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Earth Uplift - Mission Status

To: Uplift Project Command
From: Planetary Specialist 333
Subject: Mission Status Field Report #108
During the interval since my last field report the evolution of the human species continues to gain momentum despite the orchestrated efforts to stall and prevent such progress.  I wish I could cite mass consciousness awakening as the reason for this evolutionary momentum, alas, such is not in evidence at this time; despite the current trend.  As expected, earth's population for the most part remains unaware of and uninterested in the evolutionary process now unfolding around them.  The kinds of changes stemming from the great shift of the ages are not widely understood throughout the population, resulting in rampant spiritual confusion. 
The awakening now coursing through earths population is primarily that they are waking up to the reality of their slavery at the hands of the power elite.  This epiphany generates so much fearful confusion that a vaster spiritual awakening is completely missed by the majority.  Mass cognitive dissonance is being generated and maintained by the perception management bureau of the power elite.  Like Chinese nesting dolls, the truth is concealed by layer upon layer of deception and misdirection.  Despite this; and the oppressive efforts deployed to prevent the evolutionary advancement currently underway, a surge in spiritual awakenings continues to grow, slowly.
It seems to this observer that in the face of ever escalating horrors perpetuated by the power elite the reaction by the majority of humans is silent acceptance.  Of all the creatures on earth only humans fail to react to imminent danger.  The greater the danger, the less attention is paid, as if it will magically go away if totally ignored.  Evidently this tactic is taught in childhood as hiding under the blanket whenever frightened.  Despite the grip of the power elite getting tighter with each generation, earth's humans still seemingly believe the promises of the power elite that things will improve.  This does not compute.
An excellent example of this would be the recent event where three police officers were filmed executing a man for throwing stones in Pasco, Washington, USA.  There will be no cries of indignant outrage or civilian protest because the penalty for that is the same as for throwing rocks.  The population has been pacified with poison GMO food, mandated vaccines, aerosol chemtrail spraying and fluoridated water.  No matter how flagrant the offense to human dignity, all is silently accepted by everyone, lest they be noticed.  The human herd has been and will continue to be controlled according to plan, until the time of the culling.  Even now the vast majority of humans believe the perpetrators of all these horrors are themselves human.  After what I've witnessed during my mission I must conclude that denial is the most powerful human emotion, right after fear.
The power elite exploit this basic human tendency for denial because they programmed us that way, makes for easier control over an expanding population - of slaves.  From subliminal messages to forbidden archeology, the experts at the perception management bureau leave nothing to chance.  The reason that truth is often symbolized as a sword is because you need a sword to cut through the forest of lies "defending" and "protecting" the truth.  Like the horse with blinders, earths population sees only that which the minders wish them to see because the very best slaves believe themselves to be free. 
The advent of the worldwide internet and search engines gave the average person the power to learn virtually anything they wished.  No worries, the minders just flooded the thing with pornography and pictures of felines.  The internet allows for endless obfuscation of the truth, and seems to encourage all the worst traits of humanity.  The population seems willing to believe the power elite are guilty of many heinous crimes, yet don't seem to want accountability.  Despite the fact that the minders have drip-fed the idea of evil aliens taking over earth into modern culture, most choose to ridicule the idea rather than risk humiliation in the eyes of peers.  Another masterful piece of programming is making certain that anyone who rants on about off world beings calling the shots on earth is labeled as a fool to be ignored, and yet some of them fill stadiums with seekers.
The worship of ignorance has risen to be a powerful political catalyst for separation rather than unity at this crucial time in human history.  When science and facts indicate realities too uncomfortable for some, they stand upon their denial of same as if denial itself had weight or merit of some kind.  Schoolyard antics belong in the schoolyard, not the world stage.  Yes, whether its called global warming or climate change, it is a reality and a fact.  Yes, the very same people who caused this dire reality also found ways of profiting from the denial of its existence.  Ask the people of the new England states whatthey think of climate change after a month of snowfall!  Something else the population ignores; even as the power elite's facade crumbles before their eyes.  None so blind.
As for the earth herself; her current status is that of a pristine world being terraformed into a raging shithole of toxic death and atomic mutation.  Since humans first took to the seas they've been using them as a garbage dump.  To such degradation, factor in all the ships sunk in all the wars, with their stores of bunker oil sinking into the sea.  Factor in also the various lost nuclear submarines silently leaching radioactivity into the water, and sea life.  Factor in the mega-disasters of Katrina, the BP gulf of Mexico spill.  The infamous hurricane took out a government disease test laboratory, and a number of toxic dumps...all flowing into the gulf.  Add in all the oil leaking from many hundreds of abandoned offshore oil rigs in the gulf; then add the millions of gallons of BP oil spilled, and then add the classified amount of Corexit sprayed on the oil - which rather than dissipate the oil, sent it to the bottom instead.  The gulf of Mexico is dead; and what killed it is being carried around the planet by prevailing ocean currents.
