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Clones and AI
By Teri Wade

The human race has had our DNA manipulated, altered and split in two to change our entire species genetic make up. Clones are a genetic creation that run on a artificial program “AI” (Artificial intelligence).

Clones because of their genetically modified make up will suffer serious health conditions and neurological problems that eventually ends them. This is what I believe has happened to the Greys. I believe they found out that you cannot mesh a biological form with artificial intelligence and thrive. The only outcome is destruction.

The high-level science of genetics on planet Earth meaning the Cabal government working in their underground labs or DUMBS are and have been doing some extremely highly advanced cloning of our race for thousands of years. This very sinister program genetically modifies the human to work on a completely artificia...
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Comment by RichardtheRaelian on November 26, 2022 at 6:10am

Hello! Although you've put clones in combination with AI in a negative light.I consider the person who posted this message on her blog to be disinformation and cloning in my opinion will be the key to immortality as long as cloning is considered evil humanity will know short lives some in our society might be consider in a kin with death lovers those that want to die early as well as take everyone else with them.Of course in some unknown way AI could help in the cloning process so for the sake of humanities future let's look at cloning in a more positive and accepting light that goes for AI too.Thank you for allowing me to post my opinion here and I'am sure there are people in the world who will hate what I say here however our ET creators the Elohim will help us if we welcome them back to Earth see cloning and AI in a new and positive light.If only others could have seen what the prophet Rael had witness on the eternal life planet with the Elohim's cloning machine during the second encounter with the Elohim it would put cloning in a better prespective and lead to the elimination of shorter lives on the Earth.Thank you Elohim for your revelations in regards to cloning and AI may it lead to a paradism future for all humanity on Earth goodbye! 

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