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London: The Daily Telegraph this morning screams across page 19: OBAMA WARNS OF NEW TENSION WITH CHINA: President says relations will suffer unless trade disputes are resolved.

Excuse us? 'NEW' tensions? Relations WILL suffer? The tensions are OLD, attributable at this juncture EXCLUSIVELY to rogue official US BANDITRY: it is not a question of relations suffering in the future: they ARE suffering, and President Obama is specifically and instrumentally, it can now clearly be seen, presiding over this worsening crisis by his OBTUSE BEHAVIOUR in stealing and/or diverting assets and loan money belonging to foreign sovereign powers.

THIS IS ALL ORCHESTRATED, as we can now see with crystal clarity. Here is what 'President' Obama is reported by the British newspaper as pontificating last night.

Mr Obama reportedly stated that 'enormous strains' WOULD BE placed on US-Chinese relations IF the two nations 'failed to address simmering trade tensions' during his Asian tour (starting today, ending on 19th November).

'Global imbalances' needed to be 'addressed', the Chinese currency is in urgent need of upward adjustment, etc. etc.: these are the OUTWARD BROMIDES fed to the sleepy 'mainstream' to divert attention from the INNER, HIDDEN CONFLICTS surrounding US criminal intransigence, of which THERE IS NO SIGN OF ANY END. 'If we don't solve some of those problems, then I think both economically and politically it will put enormous strains on the relationship'.

Which, being interpreted, means: I am travelling to China having created the pre-arranged verbal pretext to enable me to walk out or create a scene when the Chinese give me a piece of their mind.

For of course the problems at this late stage centre around the criminalised US authorities' bovine refusal to behave in a civilised manner, their insistence on honing the United States' reputation as a pariah state bent on doing as it likes and trampling on the Rest of the World, and their penchant for stealing the assets of others ALL THE TIME, with no discontinuity, TOTAL RUTHLESSNESS, no pity, no repentance, no mercy and NO INTENTION OF CHANGING THEIR EVIL WAYS.

Hitler's approach, when his dirty back was being pressed against the wall, was to attack verbally, and that is precisely what Obama is doing. HIs back is pressed so flat against the wall, he'll be hard pressed to straighten it up to get on Air Force One to Elmendorf Airbase, Alaska, this morning.

In his remarks before departure, 'President' Barack Hussein Obama also indulged in some familiar rhetorical hypocrisy: 'We believe', he lied. 'in the values of freedom of press, freedom of religion, that are not just core American values, but we believe are universal values'.

As a veteran analyst of Soviet lies (wearing the hat of Editor of Soviet Analyst), the Editor notes that Obama said: 'We believe IN THE VALUES OF freedom of press' etc. This Leninist duplicity hides the deception that 'We' do not in fact 'believe in freedom of the press' etc., at all: the phrase 'the values of' places a wall between 'freedom of the press' etc. and what 'we believe', which provides emergency deniability and 'allows' (non)-freedom of the press in the United States to continue to be hobbled by gigantic bribes NOT TO COVER THIS CRISIS. As we have indicated before, one very large media corporation is known to have taken a bribe of $1.68 billion from the manipulators, while we have anedotal evidence of another two bribes, one of $500 million and another of $2.0 billion.

So for Obama to spiel about 'freedom of the press' stinks, as does his reference to 'freedom of religion': as long as it's not freedom to teach children in school the Word of God by Jesus Christ. Such evil hypocrisy, on top of the thievery, duplicity, stealing, criminal finance and filthy dirty tricks behaviour of these bandits, turns the stomach.

No wonder the CIA has finally realised that if it doesn't sever from the criminal element that has corrupted the entire US Intelligence Power, its leaders will go to jail. No doubt these desperados anticipate that by stirring the pot abroad, they can create enough tension for US 'patriotism' to be invoked so that all their dirty laundry can be shovelled down the nearest black hole with impunity.

• UPDATED UPDATE: We are informed that the information fed to the British press that Obama was leaving for Alaska and his Asian trip on the morning of 12th November may be FALSE, and that in fact the 'President' FLEW OUT LAST NIGHT [11th November]. The fact that the 'President' was shown on TV 'this morning' before he left the White House does NOT mean that the pictures were taken this morning, although it is also possible that our information that he left last night (as we were very explicitly advised by impeccable sources this morning) may have been tainted (unusual).

Anyway, the public consumption schedule has him arriving in Tokyo on Friday to meet the new Japanese Prime Minister, Mr Yukio Hatoyama, followed by an audience of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, before travelling to Singapore for the annual summit of the Asia-Pacific Co-operation Forum [APEC], which ends on Sunday. He will then attend a separate South-East Asian meeting at which the US and Burmese leaders will meet face-to-face [so that they can discuss intended drug 'cooperation'?], and then off to Shanghai.

On Monday, an 'American-style town-hall' meeting in Shanghai preceeds nosh with President Hu Jintao in Beijing. (It's Monday, hence it must be Beijing). Tuesday: 'Trade deals' to be announced, followed by 'sightseeing'. Wednesday: Off to Seoul, South Korea, ostensibly to discuss the North Korea stand-off and 'free trade', but in fact to strong-arm the South Koreans into disgording stolen Box Gang funds sequestrated in the South Korean banking system (?). November 19th: Return to Washington. Since, however, the very first element of this schedule (his departure to Elmendorf Airbase) as publicised, turned out to be false, the entire Presidential schedule as announced by the White House spokesman for public consumption can be presumed to be made of India Rubber.

• SPECULATION: Some kind of trade-off whereby the Chinese may be browbeaten into backing off from their necessarily harsh stance, as the beneficial owners of stolen property, is probably 'in the works'. The Chinese need to be on guard against the risk that they may again be duped by these duplicitous US crooks, and they must anticipate being blackmailed as well: hence Obama's speech.

• IN MEMORIAM: It has been reported that two US Secret Service armoured vehicles used to protect Vice President Biden struck and killed a pedestrian in Temple Hills at about 2:30a.m. early on Wednesday morning, 12th November. The vehicles were travelling from Andrews Air Force Base when the UNNAMED pedestrian was hit at the intersection of Suitland Parkway and Naylor Road in Temple Hills. The UNNAMED pedestrian (male) was transported to Prince George's Hospital Center in Cheverly with MULTIPLE INJURIES, and was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

The vehicles had been used to convey Biden during a trip to Fort Lewis, WA, where the Veep had spoken at a Memorial Service commemorating MORE DEATHS (of the seven US troops killed in Afghanistan when their vehicle exploded). Biden had returned to Andrews Air Force Base much earlier and was already at his residence at the US Naval Observatory in Northwest Washington at the time of the incident. You will recall that John O'Quinn, a Bush-linked lawyer, was killed when his vehicle veered into a 30-ft tree some days ago, not far from the Secret Service Office in Houston.

[As mentioned earlier, the Editor will update the In Memoriam section [see Archive] as soon as time permits. So far, time hasn't permitted].


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