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After some encouragement from some really nice SOE friends on ventrilo, I've decided to try myself at something I haven't done before: channeling my guide through written words (is it speed writing?). I don't know if this is my brain creating stuff, or if it's the real deal -- but I found that it soothed my itching desire to get some sort of 5th dimension response non-the-less.

Ok here goes.

Generalized: Do not fear, we are with you at all times. Continue what you are doing.

Me: Guide, are you there?

Response: Yes of course, dear one. I am with you at all times. Keep breathing, keep your exercises.

Me: Will I ever unleash my true powers?

Response: You are unleashing what was yours from the beginning. It is but opening a door to the inner self.

Me (at this point overwhelmed with this strange sadness and longing): I miss you.

Response: I know. Remember that we are as one, and always together.

Me: Am I releasing karma, will I be able to ascend with the high ones?

Response: Yes, there is no doubt about it, it is yours for the taking if you so chose. Please do not despair, there is much joy awaiting this world.

Me: Are you there to guide me?

Response: Yes, every day I will help and guide you.

Me: Please keep on flickering the light, it comforts and encourages me to know you're there.

Response: I will, do not worry.

Me: I want to talk to you again sometime soon.

Response: We most likely will. Our destinies are linked my dear one.

Me: Thank you and talk to you soon.

Whoa! If my family members read this, they would think I'm just about ready for the nuthouse, lol! ;)

I think I will try it again sometime when I haven't had so much coffee.

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