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Demystifying Light Language By Riya Loveguard

Demystifying Light Language
By Riya Loveguard

Light Language is one of the most misunderstood and underrated spiritual modalities. It seems subtle and unassuming, yet it can become one of the most powerful and practical tools in the energetic toolbox of a healer, spiritual teacher or activator.

Once you are willing to open your heart and mind to the mystical sounds of Language of Light, you will see profound and rapid results that work beyond the conscious mind and on deep levels of your energy field.

However, in order to utilise the full potential encoded in Light Language, we need to bring more conscious understanding and intentional use to this beautiful modality. Let’s start by laying the groundwork and explaining what Light Language is, where it comes from, what is its purpose and most importantly: how you can activate this ability in yourself.


The term “Light Language” is used to describe a number of different phenomena which have one thing in common: channelling energy in the form of words or sounds that resemble a language...+

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