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Creation: How it Works Right Now Message from The One By Sophia Love

Creation: How it Works Right Now
Message from The One
By Sophia Love

It is the One. There remain things unsaid that need to be said.

Thank you. What are these things?

There are topics to be reconciled with your view of how life appears to you. It looks the way it does because of your pre-set expectations as well as your pre-determined plans. You have set up life for yourself in order to facilitate the completion of your life’s mission. This you will do at every turn.

You will work with what is presented before you, or what shows up in front you, every time. This is how it works. This is the mechanism of creation in full throttle.

You are a creation machine. There is never a moment where your creation motor is turned off. With every thought and each reaction, you are creating. It is a function of this life.

Creation doesn’t happen to you. It erupts as a conclusion of your every movement. You choose a movement, a direction, a word, a response, a thought, an action – and the resultant response is creative. It becomes a by-product and moves on to fuel further creative endeavors...+

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