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Sananda/Jahn J Kassl
JJK: The day before yesterday I had the following dream: I see how many lawyers worldwide are trying to overturn this system of injustice. I see high and thick walls against which the lawyers are running. Often they are close to overcoming them, but the final success may not succeed.
Then I see from a bird’s eye view how a mass of people, at first still manageable, grows and grows until it builds up into a huge wave and buries under itself the old system of deceit and lies.
This system is simply washed away. As I wake up, the phrase is imprinted on my mind, “It’s the people that matter, every SINGLE one of us!” (Dream End)
SANANDA: This dream picture says everything and describes the present dynamics in the time happening of this earth. A for many doubters UNBELIEVABLE awakening is in the course.
First, people become aware that something is wrong. Then they see that everything is directed against their intentions, against freedom and against life itself. As a...

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