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Earth Guide, Sun in Libra, 2014, by Zooey

“There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.”
– Victor Hugo

Peace is a beautiful word. It’s like a rainbow with multi-layered meanings that titillate the senses. Things like hope and goodwill and abundance. It brings both purpose and promise. It heals. If anything, saying the word out loud uses almost every muscle in our mouth, and that’s always fun.

Yet peace has hidden colors that we’re only now beginning to see. Witness the deep blues and purples of the Divine reigniting in people, or the scintillating white-gold as folks think up the next greatest invention. Peace tints our time with an exploration of our creativity, ourself, and each other.

The Cabal understands this and have brought us nothing but conflict as a result. How can they achieve world domination when we’re too busy advancing art, philosophy, and science? Can’t have a war machine when the people won’t build and run it, let alone die for it. Besides, how will they ever regain our attention once we begin experiencing the joys of adding something good to the human race?

That’s why it’s not surprising to see a Libra on the front lines of a demonstration. These folks can’t stand to see another person suffer and will go to great lengths to bring about healing, even if it means they have to lay down their lives to do it.

Libra is ruled by Venus and She loves to love; likewise, a Libra will seek out the same high-frequency connection in others. This sign is where we first begin to reach out to others. It’s where we meet friends, fall in love, get married, and live happily ever after. In fact, Libras love to couple so much that they can really suffer if they’re left alone for too long. However, that’s balanced by a strong motivation to seek out the wild places in nature—just, if at all possible, they feel it’s always best to bring along a special someone to share the view.

Libra’s, ya gotta love ‘em!

* * *

  The Sun gets a tremendous send off into Libra this month. Prepare for some magick and then some.

Starting on September 21st, Jupiter, the Lord of Expansion, will trine the always revolutionary Uranus. It will last for an entire week.

Here we have the Solar drive to thrive subsiding into Venusian feel-good social justice along side a massive explosion of positive—albeit sometimes painful—change. I don’t say this often, but now is the time to place our bets because I’d wager by the time October rolls around everyone will be rich. Perhaps not in the way we may expect, but rich nonetheless.

We’ve been working so hard to bring about both a personal and collective metamorphosis, and we can feel it’s very close, that now might be the time to take a chance on those dreams we’ve been kicking around in the alleys of our mind.


Kinda… it’s up to you. I dunno, use the Force, Luke!

I said back in the Spring that this year was going to be better than last but I didn’t say exactly when that would happen. Now, I could say something easy like my crystal ball has been murky lately, but, really, it’s because it’s never a good idea to tell someone they’re about to go through a shitstorm of grief. I truly feel sorry for those of you who have recently lost a loved one, or a lot of them, or had traumatic memories come up for review. It sucks to have the ghosts of the past show us how much we never got over. (I did add a *wink* or two in there.)

Well, things are finally about to get much, much better—that is if we can continue to side-step the revolutions going off all around us. Not an easy task when one of them is happening inside of us. My longtime readers know what I’m talking about here but let me go over it one more time.

Uranus is the planet of sudden, propitious change and innovation. It’s currently in Aries which rules the Ego. Put that together and we get a good idea of what’s been rising up in us since 2011: a Revolution of the Self.

This radical planet crossed into the firebrand energy of Aries and we suddenly found the strength to stomp out old habits like their were bloated ticks. The first one to go? Our unnatural need to have others tell us what to do. Aries is a sovereign sign and won’t stand for that shite.

So long, Illuminati. Thanks for all the fear and terror. Learned a lot. And thank you for trying to kill most of us off and turn the survivors into slaves. We can take it from here. Buh-bye.

I’m pretty sure if folks think back, we’ll see it was around the Spring of 2011 that people began to wake up en masse. Uranus in Aries lit a fire under our butts and it won’t go out until 2019. Ha-cha-cha-cha! Now Uranus is about to get a huge, weeklong boost from Jupiter in Leo.

