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Confidence Varies Proportionally to Forgiveness

Confidence Varies Proportionally to Forgiveness
By Steve Beckow
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I’m about to lay down Theorem No. 10. How should I phrase it?

Confidence varies directly proportional to forgiveness. (1)

I say that after enjoying a reading from Kathleen in which she made available to me a second opportunity to forgive my father for domestic violence. (2) I took it and enjoyed the release it afforded me.

And I noticed that my confidence increased, I’d say automatically, immediately after.

There was one less tie weighing me down.

A second benefit was that feeling resentment doesn’t feel good. I was making myself feel in unpleasant ways, which went on unexamined.

A third benefit was it also increased my confidence. It gave me occasion to check in with myself on the matters raised by the cards.

And taking stock in that way – inventory I think AA calls it – I could see the progress I’d made in the last few years....+

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