As if to illustrate my earlier observations on the failure of the human race to react to imminent deadly danger I have only to say the word Fukushima.  Approaching the fourth anniversary of the nuclear plant failure and meltdown; the Japanese government continues to do nothing to prevent the continuing expulsion of radiation into the ocean and atmosphere.  The American media continues to ignore and censor Fukushima news, but the pacific ocean is dying faster than the news of it can be covered up.  Just recently along nearly the entire California coastline hundreds, perhaps thousands of young sea lion pups came ashore "as if escaping from the ocean."  To an individual these hundreds of pups were suffering from starvation and the kinds of skin lesions seen in  radiation poisoning.  Their mothers all died because the pacific food chain has collapsed with the demise of the bait fish populations; and they couldn't feed their starving young.  Tragedy seems too small a word for this.  How about Extinction Level Event - yes, much more like it!
The collapse of the pacific food chain is a precursor event to the ultimate, inevitable, un-stoppable irradiation of the human food chain as well.  It's already in the grass, and cows milk.  The western coast of north america is being bombarded daily with increasing levels of Fukushima radiation from both atmospheric and oceanic plumes.  Still the human population continues to eat fish harvested from the pacific ocean, oblivious to the genetic damage to themselves and their progeny.  There is no mainstream news coverage of the growing disaster that is Fukushima, just sleazy glow jobs from the presstitute media whores about how radiation dissipates in sea water. 
There is no technology to correct the stupidity of building nuclear power plants on fault lines near the ocean like at Fukushima, and southern California.   Only foresight can prevent such disasters, unfortunately it is seldom used by these humans of earth.  Ignorance is bliss - until it isn't.   The spent fuel rod pools at Fukushima remain perilously perched 40 feet in the air; much like the executioners blade.  Another sufficiently powerful earthquake in that region could easily bring those decaying buildings crashing down; and when (not if) that happens the engineered tragedy will be greatly amplified, the results - devastating. 
As if planet earth isn't beleaguered enough with everything else, the local star, Sol, has of late been in a decidedly unstable cycle.  Solar flares and coronal mass ejections are more of a threat to earth's passengers than Gaia herself, and as much as she might enjoy a refreshing cleanse; such would decimate any chance for a technological solution to Fukushima.  If technology was destroyed by solar activity, or asteroid impact it might well be the death knell for life on earth, as one by one every nuclear plant would self destruct without human oversight.  Still, the majority of  humans behave as if they do not see the connection between themselves and the earth. 
The broader strokes of the uplift project do seem to be working according to plan.*  Just as with previous waves of starseed volunteers, we have succeeded in getting activation codes and key concepts uploaded into modern culture.  Specifically; the population has responded remarkably well to the 11:11 recall code. Although most do not fully understand it, they understand it's importance to them on the subconscious level.  Moreover, this seems amplified somewhat by the Aquarian shift paradigm itself.  The higher, more refined Aquarian energies are powerful enough to awaken the spirit even as the planetary crisis awakens the ego. 
The message of the uplift plan is showing up in cultural media and popular lore, just as the subliminal input and predictive programming of the minders is.  All across cyberspace these polar opposite concepts compete for true believers on nearly every level.  Naturally the waters get pretty muddy since the power elite play by their own rules, which seems to be no rules at all, for them.  While it is encouraging to see people responding to the higher energy messages, waiting for them to reach critical mass and change things becomes nerve wracking.  It's almost as if we're genetically engineered to not rise up in revolt, and conditioned to accept a beat down if we do protest in mass. 
As humans are fond of saying; its a numbers game, and they might do well to say it more often because in the current conflict on earth, We have the numbers to have things our way.  The trouble is the power elite tricked and stole that power away from us; and as long as we don't ask for it back nothing will change except for getting worse.   This observer thinks that everyone knows that but they're all waiting for someone else to step up first.  Would humanity take things more seriously upon the revelation that malevolent beings from the Orion neighborhood have infested the ranks of the power elite?  Might the slow gradual Terraforming of earth make more sense with such acknowledgement?    What would the masses say if they knew that the darkly namedSolar Warden program was created by the Americans back in the 1980's?  I wonder.
