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Drunvalo on Ascension, Earth Changes, Obama, and the “Plasma Beings”: Two Important Videos

I’m going to make this post sticky because it’s so important. Sharon has sent two videos along. Thank you very much, Sharon, from all of us.

Drunvalo has given an interview to a French Web.TV reporter named Lillou Mace which is absolutely remarkable. It’s a must see.

First Video

The first video (which is really Part Two) is a complete discussion of what is happening now, the history of our relations with ETs, Ascension, our capabilities, what’s happening with our DNA, the Earth’s consciousness grid, Indigos and Crystals, and so on. He reviews what happened with the Greys and Anunnaki and then describes how they were excluded when a new assortment of benevolent ETs arrived. He says that the Greys were actually bent on eliminating humans from Earth but were thwarted. Apparently our explosion of nuclear bombs destroyed hundreds of planets belonging to the Greys.

He tells us that the universe is watching our Ascension. He says that we have already “made it” and that it doesn’t depend on our knowing anything about Ascension or the ETs, etc. He predicts the pole shift that we’ve heard so much about.

Drunvalo says Ascension won’t necessarily happen on Dec. 21, 2012, but within a window that extends from 2007 to 2015. Of course his information on some of these points differs from that of Matthew and SaLuSa. I’m simply holding the whole thing in my consciousness tentatively. I consider Drunvalo to be a very credible witness so I’m happy to hold the whole of the story in my mind without knowing which version is true. In other words, the dissonance does not bother me.

Second Video

In what is really Part One in the series, which I recommend viewing second, he discusses an Inner-Earth race of beings, whom he calls “plasma beings,” have been making their presence known over the last few years. They live in the lava region of the Inner Earth, in cities that exist within vast geodes. He says they will become very important to us in the months ahead.

They appeared frequently in Mexico and have been in contact with the Mexican government. They asked an official of the Mexican government to contact Drunvalo and invite him and other people to come to their Inner-Earth locale, which Drunvalo did on three subsequent occasions. He went along with 99 other people.

I’m going to skip ahead now and suggest that everyone view at least the last six minutes of the video -- that is, from the 39-min. mark on -- in which Drunvalo says that President Obama has struck a committee to investigate ETs and ITs (Intraterrestrial beings?). He says that the President is very much aware of the “plasma beings” and interested in them.

He says that once the Earth’s electromagnetic field goes to zero we will have two to three weeks before the world changes very quickly. If we are connected to the Earth, it won’t matter if the hills and mountains go up and down; we’ll be protected. All that is necessary is that we relate from the heart (Vilma).

He goes on to give a good synopsis of the Ascension process as far as he’s aware of it. He describes the capabilities we’ll have after Ascension.

Evidently these plasma beings lived on the surface of the Earth a million years ago and went inside to escape the dangers that presented themselves on the surface.

After appearing numerous times over Mexico, the plasma beings are now starting to appear near the Four Corners area (Niara) and more recently around France. They are not shy and they are definitely here to assist us. They are not extraterrestrials nor does Drunvalo consider them human. But they are higher beings with staunch integrity.

To the reader who asked what orbs were, Drunvalo tells us here that they are living beings. Drunvalo also describes a journey that he took to the plasma beings’ city within the Earth’s lava region. Drunvalo says he approached people from Star Trek to come with him and video the experience and they accepted.

Apparently the plasma beings are not at all shy of publicity. Pope John Paul is alleged to have made his famous statement that not all ETs are bad based on his knowledge of the plasma beings, whom he was quite enthusiastic about. Pope John Paul was later assassinated for having determined to remove the dark Freemasons from the higher echelons of the Church. He was dead within 24 hours of confessing his intention to his secretary.

The interviewer, Lillou Mace, is quite intrusive. You can see she’s often not listening to Drunvalo but formulating her next question. She interrupts him way too often. Good example of what not to do when interviewing.

For those not familiar with Drunvalo, it’s been said (I have no idea whether the allegation is true or not) that he is a “Melchizedek,” which is a being who has completed his experience of all the dimensions associated with our evolutionary cycle. He has come to Earth as an ordinary human being to help us with Ascension. He’s a very humble and knowledgeable man. When I meet people who don’t know anything about the 2012 scenario and I want to introduce them to it, I show them a video of Drunvalo.

I consider these two videos to be among the most significant videos out there at the moment. Definitely keepers.

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