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EARTH STAAR – There are places you go…

LIVE! International Tele-session -  April 30, 2022

9am (US/Las Vegas/Pacific Time)  $35  100 min

AC GLOBAL UPDATE & Bryan's 'Psychic' Celebrity Insights 2022 will receive Bryan's new 'Starpower Energizer' digital accelerator for free with your attendance!

There are some places you go where the energy spontaneously ‘opens’ for you to experience many things, including good luck, new ‘aha!’ ideas and connections with like-minded people or a sense of profound peace or excitement you are looking for.  This could be in a local coffee shop, a vacation spot, a supermarket, a park, a gym or even convenience store where things are ‘supernaturally shifted’ in your favor.  Similarly, you may encounter locations near you or distant locales where the energy is not in your favor and where things (and situations) seem tense, stressful or uncomfortable.  This interesting phenomenon happens everywhere all over this planet and is different for each person.  What causes this and is there something you can do about it?  Join Bryan and the Ashtar Command as they answer these questions and discuss this fascinating subject!


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