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Greetings beloved ones,
Kindly contemplate the words Divine Grace and the expanded potential of the manifestation of divine grace. Gently attune yourself to the vibrations your body experiences as you contemplate this principle. What is it that you are feeling this very moment? Following a short time of meditative observation of your feelings focus the energy of manifestation of divine grace through your pineal gland with your intent. The pineal gland is the gateway to cosmic consciousness.
It is most humorous to us who have entered multi-dimensionally into the human experience, and integrated into physical bodies (such as this co-existence with Judith), to experience the world of humanity and the little known gifts that naturally we understand from a cosmic perspective. The pineal gland is a world of multi-dimensional access to cosmos. The attunement to every vibration that exists in creation is available in your pineal gland. When you focus on the pineal gland during a consciousness expanding experience the field of resonance is accelerated and you have an optimum effect on expansion of consciousness as well as a profound link to cosmic consciousness.
The language of the human species is quite limited. There are some words that carry vibrations that accelerate consciousness and other phrases that are repeated mindlessly that limit consciousness. "Divine Grace" is a phrase that when used and meditated upon can vastly accelerate consciousness.
For just a moment enter a meditative state and call forth the blessed experience of your multi-dimensional consciousness. With conscious intent, request the presence of your high soul self. Enter into that blessed alpha state feeling and experiencing the emanation of divine grace. This is the manifestation of a consciousness that transcends an attempt to be peaceful. Divine grace is the manifestation of a state of attaining conscious alignment with the I Am presence. Each of you has experienced a cycle in creation in which you have expressed and manifested states of divine grace. Consider divine grace as being the cosmic flow in which you are gently dancing with the will of heaven. Contemplate those words, dear ones, gently dancing with the will of heaven. Divine grace is the manifestation that transcends need and desire. It is the emanation of pure alchemy aligned with divine will as found in the words that the great master spoke, "thy will is my will". When an individual resonates in the vibration of divine grace, the heart is attuned to the heart of prime creation. One becomes a living instrument of divine will.
In other teachings, we have expressed the truth that compassion is an energy frequency that stabilizes mass and matter. When you focus that frequency from the center of the pineal gland and emanate it into your energy body, you can experience a state of vibrational freedom from chaos and confusion. This gift once mastered has a blessed and most profound effect on your physical movement through this third dimensional world.
Meditation for activating Divine Grace in your energy body:
Begin with a few deep clearing breathes entering a state of conscious alignment with the source of Divine Creation. Focus on your pineal gland, and align the energies from your heart chakra, to your pineal gland, open up a passageway from your heart chakra to your pineal gland. Experience a moment of balancing your chakras, emanating your auric field, entering into a blessed state of meditative energy. Focus your intent in the center of your pineal gland, focusing on the experience of the expression of divine grace. Consciously communicate to every cell of your body, to your cellular memory, to your DNA, and from the center of your pineal gland, to emanate the frequencies of divine grace.
Image, that divine grace is a crystalline essence, a lobe of energy in the pineal gland that appears like a ruby colored pearl. With your third eye, locate that pearl, that sweet crystal, for there is a center in your pineal gland that literally can stimulate states of divine grace. Scan your pineal gland with your third eye, and find its crystalline essence. It is located between the center of the pineal gland and your third eye. Focus your energy on the center of your cranial cavity, enter the pineal gland, and travel forward, just slightly from the center. Enter that crystal chamber; it is a beautiful ruby chamber, which is the energy field of the manifestation of divine grace. Take a
meditative posture, and immerse yourself in this sweetness. Emanate the energy, radiating it out from that crystalline essence.
