levels for short periods only. A simple law of physics.

Comment by patrick on January 5, 2011 at 3:24am
My partner and I have noticed recently that our thoughts are manifesting very quickly in unsuspecting ways. A bit too personal to go into, but this is a sign methinks.
Comment by patrick on January 5, 2011 at 3:02am
Yes Alex, when all is said and done we must accept our role as conscious creators. Once and for all, amidst the strangeness assaulting us today, I accept this challenge. thank you. I just read this, I think you would agree... "We are children of God and of the Light, powerful beyond our human comprehension and
co-creators of our reality as well as that of the world and the universes beyond it. How we express that greatness in our lives is entirely up to us.
We have legions of angels to support us but they cannot help us unless we ask and are unable to give us more than we are willing to accept and receive. When we remember that we are powerful
and in control of every aspect of our reality, within and without, we become masters and step into the miracle vibration."
Archangel Uriel, thanks to Besimi.
Comment by Alex of New Human New Earth on January 4, 2011 at 5:05pm

This is in response to the heaven and hell reference in your most recent comment. could look at it that way just as well. As you know all too well by now is whatever you need it to be in accordance with your own personal journey and personal growth. Everything that any of us encounter and experience is what we create. Create whatever pleases you and fulfill you heart's greatest desire. No judgement is being placed on your personal please do, by all means create shall I.
Love and Blessings and enjoy the journey,

Comment by Alex of New Human New Earth on January 4, 2011 at 4:53pm could say it that way. That's pretty much it in a nut shell. ;)
Comment by patrick on January 4, 2011 at 4:53pm
If you live a sinless life you return to your Maker, if you don't you burn. Sound familiar ?
Comment by patrick on January 4, 2011 at 4:49pm
Thank you Alex. In other words, if you don't want to spend thousands of years doing this all over again as an octopus on planet Zurggle, you had better be coming from your Heart place.
Comment by mellia on January 4, 2011 at 2:14pm
Love this!  Thanks for posting.

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