Instead of cooperating together to reveal the Archon threat, a few researchers engage in petty ego-driven bickering over who owns a word, and just what it means.  Again with the schoolyard politics.  Humanity is a species with peaceful ideals and a violent history.  A species traversing the cusp from spiritual childhood to spiritual adolescence; which perhaps explains why we still think violence solves problems.  True spiritual maturity still eludes us.  Galactic history is full of examples of sentient, technological species failing to survive the same transition humanity is now making.  While a great many are indeed having a full on spiritual awakening in these chaotic times; for a shocking number its all too much for them, so they self-terminate.  This is disturbing, the raw statistics even more so. 
Regarding the current wave of uplift volunteers: the bad news is that things are much worse here than previous, and almost certainly because of it some of our group may not have activated, or survived childhood.  It's a battleground down here.  I suspect that others who activated and survived childhood fell victim to violence of one kind or another along the way.  As for the rest of us we are still here and functioning though the toll seeks to wear us down.  We seem to readily recognize one another down here, I think through a common resonance or energy, and such meetings tend to bolster our commitment to the cause.
Some of us may well have given up by now were it not for the messages we receive from strangers, conveying gratitude for our efforts.  People everywhere are seeing the great shining lie crumble and fall apart.  Nothing lasts forever, the blood of the power elite is in the water, and this gives the population hope.  Unfortunately hope itself is insufficient to the task: humanity needs to support their hopes for the future with positive, life affirming action in the immediate now.  Without action all the hope in the world is but a snack for the insatiable appetite of greed and domination.  Humanities hopes taste just as sweet as its dreams and best intentions. 
As I continue work on maintaining a high vibration towards culmination; it becomes more difficult; and at times painful to witness the things currently happening on earth.  Its all left me feeling more detached now from the human drama with all its wars, terrorism, intolerance and everyday hateful violence.  The overseers make certain sure that humanity stays focused in the lower chakras concerned with ego survival and sexuality.  They use clever semantics to twist the truth beyond recognition and set us off upon one another.  I think I've come to a point of peace with it all.  Understanding that my understanding isn't a requirement, just my commitment and conviction.
It has been observed that the minders and power elite who control them are more vulnerable to being overthrown now than any time in the past; because of the spiritual rebirth at the shift of the ages.  This is the reason for all the wars, beheadings and general pandemonium on earth.  A frantic last ditch effort to stay in control and keep the population fearful, and removed from the equation.
 If only humanity understood how exposed and vulnerable the overseers are in this moment of time.  People find the concept of the film series Matrix so credible they've adopted the term to describe modern society.  Will they find the same concept any less credible with aliens in charge instead of computers?
Uplift operatives continue to surprise the world with their boldness, and effectiveness.  In the times ahead when one of us doing a game changing act they'll no doubt call it"pulling a Snowden."  Individuals are doing courageous things every day, pushing back against the insanity, it just never makes the newscast.  It would only take a dozen or so like Snowden to bring the overseers down with one of their own tactics; death by a thousand cuts.  Anyone who doubts this has never spent the night in a tent with hungry mosquitoes!
 The uplift specialists known as the indigo children and the crystal children are already carrying out their specific parts of the mission, and have gained recognition as the leaders and way showers of the 5th sun.  They are taking the knowledge of living spiritually and embodying it in the way they live upon the planet; setting an example of a better way for all.  Humans have to see something before they will follow it, and they are seeing those who shall point into the future.  They are teaching us to not fight force with force, but with brains.  Where the governments are huge and slow, we are small and fast.  We're learning to pick our fights by hitting the power elite where they are weakest, repeatedly.  We're learning to be mosquitoes!
This generational mission we volunteered for is a big thing with lots of moving parts; and we in the field understand that.  We also know that not all progress is visible to all involved and that this was chosen to prevent wider galactic conflict.  Still, on most days the forces of good seem to be getting pounded down by those in power, and this also takes its toll on us operatives, perhaps more so than the planners expected.  Sometimes it gets very difficult to maintain our balance down here, and at times it gets even harder than that; but to an individual we understand what is at stake here which is to say everything.  We are doing everything we can conjure, and even though we may not see the path of it now we are confident that the uplift mission will succeed.  When we see a success like Snowden it reaffirms our own commitment to this effort; but in the meantime can you please send in more mosquitoes?   
It is perhaps fitting that I end this mission status report with a quote by one of  Uplift's most successful operatives from the previous wave of volunteers:
"Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the universe or we are not. 
Both are equally terrifying."  Arthur C. Clarke ~


