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Countdown to zero immunity - vaccine victims losing immune function by the week

Countdown to zero immunity - vaccine victims losing immune function by the week

Mike Adams

October 19, 2021

Those who take vaccines are losing about 5 percent of their immune function each week, according to official data published by the UK government. That means people are plunging toward zero immunity in about 20 weeks.
The plunging immune response among vaccine victims means that fatalities from cancer -- and from common infections such as winter colds and flu -- are set to skyrocket over the next six months.
As AIDS patients know very well, those individuals suffering from heavily suppressed immune function can be killed by low-level winter colds or flu pathogens that would normally pose no risk at all to a healthy person.
Making matters even worse, nurses and hospital workers with natural immunity are right now being fired from their jobs for refusing to take spike protein injections. This is causing severe staffing shortages in some areas (such as New York), and we aren't even into the flu season yet.
What's coming is a global wave of mass deaths from cancer and common infections. And it's going to overwhelm hospitals in early 2022.
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Mike Adams
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