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We exist in an infinite stream of energy, the divine energy of creation. All of nature is teeming with this infinite energy that we as humans are intricately connected to. However, due to the nature of separation consciousness and the human ego’s insistence that the physical world is the sum total of reality, most people believe that they are cut off from the infinite energy of creation. Since our thoughts and beliefs determine our experience of reality, the infinite universe mirrors a reality of limitation back to us as long as we hold onto limited beliefs and perceptions of separation.

Our mental constructs of Self define how much of this infinite stream that we can embody into physical reality, which means the collection of beliefs and attitudes known as our personality is the container in which we hold a minute portion of the infinite energy available to us. If a person’s container is constricted and bound up in thoughts of fear, uncertainty, doubt and lack, it is like trying to contain the infinite stream in a rusty bucket with holes in it.

Part of the “problem” is that we have formed a significant portion of our identities with the container personality. We are attached to limiting concepts of self so strongly that it invokes fear to think about upgrading to a new, better container and throwing out the old one. That would mean throwing out old concepts of who we think we are. However, the little discussed fact is that the personality you have cultivated in this lifetime is only the tiniest fraction of who you truly are.

Our true identity is the divine stream itself which exists, at a minimum, as a spark of light deep within us. This divine aspect is waiting patiently and lovingly for us to expand our container, our divine chalice so that we may embrace and embody more of the divine being within us.

To embody means to make manifest within the body. Embodying divinity requires one to expand their consciousness container and clean out the limiting aspects within it so that it can contain as much of the infinite light of creation as possible. This gradual expansion of the concept of self is a key factor in how far we can develop our ability to hold and radiate this light

In having a clean, brightly shining container to embody one's divine spirit, the individual transcends the polarized, limiting functions of the ego mind and reorganizes their thought energy in alignment with their True Divine Self in order to become a glorious receptacle of the infinite stream of universal consciousness.

Expanding the container

The idea that who we think we are is only a small facet of our True Self can be rather disconcerting for the ego to accept. When this aspect of our mind is resisting and fighting against change, we can simply tell it to sit quietly off to the side and observe. Once the ego is sufficiently quiet, we can experience our true mind, which is vast, infinite and far more powerful than the “normal” chaos of never ending, conflicting thoughts.

This “higher dimensional” level of our minds is where our true self resides. By connecting with our higher dimensional mind, we begin to access the infinite stream of consciousness. The act of simply setting the ego aside and accessing the vastness of our higher mind serves to expand our consciousness container. Every time we remove our focus from the physical world, set the ego aside and access our divine mind, our container is further expanded.

We can then take this expanded sense of our true self back out into the world, where it improves every aspect of our daily lives. Things come easier, situations work out for the benefit of everyone involved, life begins to simply flow.

Infinite paradoxes in a finite reality

One of the barriers for humans to access our infinite power is the mistaken sense of self as separate and highly individualistic. Even those who believe in reincarnation tend to think that “they” as an individual incarnated in various times and places as part of a linear journey. In actuality, the individual is one small facet of a vastly powerful being that fragmented itself into various incarnations in order to have a significant portion of its consciousness “invested” in physical reality.

This fragmentation was a necessary sacrifice in order for us to “infiltrate” physical reality. We could not put the full power, energy and consciousness of our True Self into a single lifetime, because the brain and body of an infant would not be able to accommodate such a vast amount of energy. We also could not simply appear here in our true form, as the local population would either worship and/or kill such a being. Instead, we dispersed our consciousness and energy over many lifetimes, knowing that we could gradually bring it all back together and become the full embodiment of our true selves in this life.

Paradoxically, all incarnations within the realm of time and space on Earth exist simultaneously, which means that every bit of spiritual advancement a person makes in this lifetime affects the other lifetimes as well. As one increases their ability to embody their True Self, other incarnations become unnecessary, and the energy that was previously used to maintain them returns to the initiate in the present moment of their primary incarnation. (More details on consciously merging incarnations into one lifetime can be found in the article, “Embracing Pain as a Tool for Self-Transformation.”)

Now that the concept of merging all physical reality incarnations into one self has been presented, there is another small mind-bender to address: potential timelines. Within a single lifetime, every possible choice has already been made and experienced. This means that there is “another” version of you that didn’t move to a new town, or who did choose to embark on that life-altering path that “you” did not. While this may seem like a frustrating new situation to worry about, it is actually a source of tremendous energy that we can reclaim.

Right now on the planet, people are experiencing the merging of other potential timelines into their current reality. More precisely, they are reclaiming their consciousness and energy that has supported an alternate reality, an alternate timeline where different events occurred.

This can be disconcerting and uncomfortable while it is happening, but it is a necessary aspect of the process of transcending the limitations of time. Most people have at least one other major alternate timeline where a key life decision made years in the past branched off two distinct sets of experiences in physical reality. Had you not chosen to move to a different state, get married or divorced, have a baby, etc all those years ago, how would things be different now? If you find yourself thinking about the “other life” you might be living had you made different choices, it is a sign that you are ready to reclaim your energy that is still keeping that timeline in tact.

The same process of “reclaiming energy” that is used to transmute self-created limiting thoughtforms can be applied directly to take back our energy that is still maintaining an alternate timeline. The “energy work” technology to accomplish this is quite simple and becomes easier with practice.

Conflict of identity

As mentioned, the idea that a person is an aspect of a much greater, more powerful “Higher Self” can be a frightening prospect for the ego. Ego personality wonders who it really is, and if it will really still exist if the personality container is reformatted to incorporate a greater portion of the true power of the vast, multi-dimensional self of which it is a part. Adding the concept of alternate timelines, and alternate egos to address can truly befuddle the ego mind, which is why we simply set it aside when doing energy clearing work.

These conundrums are what keep an individual from progressing past a certain point of spiritual enlightenment. The dissolution of the sense of ego self is a form of death, which the ego-self fears above all else. The reality, of course, is that the ego-self has nothing to fear, as it will be included in the greater model of consciousness that is on the other side of the journey back home to our True Self within us.

The lessons and experiences of this life are never erased, but the emotional energy that is maintaining a false sense of separation based on those events must be transmuted back into pure energy in order for the initiate to complete their journey home.

Once we have an understanding of the process of reclaiming energy that has been “bound up” into thoughtforms of limitation, the work is actually quite simple: Unravel everything that you think is real, because this entire experience of physical reality has been an elaborately crafted illusion, a cosmic playground upon which to have unique and fascinating experiences.

Just as we are not the toys we played with as children, we are not the personality that we cultivated in order to have the experiences of physical reality. However, unlike childhood toys, we do not simply discard this personality. We instead expand it further and further, removing all blockages to that expansion, until the container of infinity known as the personality is expanded so thoroughly that the entirety of one’s True Self, the Higher Self can become embodied into physical reality.

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