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Comment by Besimi on February 25, 2015 at 2:56am

Benjamin Fulford - February 23, 2015: CIA put under lockdown by Pentagon to stop nuclear terror but, cabal resistance pockets still remain

Benjamin Fulford - February 23, 2015: CIA put under lockdown by Pentagon to stop nuclear terror but, cabal resistance pockets still remain

The lunar year of the horse went out with a bang last week with an unprecedented Pentagon move to put CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia under lockdown. The raid on the CIA was, “among other things” aimed at locating the three rogue nukes the Zionazis have threatened to explode in the Ukraine, Pentagon sources say. Furthermore, the nuclear weapon headed for Stanlingrad (now Volvograd) has been seized by the Russians, the sources say.

There was also an explosion near an airport close to CIA headquarters in West Virginia last week. US corporate news outlets describe the explosion as the result of a “train derailment” but local residents said it resembled a nuclear explosion. Footage can be seen here:

We can only speculate that somebody trying to flee the raid on the CIA met with a fiery death.

The raid on the CIA came immediately after Ashton Carter was sworn in as the new US Defense Secretary. It did not go unnoticed that Carter was sworn in by Vice-President Joe Biden and not Barack Obama.

The Pentagon raid on the CIA was a condition for keeping the government in Washington D.C. afloat after a February 17th payment deadline, according to Chinese and European sources. The shut-down of US West Coast shipping has also now ended in response to the Pentagon move against the terrorist Bush/Nazi CIA faction, the sources said.

The European and Chinese sources also say that 200 nations have now agreed to a new financial system and world peace. The Germans and the French together with their allies have joined the BRICS alliance, sources in both these countries say.

The Greeks and Germans have temporarily postponed their fight over Greek debt pending a visit to Japan in early March by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She is expected to arrive around the same time as Michelle Obama.

The obstacle to world peace and prosperity is now, according to European and Chinese sources, the US East coast Zionazi establishment, together with factions in London and the Vatican.

The opposition to world peace in Italy comes from the old Gladio network consisting of the Ndrangheta Mafiosi in cooperation with the Zionazi ISIS Italian branch, according Italian P2 Freemason lodge MI5 sources.

In the UK it is Evelyn de Rothschild and his servants like Jeremy Heywood, David Cameron and Tony Blair who are the problem, according to MI5. There are moves being taken against this faction inside the UK. Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP (former Foreign Secretary) Chair of the Defense and Security committee in the House of Commons (a powerful committee overseeing the intelligence services), has been caught in sting operation by the Daily Telegraph selling his services for cash. Rifkin is part of the Zionazi UK faction that has been beating the drums for war against Russia.

In the United States, the Zionazi controlled department of Homeland Security is unable to find funding for after February. So, it is threatening terror attacks against US and Canadian shopping malls, this time by “Somalian” terrorists.

