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Do you recognize me? Am I familar? Being authentic self

(Katt is my nickname, and many of my friends know me by that name so many of my older images are tagged with it)


For me I believe integral to the process of enlightenment is being authentic self. What does this mean? I don't have all those answers, I'm still working on it. I do believe it's a never ending journey, because I believe the self is not static but constantly changing. So our knowledge, understanding and acceptance of self must also be one of constant discovery and uncovering.

Many people remark that my energy is familiar to them, that they feel they know me, or that they are drawn to me, or that I glow, etc. When I go out in the world people sometimes approach me with these sentiments as well. I don't think this is because I am anyone 'special' I think we would all be more familiar to one another and recognize one another if we dropped more of our masks. I think it is because the journey I've been on is one of tearing away my masks, and revealing myself to myself, and to the world. When one becomes more authentic with self and with others, we connect on a deeper level. We're connecting on a deeper level with self, and by a natural extension, with each other.

If we are all connected, all the same recycled family of energy, then we should be recognizing each other. Feeling connected to one another isn't a special state, people feeling connected to me is not some special skill that comes from me. I've simply dropped some of the masks that I was taught to don at an early age by society. I believe recognition of self and of others, IS our natural state of being, what is unnatural is that we have obscured this connection to our selves and to each other through masks born out of social fears and insecurities. Many of them manufactured by those elite in religious or political positions who would like to keep us dis-empowered, but that's another, far longer, and more complex topic altogether.

I am not a special person, well I am, but we ALL are, I'm simply a person who has been working hard to love and accept myself, and in so doing has shared that self with others. It hasn't always been easy. Yes, it's painful to take off a mask and be rejected for authentic self. However, I can tell you with no uncertainty, the rewards are FAR greater. Now I am committed at what I believe is the true path to personal freedom and enlightenment, which is finding those masks and falsehoods within that I have so clung to I am not even aware of them. Finding the prejudices, fears, and dark corners I do have, and working them into the light. Seeing myself ever more clearly, and sharing it ever more clearly as I can.

I have many weaknesses, vulnerabilities, insecurities, and issues... we all do, and I know that they are part and parcel and connected to my strengths, capabilities, and gifts. I do not see them as things to be eradicated, but worked with and incorporated, accepted, and sometimes even celebrated.

My mind is tired today, and I'm going to go a rambling off on different tangents, if I don't keep this brief and simple which is what I wanted to do.

Like many blog posts, it started with a reply I made to an email, and I thought... I write this email in different words to people all the time, I should probably blog it, and so I did.

Also hiding behind fewer masks also has me not only seeing myself more clearly and recognizing self, but has helped me connect more deeply with others. It seems as if gaining more insight, respect, acceptance and love of self just naturally translates to more insight, respect, acceptance and love of others. For one comes to see, in reality, we are so connected at the core, it's practically one and the same.

Live in love


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