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Has anyone seen the Sci Fi series Continuum? A cop travels back in time with a team of highly skilled highly violent criminals from 60 years in the future where corporations are in control of everything and the citizens are all in debt to the corporations and thus enslaved yada yada yada.


These violent criminals are freedom fighters intent on freeing humanity from corporate slavery, yet they are portrayed as terrorists with no concern for how many innocent civilians they kill.


It could be argued that the series is propaganda in favour of corporate slavery and demonising anyone who speaks out against it.

I feel that this isn’t the case because the future it portrays is dark and scary, very fucking scary and it shows the dark side of the corporate controlled world. I think it is a study on what could happen because it portrays this future, warts and all.


But what of these so-called Terrorists? People with the same ideology as the people on this site, people like you, people like me.

We on this site may disagree on some things, some of us might rub each other the wrong way when speaking our mind, I know I have on occasion.


But all of you that I have encountered has a high level of compassion, much higher that anyone I encounter in day-to-day life. And you all have a strong desire to make the world a better place (even if we have different ideas on how to get there).


Are people like us capable of brutally killing innocents just to bring freedom? I find it hard to conceive. Even when you ignore the empathic nature of these people, people like us, history has shown with the IRA and Middle Eastern Terrorists (who aren’t manipulated by the CIA) that this type of activism only ever brings bloodshed and more Orwellian type security measures and loss of civil rights.


Could Intelligent and Compassionate beings like ourselves commit such horrific crimes and not even care about the innocent casualties?


Please tell me what you think.


Do you think it is propaganda.


Do you have any comments at all about Continuum?  

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