This operation is being master-minded by former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, according to MI5 sources. “Recent signs suggest that Blair (who is now in Belgrade, Serbia) will be behind an attack on London using the usual suspects,” and that Gnostic Illuminati Grandmaster Alexander Romanov will be framed or “at least implicated.”

Alexander Romanov showed up at this writer’s house last week battered and bruised. He said he spent the night evading 20 or more policemen who were trying to arrest him and take him to a mental hospital. He is now safe but his computer has been destroyed (yet again) and he will be laying low for a while.

According to Romanov, Russian President Vladimir Putin is the real grandmaster behind the 311 nuclear and tsunami terror attacks against Japan. However, it is hard to see a motive for Putin to do this and our own investigations point directly at Tony Blair, the Bushes, Rothschilds and other cabal families.

There have also been threats to stage a terrorist attack on Japan even bigger than 311. Recently people have been coming to this writer’s public speaking events and saying that the new year’s occult cover of the Economist magazine contained a threat against Japan.

The questioners, or should I say Rothschild agents, said the two arrows at the bottom right hand side of the cover picture with the numbers 115 and 113 meant that a new attack would take place on Japan on May 11th (511). The cover can be seen here:

The same agents also said that a map of Japan minus the Kinki district (greater Osaka) was being shown at the Japanese freemason headquarters. The Economist is owned by the Cadbury, Rothschild, Schroder, Agnelli and other cabal families. They will be held accountable for any new atrocity.

Dr. Michael Van de Meer AKA Michael Meiring told this writer the 311 tsunami and nuclear terror attack against Japan that killed 20,000 innocent people was aimed at forcing the evacuation of 40 million people from greater Tokyo to North Korea where the Rothschilds would move their new Asian financial headquarters. This failed and now we know which families were behind that and many other horrific terror attacks. They will not be allowed to attack Osaka.

The North Korean faction that aided in the 311 attack against Japan has already been purged. The cabalist influence in Japan is now so low that cabal stooge Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the corrupted Simon Wiesenthal Center sent a Mossad agent to visit this writer and beg that Cooper not be put in jail because he “only banned one” of my books. The fact is Cooper is guilty of bribery, extortion and blackmail (at least) and belongs in jail together with many of his cohorts.

It should also be noted that an active campaign has ongoing in China to remove cabal linked tycoons from this world. In recent years 76 Chinese billionaires have died unnatural deaths, according to the China Daily. OF these 17 “committed suicide, 16 were murdered, 8 died in accidents, 16 were executed, and 19 died from illness (at the average age of 48). There are now only 152 Chinese billionaires left.

Chinese government sources say this is part of a purge of Maoists. Chairman Mao was the most senior cabal agent ever in China. All Chinese of influence connected to the Zionazi Bush and other cabal Zionazi faction families are targets of this purge, the source says.

For these reasons the Zionazi cabalists are unlikely to be able to stage any more truly spectacular terror attacks in Asia.

Instead they have been reduced to making threats against Western shopping malls using the terror group “Al Shabaab” that staged the recent attack on the Westfield Shopping Center in Nairobi, Kenya. The Westfield shopping center was owned by Frank Lowy, an Australian Jew who is a close associate of Larry Silverstein of World Trade Center 911 fame. Silverstein and Lowy have made a fortune on “terrorist insurance” after 911 and after the Westfield incident.

Now this al- “Sham” baab is threatening the Westfield shopping center in London also owned by Lowy. The other mall they are threatening is the Mall of America owned by the Iranian Jewish Ghermezian family in Canada.

Needless to say, with shopping malls suffering from the weak economy and competition from online retailing, from the owner’s point of view it would be a great time for “terrorist” insurance fraud.

And of course new terrorist attacks would be a great excuse to keep funding the Zionazi Department of Homeland Security.

In any case, as large parts of Asia are on holiday this week, events are expected to slow down for now.

In March the ongoing campaign to finally break the back of the cabal once and for all is expected to resume in earnest. The year of the sheep will be one of payback time and justice for the sheeple.

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