I could spend a few pages on what Jupiter under the influence of the Solar Lion means but, simply put, Leo is all about the Heart and Jupiter is all about taking it to a whole new level. When that kind of energy is added into the current, fiery transformation of the Self, things start to get really good. Really, really good. So bloody good they’ll have to add a new definition for happy in the dictionary.

This all explodes against a backdrop of the New Moon in Libra, as well. It tells us that the seeds that are about to be planted will bear strong and healthy fruit for months and months to come. Oh! And Pluto goes direct! It will put our Soul-transformation back in gear and get us moving again. Wheeee!

So, try not to worry. We’re about to get a huge hand up and out of the negative, mental mire we found ourselves in this Summer. All we need to do now is get out of the way and let it happen.

~ Fall Equinox ~

There are four times of the year that we’re supposed to leave out cakes for the wee folk. Here in the West we were told something else when we grew up but that shouldn’t surprise anyone. The lengths to which the Dark Ones will go to distort the Old Ways is astounding.

Anyway, seeing as most people only know about putting out cookies for the King Elf and his goofy, red pants—they’re supposed to be forest-green but the Coca-cola soft drink mega-corporation got a hold of the advertising rights—let me fill in the blanks. We’re also supposed to do it in the Spring, Summer, and… *drum roll, please* …Fall.

Especially this time of year. The Fairies are going to their Winter homes and it’s important that we offer them some succor against the elements. At least lift a glass as they head off, they do a lot for Gaia and get no respect.

As a Witch, I’m not kidding about this, either. Try leaving out some food like we did as children at Christmas and see what happens. There’s no reason the “magick of the season” and “goodwill to all” has to be once a year, or even just on the solstices and equinoxes. As long as we do it with love is all that matters.

Pretty much in everything else, too.

~ Beware the Ides of…October? ~

There is one sour note in this month’s symphony of the soul: Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio and pops back out in what else but Libra. There should be an epic, final, operatic note during the last part of that sentence but I don’t know which keyboard button to press.

I have been talking about these dual-sign Mercury retrogrades all year but by now everyone should have a good handle on it. We’re making some very deep and personal decisions about who we are and we’re covering all the bases to make sure we do it right. Right?

People are tired of re-living the same damn lessons and are so ready to get on with things we could cut diamonds with our collective will. We’ve been through some dark experiences—and some dark thoughts—but we’re now ready to journey onwards.

That’s what this year has been about. There! Hear that final note now? Ta-daaaaa! It’s been about a whole lotta completion.

I sooooOOOoooo wanted to say that back in the Spring but it’s in such bad taste to spoil surprises that I had to sit on my hands for the last six months. As a Leo-powered Virgo with Aquarius rising, a born communicator, I mean, I came out of the womb discussing the delivery process, it’s been very rough on me. *grin*

Okay, well, the trick to the last Mercury Rx of the year is this: we are about to start letting go of a ton of shit, er, baggage, and we’ve been working that out for some time. We’re now putting the scissors to the strings of the past. The only question that remains is whether we’re ready to finally let go of what no longer suits us.


    ~ Grand Trine in Fire ~

There is a sacred place within all men where a passion stirs like fire. It can smolder for years, but when evil minds hurt good people, it will flare up in an instant. It is the instinct to protect and it burns with the intensity of a furnace.

It never goes out.

Sadly, all we see these days are the worst examples of what it means to be a man. Everything from Neil Keenan to Barack Obama to Rob Ford. It’s such an abuse of trust and power that most of us instantly recoil in fear of being smacked. Such is the tragedy of a patriarchy gone wild, one that only honors one half of the human experience.

So, so sad.

Yet against all odds the Sacred Masculine has begun to reemerge in the most incredible men (and women, too, I know, just letting the guys have their day in the sun here) who are showing us a new way. It’s one that includes harmony as part of the solution and not just what they can do with their big, bouncy muscles.

There’s a reason the male hero archetype is so popular in books, art, and at the movies. Everyone loves to see a man win against impossible odds and bring balance back to the village. It’s exciting, it’s inspiring, it’s romantic—it’s everything good about what a man can be.

