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Clear Channeling is not the Norm 9 November 2011 - ( Ascended Master Saint Germain )

When the answers to all of your questions are available within an instant, there will be no need of another channel. When my current channels are ascended masters, they will be on the other side of the channeling process. My work in this way completes them, and no more channels will have my communications. So be on the next ascension and deliver the messages, instead of being on the receiving end.

Anyone needing to learn about channeling can get my course now. My Course in Channeling cannot be matched in the way it gives assistance and content to this completely open and unsuccessful arena of non-aligned conduits. All are channeling, but who and what are being channeled? Not able to afford my course? Come together with others to buy one copy and do it as a group gathering.

I've been asked if the Channeling Course and the Master Message books are going to be available after ascension. Not very likely. Aruna's new book may get to the hearts of those who have distrusted her as my channel. It will be available on the day she ascends. We will keep her on the channeling as long as her book is being created. Now it is in the final details stage. She will grant translation rights just before we call her to ascend. Now we are creating the cover.

What's in the book? My energy runs through it and so does the energy of Masters Poonja and Ramana Maharshi. Are you wanting another boost in consciousness? Channeling a master to awakening is not something commonly done, as we don't generally act in this capacity as a guide. But in this agreement we were asked to take her to Self Realization.

Women who are not concerned about the world are rare. We look for men and women who are not driven by material world goals, Would we be if we were on Earth? No, we would want the best of what life has available: nature, alignment with the contract, new adventures and great friends. Are these your goals? Maybe they are more available than those creations that are destroying Mother Earth: games, achievements and the pursuit of gratification for mind that are not the answer to a divinely enriched life. Not that there is anything "wrong" here, these goals are just less fulfilling than the more natural way of living that I suggest for advancing consciousness.

Trying to be my channel without taking my channeling course is not good discernment for a true candidate. Are you a more advanced channeling contact than others? You can be. . .

When my channels are ascended they will be assisting their contacts in other ways besides channeling messages to them. They want all to ascend, and this will be their most important direction to give. Face the fact that most of the channels today have not been getting messages from the Christ consciousness. Need I say more?

When will you get that channeling is not the absolute highest condition man can achieve? Awakening is! Be in the awareness of an awakened one and channeling needs no course. Awakened awareness contains unlimited wisdom and dream karma is over unless it is in their contract to continue for the benefit of others. Aruna's contract includes delivering messages for the Great White Brotherhood, so she wasn't going to give it up completely when she awakened.

Tough love is my way to teach, not to give nice, convincing teachings that create mental fantasy. No NESARA messages ever came from me. No contact from me has been talking about averting disasters. My contact is about helping you to ascend. I Am That I Am asked for this. No warning was given to others who ascended. We want this time to have a more direct answer to those who are not ascending. Maybe they will next time.

Ascended Master Saint Germain


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