Experience the vibration that allows your life to flow through the power of intuition where there are beautiful synchronistic experiences and all that you engage in is a gift. This center of your pineal gland dissolves obstacles. Expand your consciousness to receive messages from other realms to assist your journey. As we experience this crystalline essence, one of the little known aspects of the pineal gland, open up your receptivity to higher consciousness. Emanate that message into your cellular memory, into your brain cells out into your Micro-Cosmos, into the DNA, and instruct the mechanism of your human form to be receptive to the assistance that is being sent. Feel and experience this state of divine grace, this state of receptivity. All that you need will be brought to you, and every single blessing will abound, knowing this state. Each of you are living bodies of the cellular mind of this creation we call Tara Gaia or Mother Earth. Humanity became disconnected from this area of their pineal gland in Atlantis. Those of you that are aware of the Atlantian mythologies are aware that civilization reached incredible heights during that period of creation. At the fall of Atlantis humanity due to the law of dichotomy and the ultimate separation that was to be experienced, on this planet severed the conscious connection with this area of the pineal gland. By doing so, obstacles began, stumbling blocks, frustrations, confusions, and competition. As living bodies of the cellular mind of Tara Gaia you can reconnect the circuitry of your species to this area of the pineal gland. When an initial group attains an evolutionary step, it sets the precedent for the evolution of your whole species. Now that you understand the dynamics of what we wish to experience, focus your consciousness once again on that crystalline ruby chamber between your pineal gland and your third eye and emerse yourself in the state of divine grace. Since your cellular memory has responded to chaotic energy forms, it is in the habit of responding chaotically. When you emanate the energy of divine grace from your ruby chamber of the pineal gland, you can restructure your neural responses to challenges. When you are able to attain this vibration, you will find that you will be less likely to draw chaos to you. Literally, mastering this area of the pineal gland will assist you in a smooth flow of resonance in your third dimensional lives. What would happen to the species of humanity if they no longer went through a course of obstacles on a daily basis? Great potential and creativity would open and all this potential is available. Divine grace transcends a need for religious tolerance. It is ultimately a state of being peace. It is at your fingertips and can be attained by becoming this state of divine grace.
Now lest we tend to intellectualize excessively, I'm going to request that each of you immerse yourself in this ruby chamber, be there in the full presence. The power of this area of the pineal gland is so precious. Now experience it on a cellular level and radiate it from your physical body into your auric field. As you do this some of you may feel tingling in your brain. This is because your pineal gland is being stimulated and your DNA is being activated. Now expand that energy and as you do so, activate your light bodies. Feel your aura become warmer. Feel the light that you are expanding and radiate that energy through your light body from the ruby chamber of divine grace. Fill your whole auric field with this light essence. Some of you may be experiencing a light experience now.
Focus your intent on your heart chakra. Enter into the chamber that is the lotus of compassion, as you enter your consciousness into this chamber, the lotus of compassion opens. This is the seat of the high soul self, your center of divine compassion, compassion that transcends a need to forgive. It is a place that embraces all of creation in the love of the divine mother, the love of an infant as it first comes to breathe its first breath of air. Step into that lotus blossom, consciously take a meditative posture and expand the vibration of compassion into your energy field, attuning your cellular memory with the vibration of compassion. Expand this vibration in a unified field of light energy with the energy of divine grace that you already activated in your energy body.
My beloved ones, these are the energy fields that will heal this planet. All that you seek, the treasures of the grail that have been so long sought after are present in these two primal vibrations. Expand those vibrations and expand your light body to create a unified field of light with your family of light, offer this gift to others. Many of you are aware of the impending delicate situations as the earth shifts and the time of the purification has come. Many of your fellow human beings are desperately seeking the vibration you now hold. This energy is the healing salve for human consciousness. There once was a song, "what the world needs now is love". Be that vibration.
To give this precious gift to others expand your light body in unified consciousness to fill the entire room. Expand your vibration to encompass the entire region. Now image that your light body is expanded, to embrace your entire planet. Literally embrace Mother Earth with the vibration, the resonance of compassion and divine grace. Allowing your light body to be the vehicle for the manifestation of this gift of consciousness. Allow this manifestation to be maximized. As you expand this energy field, image that those who need it the most receive it, such as political leaders, confused beings, like those in the nation's capitol. Focus this energy on power centers where people are
lost and confused by the manipulation of power. Emanate and bathe them in the vibration of divine grace and compassion. Allow your third eye to view as those who still suffer in fear. Feel your vibrations giving them moments of hope and clarity as they enter into the powerful light body field that your consciousness emanates. By doing so, be a living prayer that expands this gift to be received where it is most needed. Remember that the divine one spoke to us saying, "what I have done, you may do only greater", these are the manifestations of the miracles of heaven on Earth. You are participating in a miracle for your planet. Literally the vibrations that you are emanating are assisting in stabilizing your planet and seeding a consciousness of this frequency. This wonderful, blessed, divine gift is very powerfully being resonated from your ruby chamber and your heart chakra chamber for all of the beings of Tara Gaia.
