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"Divine Prayer - Lord - Beloved I Am Presence - Personal Guides"

Oh my Divine Holy, Holy Beloved Lord, Mighty Spirit,
Beloved I Am Presence, My Personal Guides
Fill me Now with your Divine Presence/Essence, I Am.

Fill me with your Manifested Kingdom Now,
I Intend to be a Divine Vessel to Bring Forth
That which is unseen in Heaven.
To Subdue that which is seen on Earth.

Open up my Mid-Brain, Christed Brain, Activate my Merkaba Body.

Help me to completely abolish on all levels of being,
any remaining Fear/Doubt, Judgment, Ignorance/Arrogance, Ego.

To Remember who I Am on the Deepest level.
God I Am/One with you.

Manifest for me Now, All my Daily Needs in my life.
Help Me Instantly Realize the Divine Truth I Am Now,
God I Am. A God Realized Human Being. Being One with You!

Oh Mighty Spirit Do Not Allow me Ever to be Tempted, or Persuaded,
Always Protect from All Harm and Danger,
and all that would Interrupt My Evolution.

Strongly Protect me whenever I am Driving my Car, or in any motorized vehicle,
that i arrive safely without incident or accident to my home.
Always Manifest Through me God Divine I Am Now..

Before Sleep >Oh Mighty Lord Spirit, While I Sleep, I give to you
My Body, Mind, Will, In a Peaceful Joyous Transcending Way.

Heal Me and Work Your Wonders Through Me,
Take Me to the Ascension Temples, and Awaken my DNA Codes.

Recode/Resequence My DNA.

Take Me to My Twin Flame,
and 7th Plane of Ascended Masters.

I Fully Intend My Complete Enlightenment in this Life..
Heal me, Change Me, and Work these Wonders Through Me,
That I Arise Anew in The Morning ! So Be It..

Oh My Beloved Spirit, All Powerful and Righteous Spirit !
I Give you My Body, Make it Perfect,
I Surrender it to You for Divine Healing.

Fill Me Now With Your Power, Wisdom, Peace, Joy, Love, Perfection, Will.
Exalt my Humble/Diseased Body to Radiant Divine Health I Am Now, So Be It..
Re-Align my Cellular Stucture, to bring about,
I Dance in Radiant Divine Health, liken unto you

[Confused Mind >Tormented, Hurt by Past Issues, Relationships
Cannot Get Over It?]

Say Oh My Beloved Lord- Spirit
I Am Burdened in My Soul, My Mind, Body,
I Am Troubled, Unhappy in My life !

I Know Not What To Do with this (Situation - Problem)
I Give you these Burdens and COMMEND Them Into Your Hands!!

[Overwhelmed by Duties, Responsibilities]
Ask Your Beloved Spirit to Intervene and Carry The Burden
Your Beloved Spirit will Re-Organize Your Life Divinely !
Starseed Claude

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Comment by Trudy on December 19, 2010 at 4:55pm

W O W ...  Very usefull affirmations (^L^) Thank You Starseed Claude

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