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~Cosmic Unified Oneness and Fifth-Dimensional Timelines On Earth Now ~

Cosmic Unified Oneness and Fifth-Dimensional Timelines On Earth
Here on Earth we may allow ourselves to buy into the illusion that we are alone,
separate and cut off from our spiritual origins.
But this is purely illusory.
We are always free to enter a place of oneness with all-that-is,
therefore allowing ourselves to reunite with our cosmic home.
When we are one with all the universe, we naturally radiate the love,
blessings and joy of the higher dimensions.
Everything we create from a place of inner unity
is imbued with the essence of eternal oneness and love.
Writing, art work, inventions – everything created with a unified consciousness
holds the power to help shift others to higher dimensions because it carries
the codes and keys of inner unification.  
The first step toward cosmic oneness is cultivating a relationship between
our mind and our soul.
Embracing and Allowing Eternal Love and Beauty
The intention to return to the calm and bliss of your soul will bring you energetically
in resonance with fifth-dimensional timelines.
Returning home to oneness and inner unity is a matter of bringing your conscious mind
to the place of embracing and allowing the eternal love and beauty of your soul.
Once your ego recognizes itself in the peaceful and loving nature of your soul
and seeks to unite with this part of you,
you are able to enter the state of inner oneness compatible with high-vibrational timelines.
It is no small thing for the conscious mind to relinquish a portion of its control
to such a vast and powerful entity as the soul.
Yet, in order to transcend the confines of a purely physical-based life,
the ego must be willing to allow this to happen.
The Eternal Paradox: Losing One’s Self to Find One’s Self
Many people correctly sense that spiritual oneness means merging back into all-that-is.
There is implied in this process losing, at least to a degree,
one's "importance" as an individual.
It is a universal paradox that in order to find ourselves,
we must be willing to lose ourselves.
This can be likened to the drop of water that is holistically the essence of the ocean.
The drop loses its singular identity but gains the powerful force
of the entire ocean as it merges with its home.
If we choose to remain a small drop of water,
our mental energy resonates with a small blip of all-that-is.
When we expand our vision to include all the universe,
our mental energy comes into resonance with universal energy.
This process of losing and finding ourselves as is natural as the in-breath and out-breath.
At times we become lost in physical reality and forget we made this agreement --
this contract --
with the universe to allow ourselves to become lost so we can learn
the true nature of separation.
It is only through experiencing the full spectrum of unity (which includes separation)
that we are able to learn the importance of uniting our mind and soul.
Bridging our conscious mind into relationship with our soul
is the essence of our journey in each lifetime.
On a daily basis, the journey of inner unity
is one of seeing through anything that stands in the way of oneness.
One of the greatest barriers to achieving inner unity
is failing to recognize our own inherent worth as divine beings.
Mechanisms of Mass Thought and Enslaving Belief Systems
Sometimes people draw back from allowing this union of cosmic oneness
because they don't feel they deserve it.
Supporting this feeling are belief systems on Earth that view humans
as removed from their own divinity.
These belief systems are examples of mechanisms of mass thought designed to
disempower all who fall under their spell.
These mechanisms feed on one’s energy and enslave beings to a life
of separation and alienation.
Mechanisms of mass thought operate like computer viruses and,
like computer infections, they can be brought to awareness and neutralized. 
With awareness, all attempts to enslave our consciousness
and feed off our life-force energy can be transformed to higher understandings. 
With awareness, we are able to see through the mechanisms
and remain neutral and transparent to them as we pass by them.
There will always be momentary lapses when we fall into old patterns
of feeling ourselves undeserving of universal blessings. 
Any time you find yourself feeling undeserving and unworthy,
use this as your wakeup trigger to affirm that you are a divine being
worthy of the best the universe has to offer.
Thoughts and Feelings of Separation are ‘Leaks’ in One’s Energy Field
Whenever we feel lost, whenever we feel unable to access fifth-dimensional timelines,
we can examine where within our energy field these “leaks”
or conditions of separation exist.
If we look at others and see ourselves as separate from them,
this can be an indication that there is separation between our mind and our soul.
Usually these leaks are created by old thoughts and feelings operating like wallpaper
in the background of our consciousness.
They may have been planted in our belief systems so long ago we no longer notice them.
Once we gain awareness of any way in which our mind is spinning out
“separation viruses”, we are able to quarantine and remove the virus
and fix the relationship between our soul and our mind to allow inner unity. 
Getting our mind and soul to work together is essential to experiencing storylines
aligned with the new time on planet Earth.
It is recognizing and choosing oneness with all-that-is that allows us to
access higher vibrational dimensions.
Our mind thinks and operates according to will.
Our soul “knows” and receives its information directly from the universal information field.
Together they create an energetic resonance that allows us to perceive
and experience reality threads that contain the essence of our highest visions.
Aligning these two and getting them to work together activates
fifth-dimensional timelines imbued with the joy and bliss of eternal love.
The Future is Here Now:
DL Zeta

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