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Dismantling the Channelers: Part 1 – Here Comes the Boom

Dismantling the Channelers: Part 1 – Here Comes the Boom

[This is a repost from July 5, 2013. Take special note of the channeled message about “Ascension.” I want spiritual people to see the Ascension idea for the recycled Kool-Aid it is before I start posting about real solutions to our world’s “elite infestation” problem.]

If you have been awake for a while, you’ve probably fallen into a lot of the same traps I have. Once you wake up, it feels like you are home free, but you soon discover that the land around the thought prison is littered with mines, snares, quicksand, and mantraps put in place by the prison warden. You find there is a massive maze that has been set up to slow you down, confuse you, break your will, and send you slinking back into your cell. This being so, those of us who have stumbled through those grounds owe it to those who come after us to set signposts along the way. That is the reason I’m writing this series.

“Stay on the path we have prepared for you…
…and you will soon encounter the promised changes.” – Ascended Master Hamstron

Before we begin, there are two ideas I’d like you to keep in mind…

“The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed.”
– a popular paraphrase of a Nazi propaganda principle

“A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”
– a quote ascribed to Vladimir Lenin

…and here we go…

Let me start off by sharing a channeled message I found on page 66 (67 on the PDF) of one of the old Phoenix Journals. It is a 1994 channeling from “Sanaka”…

“I come to speak to you of the 12:12. There are those of you who participated in the 8:8 and the 11:11 and now there is the completion–the 12:12. That is coming on the 12th day of December, 1994. Yes, that is World Ascension Day, the time when all the 144,000 will ascend into the 4th dimension. And when those of you of this sacred number ascend then all of your brothers and sisters on this Earth will ascend as well

…As St. Germain spoke through this channel on the 4th of July, 1993 the key to transforming your economy would be the takeover of the Federal Reserve Banking System and the elimination of the IRS. This has occurred–those forces which control the Federal Reserve Bank have turned its assets over to your government. This action will eliminate your national debt. Soon there will be more announcements of the illegality of your 16th amendment and you, the people, will demand the dissolvement and it will be the end of the IRS. And that which has been taken away will be restored to you. The monetary sums which you have paid into your systems will be restored to you.

This will start the transition in your form of government–for this will lead eventually, with the 12:12 of 1994 and into the year of 1995, a transformation where you no longer will be in a system of federal government but in a system of community.”

Anyone who has been monitoring recent [2013] channeled information will find this talk of energetic portals and governmental & economic changes very familiar. This standardized script, which they ran back in 1994 (and probably many years before and since), is the same one they ran last year [2012]. And didn’t we just hear echoes of that second paragraph in the last few days?

One of the things I found odd about the script when I was following it last year [2012] was the focus on “portal dates.” It seemed peculiar that universal energetic changes planned for millennia would be scheduled to coincide with repeating numerical dates (8/8, 9/9, 10/10, 11/11, 12/12) on the Gregorian Calendar (which has only been around since the year 1582). And when such dates passed and nothing really happened, they would release messages to screw with peoples’ heads and undermine their confidence in their own perceptions, like this one from Ron Head

“Today we are happy to point out to you the build-up of the ten-ten portal energy.  Those who are sensitive will already know this.  Still, many insist that nothing is happening.  It is amazing to us that so many are still in denial when there is so much happening about them to confirm what we are telling you.  Yet we understand that, for those who are locked in old reasoning, it will continue to be so for long times to come.”

So, one is “in denial” if she has the courage to open her eyes and notice that these perennially recycled prognostications have failed to materialize? One is “locked in old reasoning” if he won’t hold his nose and take a bite of the fluffy, cotton candy-covered BS the channelers try to feed him? Sorry, fellas, but you don’t have to be a sucker to be on a spiritual path.

After finally escaping the mind control systems of the old religions, my awakening brothers and sisters continue to be caught in a drip pan of interlaced deceptions put in place by the same chefs who cooked up the religions in the first place. And in the new religion, the channelers are the prophets, those who unquestioningly post and promote the channelings are the priests, and those who get swept up in the empty feel-good messages are the parishioners. It’s time for this system of deception to be dismantled.

Towards that end, I will use this series to dissect the active channelers one-at-a-time, and even though he claims to receive his messages by technological means, I think Sheldan Nidle is the perfect one to start with. Stay tuned.

With love…

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Comment by CHRISTINA on November 29, 2015 at 2:54pm

channeled messages: all bogus !!!

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