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Today is a sad day for me and my wife we run a business called petpaws in the Uk, We operate an animaml ambulance service along side other pet care services,we were called to a house with a filthy garden where a dog had passed away,the owner said it had been poisoned(no sign of that)the dog looked as if it been starved,it was lying in  a dirty yard not covered up,his name is "killer" about the size of a large cat about 3 years old,I asked the Divine Masters to come and take his spirit home,to say we were horrified is an under statement,we sent "killer" on his way with our deepest love and our hearts go with him,it saddens me when we as a nation of animal lovers would treat an animal in such a manner,a home could have been found for him, but no the owners let "killler" suffer in these appalling conditions,would you please say a prayer for "killer"as he makes his way back to his spiritaul home we know he will be loved there,I will be contacting the RSPCA to ask them to investigate the circumstances around "killers"passing,Namaste Martin.

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