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Where do the ET’s exist in this Creation? What dimensional level(s) do they exist and move within? This is my question as I enter into meditation….

As I travel deeper and deeper going further into the rabbit hole, I end up peering upon the point – The Source Point. Somehow I know that this is where it began and it begins again and again. It feels like all spills from this point and all dimensions form from this point. I watch as energy swirls around this point and then I drift back through dimensions watching different energy patterns. One pattern was particularly interesting to me because it looked like static on a TV with waves going in opposite directions, alternating top to bottom. This kind of thinking brings me back full force into my physical mind and my organic brain is now analyzing everything.

Thinking on this experience, I remember clear physical body sensations as I traveled deeper into the realms. Shivers and swirling that made my stomach nauseous along with very hot waves. I had to urinate so badly after this tiny 20 minute meditation. Makes me think that a huge amount of energy was used to go where I went. Do our physical bodies act like batteries for entering the other dimensions? Many of my experiences are relating to the movie, The Matrix. It certainly feels like this beautifully designed human body is an amazing tool for energy generation. Turning water into energy on a subatomic level….

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