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COSMIC AWARENESS - Urgent Message Regarding Malaysian Airliner 17 by Will Berlinghof on July 21, 2014

Urgent Message Regarding Malaysian Airliner 17 by Will Berlinghof on July 21, 2014

Urgent Message Regarding Malaysian Airliner 17 by Will Berlinghof on July 21, 2014

Urgent Message Regarding Malaysian Airliner 17

July 21, 2014


That which is Cosmic Awareness is available. Please proceed.

Thank you Awareness and welcome. We appreciate your presence for being with us for the Rainbow-Phoenix session of July 21, 2014. Will Berlinghof is the Interpreter for your messages, Joan Mills the questioner and energizer. The Law of Love, the Law of Light and the Law of Unity have been invoked. Is there an opening message or current event you wish to discuss prior to moving into the questions at this time please? Thank you.

There is indeed an urgent matter, a current event that this Awareness wishes to discuss and to present at this time. It is the urgent matter of the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner 17. This, the most recent attack on the Malaysian company, the Malaysian airliners that have over the last four months been targeted twice now.

This Awareness does say that they have been targeted, for it has not been accidental or without purpose and reason why the attacks on the Malaysian air fleet occurred. It is not random, it is not coincidental. Therefore this Awareness does assert at this time that this most recent event, this shooting down of the Malaysian airliner is intentional and is connected to the first act of atrocity against an innocent company and an innocent group of individuals.

Having said this, this Awareness must also add that all who are part and have been part of these two aircraft that have been brought down, knew at a much deeper level that there would be events that they would participate in. This is difficult for many to understand, for why would any individual choose to be on an airliner that was attacked, that was shot down or that would disappear? This cannot be understood at the conscious level of choice. It can only be understood if one truly accepts and realizes there is that part of each human's life that is an expression of a higher commitment, purpose and plan.

This Awareness does not wish to go further into this matter, for this is a matter of philosophies and ways of understanding consciousness. This is not the purpose at this moment for this urgent message that Awareness wishes to share.

The purpose today of sharing an urgent message is to warn all who are following this event, this most recent event, this shooting down of the Malaysian airliner, that you do not get dragged into the falseness of this event. This Awareness will declare this directly and bluntly. That this is a red flag event. That there are those who have orchestrated this event to achieve a purpose beyond that which is readily perceived or understood.

That when such an event happens, those who are the observers of the event, those who are watching the unfolding of the news on their nightly news report or reading of it over the Internet, or in one's newspaper must ask a simple question: “who does this serve? Who is most advantaged by the shooting down of an airliner?”

The Western nations certainly hold that it is the fault of the Russian-supported rebels in eastern Ukraine and are alleging even that perhaps Russia itself was in involved in this matter.

Now if this Awareness could take this matter one step further: when the question is asked: “who does this advantage?” and if one looks at the matter not from an agitated point of view, not from a point of view of blame, but rather from a balanced neutrality – that if one asks this question and then looked at both sides, East and West, one might see that the shooting down of a civilian airliner would not advantage Russia, would not advantage the rebels in eastern Ukraine. It would rather turn world opinion against them and promote a stronger agenda of action against Russia and the rebels of Eastern Ukraine.

However, if one then asks the same question of the Ukraine, of the West, then one might see that it is an advantage to the Western powers to make such claims, to apportion the blame upon Russia so that they receive the support of the world against Russia.

It would not be the first time that innocent people were sacrificed in a red flag event to manipulate feelings and thoughts, to win support for a future action that is already planned. This occurred to promote the Vietnamese war many decades ago, when allegedly an American ship was attacked, which provoked a response which led the American government to action and the Vietnamese war occurred. This happened for 911 where it was already the intent to invade Afghanistan and Iraq but an event was needed that would polarize public opinion against the Taliban and against those forces in that region, that would allow American and allied troops to go in.

Now is yet again another incident that is being used to serve the same purpose. Now again, innocent ones have been murdered, have been executed to serve the purpose and plan of others who seek to manipulate popular opinion towards action against Russia, promoting the arrival of NATO troops in the Ukraine in response to the incident and other incidents that are also planned.

If those who are most advantaged can manipulate public opinion to a degree that supports action, then they are energized in their actions. Then they will move on in their actions and as this Awareness declared, it is seen that their intent and purpose is to put NATO troops, Western troops into the Ukraine, provoking the situation, promoting the plans of this leading to a third world war.

That this is a time when one can look at these issues not with nationalistic fervor or patriotic duty, not from the point of one who is being manipulated to believe certain lies that will be spoken and are being spoken on both sides. One must look at this from a place of balance and neutrality, one must ask the question: who does this incident most serve and one must be willing to refuse to go along with that which is being presented on the 9 o'clock evening news. One must be willing to say: no, I do not support this, I do not hold that this is simply the actions of our enemies, for they are only our enemies because we are told they are our enemies, because those in power have an agenda, have a purpose, and that they are willing to do anything to promote this agenda and this plan.

Therefore at this most crucial time, when these events are in full manifestation, when the public opinion is being fanned to a state of combustion against the perceived enemy, that this is the most important time of all to stay neutral, to stay balanced, to ask the questions that need to be asked and to view then this situation from a place of neutrality. It is only thus that one can truly achieve for oneself a position of balance, where one can see, not one side of the argument but both sides, where one can see holistically with complete understanding and awareness.

That this again is a red flag event with purpose and plan to suit and serve the cause of one side. Therefore this event, these occurrences must also be looked at [from] a place that provides one the capacity to view this matter, not in a dualistic manner where one side is right, the other is wrong, and one must act on behalf of those right against those who are perceived to be wrong. But rather from unity consciousness, seeing both sides, understanding that there are forces that would manipulate and use innocent ones, not only the victims of this horrendous event but all others who would respond and be willing to go to war to serve the needs of an elite, a cabal of power, corruption and darkness that uses humanity and has always used humanity to serve their own purposes.

Therefore at this time, this critical and crucial time, this Awareness again asks one and all to remain neutral, remain balanced, to look at these issues, to ask the questions that one needs to ask and not to create in their own lives a reality of conflict and war. One must at this time call forth the highest powers of Spirit and ask that these High powers of Spirit guide every one forward in wisdom and feeling, that this situation will not escalate and will not lead to a third world war.

To create in your own environment of experience, your own reality, the reality that this situation, although tragic, is but one of the many situations that are foisted upon humanity in order to direct them towards the planned goal, the planned solution. That this is an opportunity for one and all to create an alternate timeline for themselves, to see that their lives are not going down this particular path or road.

At the same time for those who are so inclined, this Awareness does suggest that you send energy to those victims that chose to be part of these events, to support their spiritual return back to the soul and back into Spirit.

At this most crucial time, this Awareness sends Its own energies to support this action of neutrality and balance, not only for the individual but for humanity itself. It asks all to do so in their own way, in their own individual manner.

That this completes this urgent message at this time.

Thank you Awareness, that was excellent advice. Thank you.

Many more pages of additional information and clarifications regarding Malaysian Airlines flights 370 and 17 is available in the Members Area!

Channellers: Will and Calista Berlinghof
Website: Rainbow Phoenix

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