After all, it’s only when men stand up to violent men that the cycle of violence will end. Women can do a lot, and they have and continue to do more, but it’s only when a man stands up to another man that it will come to a complete stop.

It’s why the testosterone starts to flow in every guy when evil shows its ugly face. A man knows it’s his duty to prevent harm to the townsfolk, and God help those who stand in the way of that vigilance.

The Sacred Masculine has nothing to do with scoring with babes, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, or a kickass car, and it has everything to do with doing what’s right when all hope is lost, to stand alone against those who would crush the human spirit, to take out the bear at the mouth of the cave, to get back up after a mortal wound and keep fighting, to be the difference between right and wrong.

That is the measure of a Man

On October 6th, men around the world will get a chance to show their true-blue hero stuff. There will be a Grand Trine in Fire with Jupiter, Uranus, and Mars (our masculine drive to succeed) with Uranus opposing the Sun to form a Kite in the Stars.

  This configuration has the potential to take the Sacred Masculine where no man has gone before. It will focus us on our vast inner space and how that effects being a planetary citizen. It will literally stop time for a few moments for all those who are sensitive to the Sun-Sirius connection, and it will give us a chance to leave the abuses of the past behind once and for all.

Again, this is a time for working magick on a quantum level. I would very much appreciate it if every Light-worker could get to work as a new humanity is crowning in the birth canal. This is a very bad time to walk out on the expectant Mother. If you’re tired, suck it up, no one said you had to stay up all night watching the Cooking Channel.

By the time we move into Scorpio, we’ll be more than ready to give up our silly notions on modern living like a white picket fence, more data storage, and that supreme bank account thing. We’ll gladly do it.

That is if we’ve been doing the work; for those who prefer to keep things the way they are, the next few months are going to be bumpy.

~ Full Moon in Aries – Total Lunar Eclipse ~

As if we weren’t getting enough shaking up this month, we’ll experience a Full Moon total lunar eclipse in Aries. When this happens Sister Moon will bring out all that She’s been repressing.

I don’t think I need to keep expounding on the theme of the month as the Stars are doing a fine job of that on their own. It’s not a good time to be an Old World Man, and when the Moon comes out of Her corner a-swingin’, it’s gonna be even worse.

As the Moon turns red this month we’re certain to get a good view of what’s been stepped on for the last four and a half thousand years. It will be an excellent time to examine our lives for any hostility we’ve inflicted on the planet, ourselves, and each other, especially those closest to us.

Again, it’s time to see it, heal it, and let go; and with all that self-critical analysis, make sure to take a big dose of forgiveness. Like, Maximum Strength, brand-name Forgiveness in the family-size bottle. If they’ve run out at the local spiritual drug store then trying shopping at home—there’s a better selection there, anyway.

Mars trines Jupiter on the same day. It will give the Sacred Masculine a giant push into the new Age of Aquarius; it will shine a Divine Light on all that has been lost in Shadow and overlooked. What we do when that occurs depends on us.

It’s a time of choices with love and amnesty in one hand, and a stubborn, bitter resentment in the other. Each person has come to a cross-roads in their own way, in their own time, and in their own understanding. No one is going to decide our direction from here.

All I can say is please choose wisely.

~ The Eyes of the World are Watching Now ~

There comes a time when we can no longer ignore the injustices of the world; there comes a time when a person must stand up and do what they came here to do. I choose ‘Biko’ by Peter Gabriel as the song of the month for that reason.

It’s about a little known South African activist who was tortured and killed in jail because he had the temerity to stand up for what’s right. It’s about what happens when we fight the Cabal in a world without cameras, alternative media, and instant information.

They thought they could keep us in a glass bowl forever while they used ET technology to commandeer the stars. But here we are, ignored, tolerated, scarred, battered, bruised, still breathing, still watching, a wolf-growl beginning to sound in our voice.

Whoa be to the death-bringers, the ones who would sacrifice us to keep their cheap Babylonian bag of tricks, the ones who crawl before their dark masters in caves of blood, for your days now number less than 500. The millions you’ve killed now stand beside us in spirit on the world stage; they join a growing chorus as the world cries, “Enough!”