Allow yourself to image your beloved planet. Holographically view it from your third eye, and see the areas where your planet is dying. Allow your consciousness to view Mother Earth, areas such as China and Russia, where through massive pollution and human suffering mother Gaia's body is literally dying. Now expand this energy, focus this energy, where it is most needed, be the healing balm. You are aware of Reiki and long distance healing. We are asking you, through the focus of the ruby chamber of divine grace and the heart chakra of compassion energy, to literally now manifest the healing of your dying planet. Send this vibration to all the places where the dolphins and whales suffer from the military intrusion of their peaceful states filling the ocean with this vibration.
Be the healers that you know you are. You have come to bring this gift. Allow yourself that joy. Bring the children that are starving to your heart. Celebrate the life that is so precious that has been given so freely and beautifully. Immerse yourself in this state of compassion and divine grace.
We ask each of you, from this point of expanded consciousness, to make a commitment to experience this vibration on a daily basis. Give it freely to the world you live in. For the gifts my divine ones, that can be manifested from focused intent and a willingness to be the light that you are, transcends beyond any limitation.
Gradually begin to focus your energy field, and concentrate them back into this continent, and bring your light bodies back into this region, and focus them into this area, and now back into the room. Anchor your light bodies back into your auric field and now focus your light body energies, back into physical body. Take a moment again to pay particular attention to the vibration that's being emanated from your pineal gland and from your heart chakra. Notice if your heart chakra is warm, if you feel a humming or a vibration in your pineal gland. Realize that as you have expanded your consciousness to be of service to your planet, you have literally exercised this very vital part of your pineal gland and will find it easier to access in future meditations. We encourage you to work with this ruby chamber. We encourage you to expand your heart energy of compassion into your light body. By exercising this almost lost jewel of humanities' creation, you will begin to literally stimulate the use of this aspect of the pineal gland in other humans. This is part of the evolution that is ultimately designed in the awakening of heaven on Earth for humanity is preparing to take a massive leap in evolution. This is not a baby step but quantum leaps for the species. This essence is the gift of the Holy Grail that golden elixir promised by the lady of Avalon. The Holy Grail is the manifestation of the whole thirteen strands of DNA that was carried in the crystalline essence mythological through the Christ. The Holy Grail is the vehicle by which the golden elixir is brought to awaken consciousness and bring about the emergence of heaven on Earth. Many of you have heard about the twelve strand DNA evolving in humanity. The full essence of DNA is the 13/ 13 vibration which is the complete 13 strand DNA. The Holy Grail carries the mathematical encodement for that expansion of consciousness. There is indeed literally a cup of the Holy Grail and a physical Ark of the Covenant. The cup of the Grail however is a promise for the sacrament of love to be given unendingly, flowing forth from a bottomless womb of divine grace. Through the process of spiritual awakening and evolving beyond the need to be separate from the I Am presence, an individual has the opportunity to become a cup of the Holy Grail, by which in your very life and existence you give forth the golden elixir. You bring blessings to all those you touch or see. From this place the consciousness of the Divine Creator, flows forth boundlessly. It is the cornucopia that never empties. Each of you has the opportunity through your spiritual journey to become living cups of the Holy Grail, the sacrament of divine love. This is merely one of the aspects of the grail.
When a seeker wishes to be an initiate there are traditionally experiences that they undergo so they may for a moment let go of that busy mind. Many fast and pray so that for a moment they can let go of the busy mind. When you silence the intellect, the business that keeps you doing daily life, you may open up into a realm of being in a state of experiential consciousness that is a wellspring of creativity, stimulating Alpha states in your brain. This experience of supra-consciousness allowed your busy mind to rest and opened up the lotus of conscious expression of the soul. At this point you absorb the essence and the vibration that is being experienced. When the experience is so blessed and beautiful there is no need for intellect and interpretation of words. This very fine state
of consciousness that you experienced is possible and attainable for all beings. This state of supra-consciousness literally accelerates the molecular field of your physical vibration creating a light field that is less dense. Literally you are being infused with cosmic vibrations that will have an ongoing effect on you. Hopefully it will encourage you to experience more such vibrations. For life can truly be wondrous when one is willing to live heaven on Earth. These are the vibrations that the entire planet will be accelerating to, as the emergence of heaven on Earth is experienced.
© Judith K. Moore. All rights reserved.

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