Let it be known that we are here to make a better world. All of us. All.* We will not be pacified with a bigger flat screen TV, a paltry raise in our slave wages, or a faster iPhone. Too many lights have gone out to get here, too many good people have lost their lives to bring us a message of hope, of love, of what it takes to have integrity in the face of utter cruelty.

And we’re not going to go away.

The only thing that will calm our rising rage is freedom, truth, and honor. Either rejoin the Human race or get out of the way. This is our planet and we take the responsibility for caring for Her very seriously. If your message is anything but love, creativity, and unity, then go away; if your message is anything but the natural song of the Universe than you are no longer welcome here.

We are One; we are Gaia; we are All-That-Is; and we are here to bring peace to this world.


Got it?

So Mote It Be,


(* this incredible video has 5 seconds of silence at the beginning.)

~ A Personal Note for my Readers ~

* If you are interested in being on my private mailing list, send a request to If you would like to be taken off the list, send a blank email with ‘Please Remove Me’ in the subject line. You can also follow me on Facebook at All new guides come out a few days before the sun moves into a new sign.

** The sun enters Libra on September 22nd at 10:29 pm EDT. The new moon will occur on September 24th at 2:14 am at 1o Libra. The full moon will be on October 8th at 6:51 am at 15o Aries (Total lunar eclipse).

*** All or I AM?

I have thought of many ways of saying this over many months and there just isn’t one without sounding like a big ol’ judgmental bitch. So let me do my thing and nudge and hint and nudge some more:

When I was asked to join the O.T.O. I was given an extensive curriculum on satanic living to look over. Rule #1 is—I AM. Just look at the back of dollar bill for heaven’s sake, that’s I AM. Is that what you want to be?

Though I do feel that almost everyone who embraces the ‘I AM’ concept does so with a pure heart, innocently, and with the best of intentions, please be careful of this notion as it’s a solar cult teaching.

Also, you may want to ask yourself the following question: if your life is getting better after practicing this daily ritual then why isn’t the world getting better?

Did you forget something?

Just sayin’.

**** I had a lot of fun writing this article because I got to listen to all my testosterone-enriched music while writing it. Ozzy, Aerosmith, those cello guys in the Thunderstuck video… I’m still rockin’ it out here at home.

Also, I truly don’t believe there’s anything wrong with guys flexing and trying to get their way, it’s actually very sexy—as long as it’s in balance with the rest of the social milieu. After all, a lion doesn’t go out and kill everything on the Serengeti Plains, why should we accept something that out of control in the human sphere? A big dick is one thing, trying to choke the life out of us with it is quite another.

Why do guys still fall for that, “You can have an 8″ dick,” scam, anyway? Is it because it’s constantly advertised on the TV? For that matter, why do women fall for it, too? I love to get the heads up on some kickin’ shoes, but I don’t need Versace to make them for me at $500 a pair, and I certainly don’t need them at the expense of everyone else on the planet. As long as they make my guy drool a little, I’m good to go.

I truly hope that people are beginning to put that in perspective instead of trying to make sense of all the little pieces. The world is about to go through a purge the likes of which the Goddess has never seen. It will be easier for those who can see the big picture.

Though it may get a bit rough—well, let’s face it, it already is for most people—we’ll get through this just fine. The fear-weapon the Illuminati would have used against us to bring in their new world order is no longer working; we have grow immune to their terrorism like any poison that is slowly administered over time.

Now it’s just a matter of letting them take their own medicine for a while. They have celebrated their own godly existence for so long they didn’t realize how far they’ve drifted from God. And She’s about to remind them of that connection. In that sense the “Illuminated Ones” have become their own black hole and it’s up to them whether they come back from the brink—try not to stand too close if they plead for a lifeline.

Though, after being tyrannized by them for so long, almost every one of us is now so strong we could easily pull them from their own light-less, heavy demise.

Oh! And seriously, do the cookie thing. Even if you don’t believe in the Fae-folk, the microbes and their society will appreciate it, and they’re part of it all, too.

Merry Equinox, everyone!

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